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It seems all the pundits say you need to be a "moderate" to win. Funny thing. John McCain was a moderate. None of these folks pushing for a "moderate" boosted the "moderate" and he didn't win. In 1980, Jimmy Carter was a "moderate". Ronald Reagan wasn't. Who won? Not Carter. Bush 41 was a "moderate". He lost to Bill Clinton. And of course, just a few weeks ago "moderate" McCain lost to the ultra-liberal Obama.

The Associated Press wasn't "moderate" about Sarah Palin -over 95% or their articles trashed her. I don't remember ONE hit piece on Biden or Obama, and their "scandals" were far more relevant to governing than Palin's - especially since most of her alleged issues were made up by their creative reporters. The entire press didn't vet either Obama or Biden properly, and there were loads of questions of substance that few people heard answers to. MSNBC isn't "moderate", Rush Limbaugh isn't "moderate". No one likes listening to 'moderates". It is like kissing your sister.

I'm not alone in being against middle-of-the-roaders. GOD isn't much for them either...
"I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth."
spoken by Jesus, quoted by St. John in Revelation 3:15-16.

People in the world aren't often "moderates". Why should Christians be? I watched Penn State destroy Michigan State and then Oklahoma utterly destroy Texas Tech. These coaches and players are not "moderates". They play to win and they play to utterly demoralize the other team. They don't say, "We had the joy of scoring three straight touchdowns; we'll let you have three so you can have that same joy." They view each other as the enemy much as businesses due in order to win and to survive. Our younger son Dan played baseball for the Chestnut Hill Fathers' club. He was very competitive and very good. We lived in Mt. Airy at the time, and they were trying to build up a program there. Mt. Airy has been afflicted for quite a while with a serious case of political correctness. They wanted to organize a baseball league where the emphasis wasn't on winning. No one who was any good wanted to waste time with that - and it IS a waste of time. With no rewards, the competition is not keen and there is no joy comes from the fruit of developing your skills through hard work. Players become the lowest common denominator. It is the same thing in schools where everyone is grouped together. Thank God they still had "tracking" when I was in school. I was with students who wanted to learn and were willing to work to learn. We were pushed hard and responded to it. In countries where people are given everything no matter how hard or not so hard they labor, their incentive is dulled and the societies decline. Jesus said those who won't work shouldn't eat, with exceptions of course for those who can't.

It is too bad many people have never learned what Jesus said, that the farmer should be the first to enjoy his crops. We are being afflicted, and unfortunately, there are many people being appointed to power now who believe in the failed ideas of socialism rather than in the proven merits of people competing and working for their success. You will note that President Elect Obama is not the least bit "moderate" in his appointments. Some scary left, many Clinton retreads, but not one with any significantly different ideological bent. Not change one can believe in. That has been the way it has always been, and Obama is not different from past political hacks in that way.

It is hard to find "moderates" in unions. It is hard to find "moderates" on "Dancing with the Stars". It is hard to find moderates in our educational system. "Moderate" philosophers. "Moderate" screenwriters. "Moderate" anything. Hollywood seems unable to actually produce a movie that doesn't have swearing in it. Even "E.T." had bad language that detracted from a charming story. They aren't "moderates" by at least leaving children innocent and protected. They are not "moderate" in their teen offerings, making every boy a filthy guttermouth and every girl a Britney Spears wannabe. There is no moderation about marriage. On TV, almost every marriage is bad, there is never any sex unless it is fornication, adultery, or perverted in some way. Virgins are vilified. People who hold out for virtue are mocked. Hardly "moderate". And how about the world of science? Evolutionists aren't "moderates". They don't say, well, perhaps millions of years ago or was that hundreds? Or, it could have taken a long time for the Grand Canyon to be carved out by the Colorado River, and then again. it might not have. No, they pontificate with great surety and allow no room for those pesky creationists like me. In fact, they disparage all who disagree and have been largely successful in keeping professors from allowing free discourse in the classroom and even outlawing the questioning of their illogical dogma in museums, universities, schools, etc. It is like the emperor's new clothes. It is obvious to professional designers like me that we live in a professionally designed world. Yikes, it is painfully obvious to me as an architect to see a structure that was simply thrown together, but even the worst building has some design to it, whether done by a committee who couldn't agree on anything or simply by an unskilled wannabe. How anyone with a brain can look at their own body and assume it just happened defied logic and any such person must be intellectually challenged. Why two ears? Why are the eyes at the midpoint of the height of the head? Why are the edges of your smile aligned with the centerlines of your eyes? And why are buildings that are designed using the same principles used in the design of the human body considered the most attractive by us?

There are millions of bits of evidence of design, and I am no "moderate" about it. I don't believe God "used" evolution to create man. I believe he made him out of the dust of the ground. I don't believe he used a long, cruel process of death and violence and destruction to make what he called "very good" and in a time before sin entered the world. "Moderate" Christians compromise on the clear and unequivocal teaching of Genesis, and then one by one, they progressively deny all the miracles and finally the deity of Jesus Christ. They end up with spiritual death. The difficulties some students have dealing with the frontal assaults on the Bible are probably the main reasons most Christian students lose their faith in college. And it is not just secular universities. Few "Christian" institutions of higher learning are willing to stand for God's truth and reject man-made ideas either.

Try going to a "moderate" church. Like sitting in the front? Like the back? The left side? The right side? You'll have a choice of seats. You will have plenty of options. Want to sing in a choir but glasses on the shelves vibrate and break when you sing? Or worse yet, the little kids put their fingers in their ears and clutch their mother's skirts? Believe it or not, you may be asked to join the choir on your first visit!

You'll have a harder time finding a seat where Christ is preached unapologetically - where the Bible is believed verbatim, where the Kingdom of God and the work of the Holy Spirit is not explained away. The twelve apostles who turned the world upside down were not "moderates". They didn't settle for a "spiritual" resurrection. They knew whom they believed and were willing to die for it. Paul didn't say 'believe and be circumcised' - he told them he wished those who wanted to add to Christ's sacrifice would mutilate themselves. Not very ecumenical or moderate.

It was just like that with the heroes of the American Revolution - they were driven by yearning for freedom, and compromise was not in their vocabulary. They dumped the tea into Boston Harbor, they didn't donate it to charity. They didn't sit down and negotiate with the British without preconditions. Moderates were despised during that revolution and some of them had their houses burned down.

Try to find a "moderate" Muslim who is happy you are a Christian and is fine with it when another Muslim repents and finds Christ as savior and Lord. FInd a sinner who delights in the' diversity' of having a Bible-believing uncompromising Christian as a friend. The children of the devil are not "moderates". EVERYTHING they do is to attain one end - to win and not end up in a stalemate. Why do some Christians act scare-dy-cat to simply stand for the truth regardless of prevailing opinion?

How can you be "personally" against sin but not do EVERYTHING in your power to defeat it? How can you decide under what conditions to kill a baby before he or she is born? How can you not preach against the abomination of homosexuality which is the ultimate rebellion - a rejection of who God made you? How can you accept racism because the person promoting it is "so nice" in other ways? How can you pretend to love God while favoring the rich in every possible way? How can you stand for the rule of law and then have no consequences for those who flaunt the law? How can you protect your country while coddling its enemies? In short, when we are dealing with RIGHT and WRONG, how can you actually promote being half-right and half-wrong? How can you vote for leaders who do not believe in moral and constitutional absolutes? No we must be ALL-RIGHT! No one will follow an uncertain trumpet in going into battle. No one will follow a compromiser, a middle-of-the roader, a luke-warm Christian. No indeed, we want the real thing! The unvarnished truth!

Ever go to a "moderate" rock concert? NO screaming. No 150 decibels. No ranting about the establishment. No hard rhythms or bone shattering bass. Just a nice "moderate" time when you can use their music as a backdrop to reading a good book. Ha! How about a "moderate" drug party where only marijuana is allowed? Or a beer party with no Vodka? Good luck. How about a "moderate" political rally? "Well, we'll let two people praise our candidate and then to be 'fair and balanced', two will criticize our candidate!" My friends, the enemies of the cross are not "moderate". The devil is not "moderate". He goes around like a roaring lion seeking those he might devour. And so do followers of Satan - they go after YOU, seeking to destroy YOU and devour YOU. They are not interested in a round-table forum! They are not interested in you sinning once! They want you bound by sin - utterly trapped. They are interested only in destroying YOU!

Too many Christians are "moderate". They cross the aisle to talk with the devil and his angels. They figure they have done so much good for God that they deserve to sin a bit! They don't want to go all the way with God. Just part way. Far enough to get to heaven and reap some blessing. Not far enough to be persecuted for the sake of the name of Jesus.

We should learn something from them! We should be just as determined tell the unvarnished truth and to live unvarnished lives. We should show no mercy to the devil! We should accept no compromise with truth! Once truth is compromised, a little leaven leaveneth the whole loaf! There is no stopping the lies. When there is uncompromised truth, there is no stopping that either. The wicked Roman Empire changed because Christians stood for the truth and refused to compromise. Our country won't change from its depraved condition unless we do likewise. Jesus told us that we would know the truth, and that the truth would set us free. He said he does not want us lukewarm. Who wants the Lord to spit them out of his mouth? OUCH! Not me. Let's embrace the truth and take the consequences.

I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded, that he is able to keep that which I've committed unto him against that day.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I highly recommend the book PROPHET by Frank Peretti. It is fiction, but will help you understand how the media works, and why it is so hard for truth to penetrate it. News sources are admitting their bias now, but the full depth of it is far beyond their feeble pronouncements. Do yourself a favor. Get a comfortable seat at Borders or Barnes and Noble and start the book. I am sure you will buy it. By the way, God told me he was in control of this election and that he has a BIG SURPRISE in store. You will know it when it happens!


There are always catalysts for change. Change just doesn't happen. The old ways in Washington are entrenched and do not evolve to higher levels by themselves. People who are sinners just don't become righteous all of a sudden. Recent events have been a long time in the making. In the 1700's, Yale lost any semblance of Christ-centered education. Princeton was founded and was first called a "Bible School"!!! Harvard turned Unitarian in the early 1800's. The atheistic philosophy of Darwinism and other "ism's" soon took hold of many universities. "Modernists" started taking over seminaries, and sad to say, many formerly sound Bible Colleges and Seminaries now do not hold to the word of God. The catalysts for most of this degeneration were a shakable faith in God and an unshakable faith in the fallible ideas of men.

Students have been brainwashed to uncritically accept molecules-to-man evolution despite mountains of evidence against it. Likewise, they have been indoctrinated in "man-made global warming" despite significant evidence it is simply part of a larger cycle. Danish Physicist Henrik Svensmark's theory of Cosmoclimatology is an interesting alternative, but more research is needed. The end point is the fact that God has told us that the seasons will remain until the end, and that HE is Lord of the Universe. Nothing happens that escapes his notice. When the final "Global Warming" occurs, and the earth and its works are destroyed by fire, it will not be by human agency, but by God himself. Man is thoroughly in love with the idea of his own importance and has sought to attribute everything to himself and nothing to his creator.

The fact is that students and adults, whether in universities, museums, TV programs, news articles, magazines, etc. are constantly given explanations in an authoritative way that do not require GOD. They give away the fact that they are emperors with "new clothes" because they refuse to debate the merits of their arguments. They pronounce that it is fact and beyond debate!

Such as been the case in this last campaign. We were told over and over again that Obama's character was beyond repute, that
all the problems of the world were caused by eight years of George W. Bush, that Democrats have the answers to all the world's problems and that Europeans do everything better than we do. The endless (and mindless) propaganda made its mark. For a generation we were told that right isn't always right and truth is what we make it. It was pounded into ours heads that there are no moral absolutes and that if it feels good, do it. The accumulation of generations of ultra-liberals teaching our children from Headstart to College, the trips abroad to Post-Christian nations where everything goes, reinforced by music that is all too often degenerate to its core and entertainment that believes that nasty is nice and normal married sex is extinct, combined with mainstream media that blatantly lies and tells only one side of a story, often a side they make up, with no investigative reporting or criticism of ANY kind of their anointed favorites, leads to predictable results. Add to that voters who don't know English or any of the issues, voters who are convicted felons, and voters who are here in the United Stated illegally, and sad to say true-blue American voters who know absolutely nothing about our government and how it works. Is it any wonder that we now have a president-elect who so is supposed to defend the constitution while refusing to even provide proof of birth that is a prerequisite for the job? Is it any wonder we have people putting into office the very ones who presided over the meltdown of our financial system? Democrats controlled Congress for the last two years, and their policies which went against all manner of warnings were big factors in what happened. They have proven themselves hopelessly inept, yet they are given MORE power. Deception and a failure to hold to principles combined with severely challenged critical thinking skills have brought us change we can't believe it. People voted with blind faith and ignored every red light, and there were probably one hundred of them, giving us radicals dedicated to destroying almost everything that is still worthwhile about our country.

Well, what are the catalysts to change for the better? Here is my list:
(1) A deep revival in the hearts of the people of America to love good and hate evil.
(2) Studying the issues to show themselves as workmen that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing truth.
(3) An ability to be unflinchingly loyal to God's standards of holiness and morality.
(4) An ability to reject evil brought by those who may support righteousness in other areas.
(5) A quantum shift in education to teach people how to think, not what to think.
(6) A revolution in the churches so that the entitlement mentality in the church will be replaced with love of neighbor and looking out for the good of the other person.
(7) A realistic view of evil in the world that there is evil which must be defeated and the understanding that the government does not bear the sword in vain.

Change for the better does not come through corrupt and vain men who do not respect their own country or its constitution. Rather, it comes when people are repentant of their sins and look to God to change the human heart. It comes when people trust God and not tyrants and who allow God to speak to them so they are not deceived. It is always quicker and easier to go down than up, but if you want change you CAN believe in, it will take mountains of work and oceans of tears shed in prayer. Our nation can be saved, but it will not be saved by any political party or movement - it will be saved by God. We should start by repenting of our sins and for allowing tyrants and unrighteous people to get our sympathy, our support, and our votes. We cannot be partial, we cannot be wed to any party or movement, we cannot be resistant to God. We must be open to him and to let that which is corrupt be burned up and destroyed to make room for something better.

Monday, November 10, 2008


(Please note that while this probably my longest post, it is critical, as the issues are on a lot of people's minds and we need to understand the dynamics of how many people aligned themselves. If you missed "Pray, Baby, Pray", it is two posts down the list now, but is a post that both Democrats and Republicans can profit from.)

THE ELECTION IS OVER, and some may wonder how we got to this point. After all, we hear people unable to articulate why they voted. On the GOP side, almost everyone I talked to really did not like McCain, and were energized almost exclusively by Palin. Obama fans had vague ideas about change, but could not offer me one example of how they thought Obama could do that or if in fact he had done it in previous jobs. Interviews nationally by others seemed to yield the same result. I am going to go through the deceptions which abound, first on the GOP side, and then on the Democrat side. It may be painful for you whichever side you are on, but as they say, “no pain, no gain”. We need to learn so we will not make the same mistakes again. Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. This election was all about ignoring history. You will see what I mean.

On March 6, 2007, I wrote a post called “The Rise and Fall of Republicans”. It was before McCain was chosen and it went like this – Without Evangelical Christians (who used to be majority Democrat not all that long ago), no Republican would have been president over the last generation. Yet, most of the current Republican candidates really despise TRUE Christians - McCain, Guiliani, etc. Sort of like a lot of the talk radio hosts - while they are not usually stupid enough to openly offend them, if you listen closely they do not understand what a true relationship with God is all about, and why the moral issues are truly the center of prior support for Republicans. The new candidates think mincing words while supporting issues untenable by the morally straight will get them votes. Sor-ry! I see dark days ahead because of an inability to stick to what worked in terms of conservative moral values and the inability to get the big money support to truly understand what Christians value - not simply opposition to abortion, homosexuality, and legislating from the bench, but also progressive racial and economic policies to heal the great divides in our nation.

This is written from the perspective of all Christians, not just white ones. For an authentic (and winning) Christian coalition, the concerns of ALL Christians must be addressed. Without white Christians, there is no viable Republican Party. Without Black, Hispanic, and Asian Christians, there is no WINNING Republican Party. Since the Democratic party of the last 35 years (hey, in the interest of full disclosure I ‘m still a registered Democrat in the Governor Robert B. Casey pro-life, pro-working man tradition) has become hostile to preborn boys and girls, has tried to muscle Christianity out of the public square, has adopted extreme environmentalism at the expense of common sense, and failed to understand Islamo-Fascism and the realities of a post-9/11 world. It’s not that people such as myself left the Party, rather the party left us. Some of us remain trying to choose our vote strategically to choose the least offensive person in the primaries.

Many of us were deeply distressed when McCain was selected, often by Democrats crossing lines to support him. While a Southern Baptist who was a reliable vote against further liberalizing abortion, he was a Federalist and not inclined to actually reverse Roe v. Wade. While not favoring homosexual marriage, he did not favor a Federal Marriage Amendment. It rather mirrored his spiritual life. As an Episcopalian, he pretty much held to “traditional values” in his mind while being a “hell-raiser” and getting in trouble a lot, especially at the Naval Academy. While his prayer life increased exponentially in the Hanoi Hilton, his adulteries afterward and his final abandonment of his first wife Carol were huge moral failures. While he enjoys North Phoenix Baptist Church, he never joined, That required Baptism, which his second wife Cindy accepted. Perhaps he will sometime. However, knowing the truth and FIGHTING for the truth are two different matters. Maybe that is what infuriated James Dobson and others who at one point said they would NEVER vote for him. He loved to cross the aisle, but it seems whenever he did, he lost. Sort of like Christians – we adopt what the world says and think we are being bi-partisan! Hardly. We are compromising the gospel. Christians often “cross the aisle” by staying in apostate churches that do not preach the gospel, so it is no surprise that a large percentage crossed the aisle in the election, voting with their “heart” as opposed to the issues. Likewise, McCain compromised core principles on immigration, free speech with campaign finance reform (Ha! See what happened with that!), and education (Teddy Kennedy junked him within a week). What was most frustrating during the campaign is that everyone else seemed to have a better strategy than he did. I can’t tell you how much advice I gave them – yet only one or two points made it. Aside from some clever ads and Palin’s refreshing candor, it was an inept campaign because McCain was surprisingly very unsaavy considering his time in public office. Without Talk Radio, the margin would likely have been at least double what it was (of course, without the Mainstream Media, McCain would probably have won). McCain and Palin left President Bush dead in the water instead of stating the obvious - the Democrats controlled Congress in the run-up to the meltdown, down-talking down the economy at every opportunity for financial gain, ignoring ALL the danger signs, and rejoicing when it happened. They presided over the financial failure, with Nancy Pelosi not taking ownership of it and the Democratic Senate using the opportunity to further entrench their power with $180 BILLION in earmark spending.

It was clearly a time when Christians had to also move beyond the “traditional” moral issues. The church was still largely segregated. Many white people saw no imperative for having more open racial attitudes. They accepted the massive self-segregation by Blacks, Hispanics, Koreans, Chinese, and other Christians. Truly interethnic churches with interethnic worship, leadership, prayer partner relationships, friendships, and marriages are still rather rare. I LOVE churches who bridge the divides in accordance with Jesus’ prayer in John 17, and that is my vision for the church. While some from other parts of the world are used to everyone being by himself or herself and have been slow to assimilate, Blacks and whites should not be strangers to one another. After all, the church in America USED to be integrated. The problem was, even though everyone was in the same building, the dictates of the book of James in the New Testament were not being followed. Blacks were relegated to the back or the balcony, and whites did not want to drink out of the same communion cup. At St. George’s United Methodist Church, this division over communion led to the segregation of the American Church, and Richard Allen and his associates felt forced to found Mother Bethel AME Church because of the disrespect given to the black congregants. Many today in the white churches still do not treat Blacks as full-fledged sisters and brothers. There is a core feeling they are “different” somehow. Some are outright unregenerate in that area of life. I heard one man who had been a trustee of his church and who frequented Christian groups for years call Obama a “Ni--er in a Woodpile”. When lo and behold he apologized, he said, “If I offended you…”. If? Amazing. Most are much more subtle. There is palpable discomfort with minority people unless it was in a “missionary situation”. I learned this as a child. When an African seminary student at Princeton, visited our church, the head of the Missions Board hugged him as his own son. What I knew is that the head of the Missions Board moved because Black people had bought homes within a mile of his house. In the same church, they bought a new missions house for missionaries on furlough from Africa to stay in because the neighborhood now had Black people in it! When Blacks visited the church, the standard line was to direct them to a Black church! Later I found out the church had a racially exclusive real estate covenant (also excluding Jews and others). Thankfully, the current pastor finally renounced it and welcomes all. But for years, true blue – oops, that is red – Republican church people didn’t really care. People are nice on the outside because that is the “Christian” thing to do, but on the inside, “they” are still viewed as apart. Most images of Jesus are still northern European even though he was Semitic. A surprise to most is that ALL the references to Blacks in the Bible are POSITIVE, rather unique for any people, and there are far more than most people imagine. From our friend Dr. Dayo Brown, a pastor from Africa, comes the following:

(i) In Isaiah 37:9 and II Kings 19:9, reference is made to Tirhaka, king of the Ethiopians. This ancient black Pharaoh was actually the fourth member of the twenty-fifth Egyptian Dynasty that ruled all of Egypt (730-653 BC.). Tirhaka, according to the biblical texts was the object of the desperate hopes of Israel in the days of Hezekiah, when Israel desperately hoped that the Cushite Tirhaka's armies would intervene and ward off an impending Assyrian assault by Sennacherib.

(ii) Jeremiah 46:9 referred to Cushite "Men of Ethiopia and Libya who handle shield."

(iii) The Old Testament indicates that Cushites were part of the Hebrew army (II Samuel 18:21-32), and even part of the royal court.

(iv) Jeremiah 38:7-13 records how Ebedmelech took action to save Jeremiah's life and thereby became the beneficiary of a divine blessing (Jeremiah 39:15-18).

(v) The reference to "Zephaniah the son of Cushi" (Zephaniah 1:1) implied that one of the prophetic books of the Old Testament was authored by a Cushite (a Black African).

(vi) Nimrod, son of Cush, the "mighty warrior" (Genesis 10:8) is a prime example of important African characters.

(vii) Moses was Afro-Asiatic and he married an Ethiopian woman (Numbers 12:1-10).

(viii) Exodus 2:16 and 3:1 refers to Jethro, Moses' father-in-law as being a priest of Midian. Midian is another word for Cushan (Habakkuk 3:7).

(ix) The Queen of Sheba was a black African (I Kings 10:1-10).

(x) Another black African Queen was Candace, Queen of the Nubians in the ancient Ethiopian capital of Meroe (Acts 8:26-40).

(xi) A black African, Simon of Cyrene, helped to carry the cross to Calvary (Matthew 27:32). Cyrene is a town located in Libya (Acts 2:10).

(xii) Two black men, Simeon called Niger and Lucius of Cyrene were among the prophets and teachers who laid hands, imparted upon, and commissioned Paul and Barnabas into the mission field (Acts 13:1-3).

Indeed, the dominant portrait of Cushi (the Ethiopian) in the Old Testament is that of a wealthy people (Job 28:19; Isaiah 45:14).

Watch out beloved... "Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God." (Psalms 68:31).

God greatly blesses people when they have been despised. It is a time of great favor and blessing for Black people, particularly those who worship God through our Lord Jesus Christ. I heard a Hispanic voter who disagreed with Obama on just about EVERYTHING say he voted for him because he felt a racial edge around Republicans. Now I have been around a lot of Democrats who are no more enlightened, but I can understand any number of situations where the man could have been simply telling the truth such as those I detailed from my own experience (and those are far from exhaustive – I went to a 40% Black high school and the derogatory comments I heard about it were legion). Democrats are no better at hiding it – remember Joe Biden’s talk about Obama being “clean”? Yikes. Remember Jesse Jackson’s “Hymietown”? Whoa. How about Obama’s reference to himself as a “Mutt”? Now that is offensive to bi-racial people everywhere. It is that the press buries it almost every time a Democrat uses a racist expression and loops it ad infinitum when a Republican makes a similar flub. Bill Clinton allegedly used a racial epitaph after Jesse Jackson finally left a gathering at the White House. Howard Dean, head of the Democrat Party, said he couldn’t find any qualified Blacks for his administration in Vermont, and John Kerry said he “wasn’t comfortable around Black people”. The Black Political Thought blog also records Kerry’s use of the term “Tar Baby”. Again, people are voting because of perceptions exacerbated by the press, not on core realities. Still, Christian conservatives would have done well to champion racial equality and mention it a much as other issues as being of core importance. So many Black Americans set aside their agreement with social conservatives on abortion and homosexuality because they sensed what that Hispanic voter sensed. To keep making the same mistake will doom the very positive messages of freedom and opportunity that Republicans usually excel in.

Beyond race and ethnic issues, Christians have often identified with unbridled capitalism. While capitalism is the system of the Bible, so is fairness. By removing so many from the tax rolls, President Bush set up this election. People who don’t pay taxes will gladly vote increases for others. Everyone should pay SOME tax. Everyone needs to view himself or herself as part of the tax system, not as outside of what will fund them. Bush gave 40% of the voters an incentive to vote Democrat. It’s not hard for a Democrat to get the other 11% he needs. Beyond that, many Christians such as Mike Huckabee championed the so-called “Fair Tax”. I believe it is anything but fair. A progressive tax is not bad. Taxes should not confiscate wealth, but to whom much is given, much is required. I own a micro business, and paying taxes is the hardest part of keeping a business. The GOP has to balance seeking to protect micro business and small business, our nation’s largest employer, while at the same time not being soft on the very wealthy, who all too often use tax shelters and avoidance techniques to reduce revenue. While being successful should not be unduly penalized, the fact is that much of the far upper level tax cuts for the wealthy were used to promote ever more decadent lifestyles and not just more jobs as so many commentators maintain. If Christians had promoted a wiser tax policy, with a solid affinity for middle class tax fairness and eliminating cuts for the very wealthy (say over $1 million net per year), they would have been in a much more defensible position. The same would have been the case in terms of decrying situations where there was extreme corporate greed, which is not a Christian virtue. The Bible talks about the oppression by the rich and that the rich must not be favored. Unfortunately, Christians have often uncritically favored policies favoring the rich in exchange for support for one or two moral issues. Christians need to negotiate platform issues more aggressively and more comprehensively.

I had been advocating Sarah Palin’s candidacy for Vice President, and was ecstatic when she was selected. At last, it seemed, some sound Christian values would come to the fore. She was not so much a Republican as a conservative, and fought special interests while also being passionate about life, morality, and protecting our country against all of our enemies from without and within. She attacked Republicans as much as Democrats, with principles being more important than party. The McCain people made her speak mostly about economic issues, where she was clearly less comfortable. The unbridled attack by the press with insufficient rebuttal by her supporters (including McCain) left the public with an unfairly jaundiced view of her and of ALL evangelical Christians. Nonetheless, as I stated, McCain seemed inept at taking it to Obama – he was crossing the aisle on himself. He took his best issue – Jeremiah Wright – off the table. An America-hating anti-Semite who led a church where Obama said he “found validation for what he already believed”. Instead of standing against bailing out the banks with $700 million, he suspended his campaign briefly to advocate it. Instead of denouncing the hopelessly biased media in the debates, his one direct path to the American people, he actually let himself be abused by David Letterman. We all realized why none of us favored the man in the first place, but our hope was that perhaps Palin would work on him as she promised to do on Anwar. Perhaps in his heart of hearts, he was more with us than against us. Never happened.

On September 9, 2008, I wrote on this Blog about the link between Spiritual Deception and Political Deception – the post is called. “Is There a Link? You Bet There Is!” I have seen this link produce bad fruit in a number of people I know well and in articles or books by alleged Christians that I have seen. It is a powerful link and is Demonic in nature. What are these links and how do they occur?

One is of course, putting undue confidence in Man. If Christians believe that change for good comes through a political party, they are deceived. All GOOD change comes from God. Second is putting unchecked confidence in information sources other than the Bible. Third is putting more confidence in any man that is indicated.

For the GOP, the first was for Christians putting too much confidence in that party – regardless of the platform as long as it was “pro-life”. Second was accepting too many talking points from one side of the political spectrum without taking the Bible’s positions no matter where that led. Third was an undue glorification of Ronald Reagan. I much appreciated his love for the United States and his stands against the evil empire, but it was God who tore down that iron curtain. He certainly USED Reagan’s challenge to Gorbachev, but it was a GOD thing to get the gospel to expand in that part of the world. I also appreciated the economic expansion, but rued some of the insensitivities and of course the Reagans’ long affiliation with the occult. While séances were the case with the Lincolns, there is no proof of that with the Reagan’s. Yet making decisions based upon astrological forecasts was indeed troubling and largely ignored by the church. We can appreciate a man while being realistic about his strengths and weaknesses.

For the Democrats, the same is true. Many minority Americans have sold their soul to the Democrat party. It wasn’t always that way. Many Blacks were Republicans – the Party of Lincoln – for years. Democrats were the ones who fought desegregation. Little Rock came because of Eisenhower. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. The Civil Rights legislation was passed with Republican votes. Most eras of major Black economic progress were under the GOP. Yet, because of perceptions, many that are media-induced, the loyalty switched to the Dems. Like those who almost worshipped Reagan, many Dems ignored the significant moral problems MLK had and were uncritical about candidates such as Gore, Biden, et al who talked compassion but were about the most stingy to the poor of anyone, and certainly more stingy than almost ANY Republican and many Democrats. Biden gave $379 to charity out of a huge income. Until he decided to run for President, Obama gave one tenth of one percent – only 1/100 as generous as many Black church-goers tithe to their congregations. Charity begins at home. The Bible is clear – people are supposed to help people. It is not primarily the government’s job. People helping people is not only twice or more as efficient, it is a key to the operation of the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Radical advocacy of abortion, even partial birth abortion and harvested embryos, homosexual and transgender behavior, support of failing public schools with limited or any alternatives for the poor, the lower level of support for America on the world stage and many other issues have not been able to counter-balance the core belief, real or imagined, that the GOP is no longer the party that is in minorities’ best interests to support.

So deception only requires one entry point, but it requires reinforcement to metastasize in the church as a fatal cancer. Most Christians do not receive their information from unimpeachable sources. Just as some absorb everything from radio or TV figures who have a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof, many talk with their friends and read books and checkout websites that always agree with them. It is always wise to look deeper. I found most Obama supporters I know and those I met unwilling to debate issues, leaving them devoid of much critical information. Almost every cult and church uses the Bible as an authority, but in the end they depart from the essentials. Too many of both parties believe what they hear is gospel, and never really check our whether or not it is true.

Rather than the Bible being the source of information, many Christians use their own “sense of fairness”. They also absorb and internalize different gospels from popular TV or mega-church preachers. When they say what they believe, you are often hearing talking points from those who do not adhere strictly to Orthodox Christianity. If you check the websites, most of the essentials are often there (though more and more the statements of faith are telling), but the practice tells you what the REAL articles of faith are. Have you ever heard people say as fact that prosperity is in the Atonement, for example? Have you heard about the great end-time revival when the essence of salvation is given short shrift and talk of repentance with tears and the reality of hell are off the table?

When it comes to “words from the Lord”, so often God may give a supernatural insight to someone, but all to often he of she fails to understand what it means or else add to it from their own understanding. I have heard someone prophesy “God told them” that there was to be another Solomon, a “man of peace”, and that other “Solomon” was none other than Barack Obama! The person sees an unparalleled time of peace and prosperity under Obama and views his election as vindication of being right! Actually, part of that “prophecy” is TRUE! There is a bit of truth in EVERYTHING the liar Satan says – after all, he loves to quote scripture out of context – remember his temptation of Jesus? Let’s look closer. First, while people ate, drank, and were happy in the early years of Solomon’s reign, but by the end of his rule Solomon was known more for high taxes and harsh labor! It became oppressive beyond measure. While the Temple was a laudable goal to which the people happily contributed, he also used high taxes to put himself in unimaginable splendor and to grow government while almost everyone then suffered and their economic condition worsened! While Israel was at peace for a season, the people did NOT end up prospering under Solomon. Big government became an untenable burden, and then Reheboam’s further oppression meant the END of Israel as one country! Not sure I want to go there. Obama voted 94 out of 94 times for higher taxes and he wants to grow government drastically although big government did not work in Chicago or anyplace else it has been tried. The Left is all for government interference in life, and Obama is VERY left. Obama’s thresholds of “rich” and “fairness” are constantly changing, and ALWAYS in the direction of taxing more people more highly! Second, Solomon was weak and unprepared for office when he started. He was the LEAST capable in many ways. Third, Solomon compromised with other religions. He gave place to other Gods which is the prime reason God REJECTED him. Obama has openly stated on multiple occasions that there are many ways to God and “Jesus is my way”. However, when you probe further, you will find that Obama does not believe the Bible is all that trustworthy and he finds much of it far-fetched. In Stephen Mansfield’s The Faith of Barack Obama, rather than coming to the foot of the cross in repentance, he says when he became a Christian, he ”found validation for what he already believed”. Hardly a salvation experience, and definitely opposed to “old things have passed away, behold all things have become new”. With Obama, old things found a new home in an apostate church called Trinity United Church of Christ that preached another gospel that included vitriol and immoral positions wholly incompatible with the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Obama’s comfort level with Islam, Buddhism, and other religions is only natural with his affinity with New Age Religion. In Berlin, he used Eckhart Tolle’s choice expression “This Present Moment” many, many times, and has the full support of Oprah, priestess/proponent of New Age religion. In Tolle’s “The Power of Now”, page 6, appears, "I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don't know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten". Sounds like that is about the extent of Obama’s “conversion experience”.

Missing from the grandiose nature of the “Solomon prophecy” is that the New Testament said that “someone greater than Solomon is here”, referring to Jesus Christ. God never goes backwards. Despite the phony pronouncements of some end-time soothsayers, Jesus will not bring salvation to the Jews except through faith. The Old Covenant was superseded, and no one can come to Christ without accepting him as God and accepting the sacrifice on the cross and his physical resurrection as their gateway to eternal life. Solomon is done and gone. While Solomon was a type of Christ, once the real comes, the type is done away. No more Solomon’s are coming. Many saw “messianic” characteristics in Obama. If you check the Bible, there is only one real Messiah, and those who preceded him and followed him were ALL false! If you look further, you can begin to see the absurdity of where the person was going with this. First, Solomon was committed to God and had come to God asking for wisdom. He put God first in the early stages of his life. Obama hung out with a Marxist pedophile named Frank Marshall Davis while young. He went into drugs and leftist causes. He became a community organizer, which most of the GOP drastically underestimated the potential of, and then had long-standing associations, which remain to this day with some of the most anti-God, anti-Jewish, anti-America demagogues you could imagine. No wisdom here. No humility before God here. No desire to give opportunity for people to worship God in splendor and holiness. Second, people from all over the world came to Solomon to hear his wisdom. This cannot occur because Obama does not have wisdom. What is wise about saying he is against abortion, but like all others who say that while voting differently, he is determined to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act” which undoes all restrictions on abortion including parental notification, partial birth abortion, and not forcing people to pay for abortions through their taxes. Then by executive order he wants to lift the sanction of not permitting US Aid to be used for abortions. This ties in with his “global citizen” theme and his love of the extremely corrupt and authoritarian United Nations. Nicaragua and El Salvador are the only Latin American countries to still restrict abortion – this is not because of the will of the people, but by the fiat of the UN. Obama even voted to deny medical care to infants born alive after botched abortions. That is not wisdom, it is evidence of a very cold and calculating person. It is obvious that Obama sees his mandate to do the same in this and other areas. California has twice voted against homosexual “marriage” but who doubts that Obama will appoint another Supreme Court Justice along the lines of former ACLU counsel Ruth Bader Ginsberg who will force this abomination on the land if he doesn’t figure a way to so it sooner through another means? It sees Ginsburg as one of his ideal justices, along with Stephen Breyer.

The will of the people is inconsequential to leftists. The people were considered to be too dumb to govern themselves – they need the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. They are propagandized to believe what is not is their own interests. President Bush, who steadfastly sought to protect our country, is demonized non-stop and blamed for everything wrong in our country, even though the party opposed to him presided over Congress for the two years we had economic meltdown, which controls financial issues. Bush NEVER defended himself, making himself look guilty. He was operating according to his character, but it was not good for the country to be silent and abused. We tell that to battered women. He simply acted defeated and McCain avoided him like the plague. Well, Americans ARE dumb. They insist on overlooking five hundred red warning flags to try again what has never worked in the past, and with someone who is dinner companions with men dedicated to the destruction of Israel! Despite all his failures, Solomon was NEVER friends with those dedicated to the destruction of Israel!

Unfortunately, many, many Christians have set aside what should have been core beliefs to support a man dedicated to almost everything that is against Christ.

Unbridled abortion here and exported abroad, often forced as in China

Celebration of perversion – such as homosexuality, transgender issues, and unholy sex education.

Interfering with a parent’s right to teach and discipline their children

Hatred and disrespect toward our current President – we are called to honor the King.

Disapproval of those who insist that Jesus Christ is the only way to God.

Views on the world that do not favor proper protection for “God’s Chosen People”.

Then they say Christ sent him! 25% of white evangelicals voted for Obama, so it is not just a “Black thing”. I have heard from the pulpit tired recitation of Obama talking points and denigrating those opposed to protecting innocent life, denigrating those standing for marriage being between one man and one woman, and even denigrating those opposed to liberalizing anti-drug laws! A large number of self-proclaimed Christians voted for someone who basically told them they were all wet! They even see messianic qualities in him. Amazing. Perhaps more surprising is that popular musicians seem to understand it well. Here are two – Bobby Dylan 25 years ago, and ApologetiX, a Christian Rock Band just this year:

Man Of Peace, by Bob Dylan, copyright 1983 by Sweet Rider Music

Look out your window, baby, there's a scene you'd like to catch,
The band is playing "Dixie," a man got his hand outstretched.
Could be the Fuhrer
Could be the local priest
You know sometimes
Satan comes as a man of peace.
He got a sweet gift of gab, he got a harmonious tongue
He knows every song of love that ever has been sung
Good intentions can be evil
Both hands can be full of grease.
You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.
Well, first he's in the background, then he's in the front,
Both eyes are looking like they're on a rabbit hunt.
Nobody can see through him,
No, not even the Chief of Police.
You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

REVELATION MAN, by ApologetiX, copyright not known
(parody of “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers)

There's a man who seems just like a savior
With everyone he meets he gains their favor
Oh, with every move he makes,
Another hand he shakes
Odds are he won't give you peace tomorrow

Revelation Man
Revelation Man
Hey, he's givin' you a number and
takin' away your faith

It's there in Revelation that you find
A pretty beast who has an evil mind
He led the world astray;
They'll give their souls away
All that he will give is grief and sorrow

Revelation Man
Revelation Man
Hey, he's givin' you a number and
takin' away your faith

Bringin' all the world together one day
Then saying that he's God Almighty next day
Oh, but you fell for all his tricks
By listenin' to 666
God's not who he is you'll see tomorrow

Revelation Man
Revelation Man
Hey, he's givin' you a number and
takin' away your faith

Revelation Man

As I noted, most Christians do not receive their information from unimpeachable sources. Some watch networks that are blatantly biased. I know a Democrat who doesn’t think it is fair to watch most anything but CNN or MSNBC, two of the most blatantly biased networks even by ADA (Americans for Democratic Action, a liberal group) standards. Chris Matthews on “Morning with Joe” on MSNBC on November 7th admitted his job was to have Obama succeed! Excuse me? If he was a partisan political commentator, it is of course OK to boost anyone he wanted. Some boosted Sarah Palin and John McCain, such as Mark Levin. However, Mark and others made no claim to be unbiased journalists – they have political shows that advocate certain positions. The curl in the lip that you see when some people say “FOX” like they are disobeying the third commandment against swearing by uttering the word belies the fact that Fox is 48 on a scale from Far Right (0) to Far Left (100). That means it is almost in the center. Perhaps that is why I disagree with it half the time as well (and not just when Alan Combs is speaking!) Being “fair and balanced” doesn’t mean you let poor arguments go unanswered half the time – it means that everyone has an opportunity to express a position. The results may be that one position becomes dominant because of the rightness of the cause.

Many think Obama won because of an uncritical press. I believe that may well have been true. It is hard to believe that Americans would have voted for him when you consider his campaign was the spitting image of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. If you missed it, listen to the October 14th show, part one on It will show you what to look for, like a libretto at an opera. When people read his platform and his own website, there were few secrets. If people read what the press did not report and listened to critical radio, which found a lot of his contradictions, and synthesized all the information, they were not deceived. Unfortunately, most were too lazy or already convinced of their own ideas to really probe. That takes time, which I can readily attest to as the author of all the articles on this Blog. They depended on the drumbeat fawning by the Mainstream Media and assumed since there was no criticism, he was the ideal candidate without major flaws. Likewise, they did not probe into the truth or lack thereof in the endless attacks on McCain and especially Sarah Palin. The Associated Press was non-stop criticism with ZERO balance whatsoever. The results will become history.

Absent was critical thinking. Again and again we heard that when the economy is poor, the Democrats have an advantage. Did anyone ask if that were true? The fact is that since 1945, when Democrats control Congress, regardless of who is President, stocks went up an average of 7% per year. When the GOP controlled Congress, again regardless of who is President, stocks went up 14% per year. The last six years of Clinton and the first six years of Bush were pretty good for the economy and the stock market made a lot of folks better off. What they had in common was a GOP Congress, and if they had not become over-spenders themselves, it would have been even better. Since the rich are already rich, isn’t a great stock market the best way for the little guy with some investments to make a quantum improvement in his or her economic life? Isn't the creation of more jobs through a robust and less-regulated economy the best thing to bring people out of poverty?

The party in power really doesn’t deserve the credit OR the blame. In the time of the Great Depression, Saskatchewan, Canada, had a conservative government. The neighboring province of Alberta had a liberal one. Saskatchewan ditched their government to follow the promises of the Socialists. Meanwhile, Alberta listened to an influential right-wing radio preacher and went conservative. They BOTH came out of the Depression at the same time. They BOTH kept their respective governments in power for a while, giving them credit. Unfortunately, most people do not understand business cycles and look for government to save them. Many credit FDR’s extension of his New Deal programs with prolonging the Depression for seven years. Sometimes we have to live through hardships – the government cannot spare us from all of them.

A final warning. Beyond the deception about another Man of Peace coming, at least one we WANT to have come, the person “prophesying” had engaged in explaining away several Biblical injunctions that were ignored in personal decision-making. When one disobeys the Word of God, one WILL be deceived. Several homosexuals who have written me say they HAD been born again. They just did not become homosexual. They were turned over by God because of other sin. I have a relative where this happened. All sin starts with what people consider insignificant deviations. They are pregnant with sin. That sin grows and is born. It grows until it brings forth death. We cannot be impregnated by sin or we will die because of it. I will put up a post on the LIFE IN THE SPIRIT Blog soon on this whole issue. God wants us without Spot or Wrinkle (put it in the comments section if you want a copy of an article I wrote on that subject). We cannot tolerate a little or we will suffer.

The GOP and the Democrat party have both been pregnant with sin, and have given birth to things that should never have been. We must maintain a higher loyalty to God than to ANY party. NO party will solve our problems. There is no Man of Peace except Jesus. All the ones that have come have turned out to be disasters. Hitler was a “Man of Peace”. He was not alone. Pray for our nation – no signs are good. Even those who strongly advocated his election seem edgy. Yet, no signs were good either when Saul was persecuting the church. God saved him, and I am praying that God will save Obama as well and what, the Trial Lawyers, the Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Activists, NARAL, and a host of other nefarious groups have been planning for evil, God will in his mercy turn into good. Like political change, it will never happen unless people pray and intercede to God. With apathy and resignation, it will be time of unprecedented challenge for true Christian patriots who love what God was able to do with the idea of freedom and who treasure an environment where men and women can follow him without interference from tyrants.

Our prayer is that God will turn the heart of the king whichever way he wishes – we need to be aware of the issues so we will not be blindsided. There are so many things being planned even as you read this by supporters of the President which cannot be acceptable to ANY born-again Christian. Whether you looked past these when you voted, believing other issues to be more crucial, or whether you feel you did your part by voting against the party’s platform by voting against the candidate, YOU are still responsible to pray that God will bring righteousness and not evil. Pray that Barack Obama will respond to the wishes of supporters who love God and want an even more open society and that he will turn from the wishes of any supporters who are evil and that he himself will come into an intimate, personal, and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. We should pray this for any President, and Barack Obama is now in that elite company. Jesus Christ is Lord, and only what he allows will be done. However, he responds to the prayers of his people, and I urge you not to be lax in that area. Jesus Christ wants our country to succeed! He wants what is dead and rotten to disappear. He wants what is good to come. He can use ANYONE to accomplish that, but we must intercede so that it happens.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


(This post is an ENCORE, and was first put up September 9, 2008, called "IS THERE A LINK?:" YOU BET THERE IS!")

We are awash in political deception these days. Some of the things I have heard boggle any intelligent mind. As an evangelist, I often see spiritual deception. Sometimes it is extremely obvious, other times subtle. Among Christians, I definitely see a link. Let's look at spiritual deception first.

A proponent of the Shem Tov Hebrew Matthew kept emailing me and denigrating me because I did not accept this version of Matthew's gospel which many have found to be hopelessly flawed. Shem Tov was a Jew who lived about a half-millenium ago who happened to be very anti-Christian. He leaves out the Trinitarian "formula" for baptism and indicates there is none born to a woman greater than John the Baptist INCLUDING Jesus. Shem Tov's version is used by some Oneness folks who say there is no Trinity and everyone but them is wrong. I have also heard much from the Dean Burgon Society who follows only the DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE. All other versions are hopeless according to them. There are folks who call the person of the Holy Spirit an "it", and there are those who persist in talking about "coming into the presence of the Lord" despite the fact the veil of the temple was torn asunder so we could live in the presence of God. There are those who say that you aren't saved unless you are baptized and speak in tongues, while others maintain that you are a heretic if you DO speak in tongues.

Actually, determining spiritual deception is fairly easy IF you accept the word of God at face value. Here are the main areas of spiritual deception that I see as commonplace:

1) A belief that Jesus is the way FOR US, but that there are other ways to God. (Bible: No man cometh to the Father, but by me).

2) A belief that those who die outside of Christ will not suffer eternal torment. (Bible references to an everlasting hell are clear and abundant).

3) The Bible is true, but not literally, and must be critically viewed. (Bible: All Scripture is given by inspiration of God. God wrote on stone WITH HIS OWN HAND the Ten Commandments which included a reference to six-day creation).

4) Commands in the Bible are to be culturally defined. (Bible: Paul refers to ALL the Churches of God in terms of order in the church and in the home, qualifications for leaders, etc. Women are disobeying their husbands and usurping authority claiming God told them. People are engaging in improper behavior of all kinds. Our God is one, and the Father and Son always agree with the Holy Spirit, the author of all scripture).

5) New doctrines are being revealed and are needed for this victorious church that is emerging. (Bible: It is a curse to add to the words of this Book. Half verses are taken out of context and concepts such as healing and prosperity being part of the atonement are causing people to be focused on money, success, and themselves rather than God).

6) It is important to stand for my truth no matter what. (Bible: Pursue unity and do not be divisive. People are campaigning in church for candidates, demonizing other Christians, cutting off fellowship with other believers, ignoring those of different ethnicity, economics, education, or age, and often reject truths that are critical to their success in Christ).

Now, political deception - that is the whole concept of this blog - how to avoid it. As a blogger I see and hear a whole lot. I get communications from both sides. I post on blogs in the tank for one side or another. I go on MSM, Huffington Post, conservative, Christian, the whole gamut. You may see my Newshound777 moniker in any number of places. So many political proponents present only ONE side of the arguments, often from highly prejudiced if not outright dishonest sources. They tend to hate those who disagree with them and engage in ad honimem personal attacks. Both sides cannot be right on everything.

Determining political deception is fairly easy IF you accept objective truth and have a sense of fair play. Here are the main areas of political deception that I see as commonplace:

1) A belief that one's party is right and the other's is wrong (Truth: No political party is perfect. All individuals have sinned and all parties have sinned and come short of the glory of God. If a person thinks their party or their country is always right, they are deceived. If a person thinks they have all the answers and cannot be touched by something good coming from others, they are DEEPLY deceived).

2) A belief that it doesn't matter who is in power. This belief is that everyone is corrupt and nothing will change until Jesus comes. (Truth: It greatly matters. Without Winston Churchill, it is likely the Brits would be speaking German. Without the strong-willed George W. Bush. it is almost certain that if there was a war to liberate Iraq at all, it would have been abandoned in defeat because of the polls, and looky here - his weak-kneed successor did just that).

3) Our constitution must be reinterpreted by each generation. The rules change as we go along. If a political action such as scorning is done by one party, it isn't all of a sudden OK for the other party to do it. If politicians are advocating things that are not right, and we support them uncritically, we are deceived.

4) The ends justify the means. We can do anything we want to destroy another person. If we slander the integrity of someone who disagrees with us, we are in deception. We should be forceful with political truth just as we are with spiritual truth, but civility is the order of the day. God does not FORCE himself on us. He is a gentleman.

Back in 2008, I  heard someone who believes they are above deception categorically maintain that Mr. Obama is a man who will bring peace. There has been war his entire presidency. The truth is that only JESUS is the Prince of Peace. The Bible explicitly warns that people will TALK peace, but there will be none til Christ returns. With this type of warning, PLUS the very deep baggage and anti-morality beliefs of this specific man, it is stunning that any Christian made and spread this claim. A MAN of peace is indeed prophesied to come, but that is the ANTI-CHRIST. While I would be shocked if Obama were the anti-Christ, I think this is a bit of a dry run on how easily people uncritically accept political spin and ignore the reality. If you present simple verifiable truths to people who have this Messianic take, they refuse to check it out. It reminds me of how the Pharisees rejected Jesus without doing their homework. When you look at the corruption behind any political candidate, and the deeply flawed politics that are the order of the day, it is absurd to attribute to any God-like qualities to anyone save the one (Jesus Christ) who specifically fulfilled all Biblical prophecies concerning the Messiah. Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke in a church in New Jersey comparing Obama to the Virgin Mary. The media went orgasmic after Obama's farewell address saying no one could ever be so great again. I don't think I need to elaborate in order for you to understand that deception.

I was in a church PRAYER MEETING where people were actively campaigning for a candidate. Not only did they slander, but they lied. They were obviously in deception. (ADDENDUM: One or more Obama fanatics interrupted several meetings I was in this campaign season. From issuing false positives for Mr. Obama not based on his own platform to vicious slander of Sarah Palin, it is indicative of the Spirit of Deception that is loose in the land.) Interestingly, all are also deceived in one or more ways spiritually. They ARE linked. You see, truth is not compartmentalized with God. Truth invades every area of life. You cannot be totally free of deception even if you are "saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost". If you give room for lies in your life, you are deceived. Many otherwise fine people LIVE in deception. They accept things that aren't true. We know that the truth shall set us free. If we do not live in the truth, we are not truly free.

I met a man who preached a far more comprehensive gospel than most. He tried to overcome the man-made limits we often have when relating to God. Yet he failed to obey the Bible in the key areas of Baptism, Communion, and freedom from partiality. He thought he was on the way to perfection. He was far off the course despite his many victories.

SO MANY in the church are right about some key things, but SO WRONG about other equally important things. This ought not so to be. Let us study to show ourselves approved by God, and may we truly listen to him so we will not operate in deception of ANY sort, political or spiritual. That's the way Jesus lived - he had a firm handle on it all. Let's do likewise.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I am writing this blog for all people of our country (and those abroad who are burdened for our welfare). No matter how you voted, you must not be either complacent or depressed. Now that Mr. Obama has been elected, it is required that we pray for kings and those in authority. God sets up and God puts down. We also know that the heart of the king is in the hands of the Lord, and God can do with it what he wills.

I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— or kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior...
I Timothy 2:1-3a

Lord, we pray for our new President-Elect. We ask that you will protect him and shield him from those who may wish him harm. We ask that in areas where we has your heart, that you will give him the courage to prevail and to have great success. In areas where he is in rebellion against the righteousness of God, we ask that you will turn his heart to positions that are righteous in your sight. Most of all, we ask that you would bring Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha to the foot of the cross so they can experience salvation from Jesus Christ. Create faith in Mr. Obama, so that he will believe the Bible, that he will believe that you died and were physically resurrected to save him from his sins, and that he will repent of any and all sins. Lord, we pray for your church so that we will intercede for him and seek to influence him for the kingdom of God.

We pray for peace. As Joe Biden prophesied, Obama is being tested very quickly. Russia waited only hours to threaten to put missiles along the Polish border. We pray that you will intervene in Putin's mind, as he is also under your control. Lord, give us a season of peace in the Middle East, and bring justice to every sphere in our country.

Lord, have mercy on our country. We have sinned greatly. We have tolerated much evil. We have tolerated abortion, witchcraft, homosexuality, filthy entertainment, corporate and individual greed, people asking their country to do for them as opposed to serving their country, people asking you to do for them as opposed to doing for you, and a failure to love our neighbor as ourselves. Lord, give us leaders who have your heart, and change the hearts of our leaders where they deviate from your standards. Cause us to be faithful citizens, involved in the public square and in the public debate, and give us courage.

Enable us to live peaceful and quiet lives free of persecution and marginalization. Cause your church to great favor and influence. Preserve our liberties - our cherished freedom of religion, freedom of the media, and freedom from tyranny. Protect us from all those from without and within who would seek to enslave or harm your people. Preserve Israel and guard her from all threats of annihilation or terrorism. Bring the Jewish people to faith in Christ. It is in the matchless name of Jesus that I pray, AMEN.

Here are a list of specific prayer requests that I believe are germane:

1) Pray that we live in peace.
2) Pray for those in the military to be safe.
3) Pray for Mr. Obama to choose his advisors wisely.
4) Pray for Mr. Obama to keep enemies of your Kingdom from influence.
5) Pray for Mr. Obama to realize it is YOU, not weapons that protect us.
6) Pray for the House and the Senate to change course from being on the wrong side of so many moral issues.
7) Pray for economic justice. That those who work will retain the fruit of their labor and that people will freely share of their own volition with the poor and the widow and the orphan.
8) Pray for Godly replacements for retiring Supreme Court justices.
9) Pray for Christian legislators to vote their conscience and not the party line.
10) Pray for Christians to go beyond party and vote for the best people.
11) Pray for the healing of families and churches where great division occurred during the election process.
12) Pray for John McCain and his family. Pray that he will come into a whole new relationship with Christ and be baptized as his wife has.
13) Pray for Sarah Palin and her family. Pray that she will have a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit to be an excellent governor. Bring healing to Trig, as you heal birth defects as well as all manner of diseases.
14) Pray for Christian legislators to vote their conscience and not the party line.
15) Pray for voting reforms so that next time there will not be intimidation at the polls or corruption in the voting process.
16) Pray for voters to study to show themselves approved by God and as each election comes around, to vote with intelligence and under the unction of the Holy Spirit.
17) Pray for those who violate God’s unchanging standards and who are not a strong witness about Jesus Christ and what is important to him at work, in social situations, in government, in struggling or fallen churches and in the voting booth. Pray that we will live in true holiness and obedience to God at all times.

Monday, November 03, 2008


The two subjects people like to avoid are religion and politics. Maybe, rebel against the status quo that I am, that is what I talk about most! What stuns me is that people do not know history and therefore have not learned about it. I am not talking about the four times in the twentieth century that people voted BLINDLY for "change" and got tyranny. I am talking about giving up who you are. The Archbishop of Kansas, Robert Finn, just said on the radio that Catholics who voted for a pro-abortion candidate would lose their salvation. Catholics are big time giving up who they are. I heard a Jew say that most Jews are voting against what is best for their own nation. Just at the time when Benjamin Netanyahu may reverse the damage of the Olmert years, the United States is determined to do the opposite.  Just when Ireland, Germany, France, and Italy have moved away from their failed experiments with socialism, moved away from high unemployment, lagging economies, and dulled incentive, the United States is seriously considering adopting those failed policies DESPITE the economic catastrophe our country has just experienced with Democrats in control of the money in the House and the Senate for the last two years (and it is Congress who is control of the money, NOT the President).  It is madness!

I am talking about going back farther yet! Isaac had two sons, Jacob and Esau. Esau was the oldest and was entitled to the birthright. He got hungry and saw that hunger as more important than his standing as the firstborn.

Christians who are born again have a birthright - they are sons and daughters of the living God. Yet they are despising that birthright for what they view as political salvation. Some white evangelicals are trying to distance themselves from their "unenlightened brethren" by saying that abortion and homosexuality are not going to change, "so let's go for social equality which surely must be in the mind and heart of God". I have given my life for justice, but know that it comes through a deliverance by the Holy Spirit, not by more government edicts and social experiments. They ignore Oprah's New Age endorsement and Obama's flagrant use of New Age terms.  Make no mistake - New Age religion is the religion of Satan. Obviously they are unaware of the sinister contents of the euphemistically named "Freedom of Choice Act" that Obama says would be the first bill he would sign and Obama/Biden's opposition to California's Proposition 8 and America's repeated belief that marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman. I am tired of Jim Wallis and the "Christian Left" taking their talking points from unrepentant sinners who hate Christians with a passion. Frankie Schaeffer, who was involved in the early years of the "Christian Right" is now an Obamaton and mocks those who believe in the inerrancy of the scriptures or those who are Pro-Life. It is appalling. Once a Christian does not mean always a Christian. It is no better in the Black community. I hear black evangelicals setting aside core beliefs for an expected catharsis they anticipate with an Obama win. Some think God told them he has chosen Obama and raised him up, though they refuse to even consider the overwhelming evidence that Obama has a severe animus against Biblical Christianity and is in bed with the worst kind of Jew-haters and Christian-haters. I hear black Pastors beginning to tote Obama's line on the issues. They are talking about homosexuality being a "lifestyle" instead of a sin. They are considering abortion irrelevant. They ignored the deep corruption behind Obama's rise to power. They laugh knowingly with Obama when he calls it "Chicago Politics".  Take Kirbyjohn Caldwell, pastor of Windsor Village, the largest Methodist Church in the nation, and pastor/advisor to President Bush. He came out for Obama and then got marbles in his mouth (remember Joel Osteen's seven denials to Larry King that non-believers in Jesus will go to hell?) about homosexual "marriage".  A web page on a ministry in his own church dedicated to delivering homosexuals disappeared from his church website within a week.  He said to an interviewer that he would have to "get back to them" on whether he was in favor of "gay marriage".  He had to talk to the church first.  HA!   I am a minister of Jesus Christ and I am not worthy of the name if I cannot answer a simple question in a Godly manner.  Leaders don't follow their congregations!  They LEAD them in righteousness.  The great falling away prophesied in Revelation is here. Will TRUE Christians stand for the truth, period!

Beyond trading cherished faith for the lame promises of a child of Satan (all non-Christians are children of the devil according to Jesus Christ) is beyond me. People are actively REPLACING Jesus Christ with Barack Obama. Here is a story from the Student publication, THE SOPHIAN, from the elite Smith College in New England. Read ALL of it and then my closing commentary.

"I Will Follow Him": 
Obama As My Personal Jesus
By: Maggie Mertens (Posted: 9/18/08)

Obama is my homeboy. And I'm not saying that because he's black - I'm saying that in reference to those Urban Outfitters t-shirts from a couple years ago that said, "Jesus is my homeboy." Yes, I just said it. Obama is my Jesus.

While you may be overtly religious and find this to be idol-worshipping, or may be overtly politically correct and just know that everything in that sentence could be found offensive, I'm afraid it's true anyway.

As with many spiritual enlightenments, mine came in the middle of a bleak, hopeless period of my life. The innocent, idealistic world of politics that had shaped my childhood, the one that taught me how the president is a good guy, one who makes you feel safe, gives a speech on TV every once in a while and one you'd feel honored to shake hands with, had been slowly whittled into a deep rooted cynicism to anything politically related.

The crush of the Bush victory over Gore was only the first mar on my previously consummate ideal of the American administration. And the tragedies just kept continuing: Bush's response to the Sept.11 attacks, the invasion of Iraq, the tax cuts for the rich, the downward spiral continued squashing my scant hope that the political world and state of our country could be saved.

Then I found my miracle. Stumbling through my hopeless world, afraid to turn to anyone with my political questions of morality, my concerns about the afterlife of the country I called home, a voice spoke to me.

Barack Obama bore to me his testimony in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention, a testimony that included believing in concepts as simple and wholesome as the Constitution; a belief the current administration had done away with entirely. I was 17 and my antipathy for politicians was already in place before I had even reached the age to legally vote for one. He, though, seemed different. I was intrigued. I would follow him. I believed however, that my discipleship would lead me on a much longer path to political change than was true. He was much too young, not white enough, not rich enough, not jaded - the country certainly wasn't ready for this, maybe in 12 or 16 years he would be able to run in the Democratic primary, I thought.

My interest was piqued, but the dark time lived on until my faith in others was renewed on Jan. 4 in the Iowa state primary. Obama had beat out squeaky clean southern boy John Edwards and former first lady and next in the line of political succession Hillary Clinton. I was in shock. And then I came to Jesus/Obama.

I donated to the campaign. I followed every primary with bated breath, and muttered my prayers to the political gods while proselytizing the miracle of my new prophet. I got a car magnet, I bought a t-shirt; a pin and bumper sticker are on their way to my campus mailbox. Then the media and right wing questioning began: what is he? A rock star, or the next president? Bono or Britney? The naysayers used his popularity among young people against him. Who had ever heard of political posters in college dorm rooms? Bumper stickers on the back of your high school neighbor's Jetta? Guess what those "Jesus is my homeboy" t-shirts were replaced with at Urban Outfitters? A smiling Obama under his own cutesy sayings like "Obama for yo Mama."

I must admit, I questioned this myself. After all, would I have ever bought a t-shirt with Al Gore's face on it? Was this all he was, the newest pop culture fad? I questioned my newfound faith - was it all only a phase, like the time I thought I was Baptist in junior high? But my inner dogmatic struggle only helped cement my beliefs as I followed politics more closely than ever before. Obama's mere presence, knowledge and enthusiasm in the political realm inspired my own desire to understand what exactly had gone wrong, what exactly he could do to remedy the mess we'd made.

Then I began to realize I wasn't the only one trying to buy a WWOD bracelet and spending my weekends scouring The rock star-type love for Obama wasn't just because he was pretty and in the media. Others too, had seen him as a shining light, heard that mythical voice boom out over the mountaintops; people were wearing the t-shirt because they would rather wear something representing a politician than a pop star. People everywhere, young and old, were caring again. So what's the problem here?

I've officially been saved, and soon, whether they like it or not, the rest of the country will be too. I will follow him, all the way to the White House, and I'll be standing there in our nation's capital in January 2009, when Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States of America. In the name of Obama, Amen.


Unfortunately, many people are not so obvious, but they are essentially saying the same thing - they are attributing to Mr. Obama what can only be attributed to Christ. (Refer to our prior post July 7th on "WAITING FOR THE MESSIAH").

One could half understand looking to man when man has the goods.  However, other than his reassuring personality and "words, just words",  Mr. Obama is the OPPOSITE of what is good, honorable, and righteous. He is anti just about everything taught in the Bible.  Where he DOES talk about compassion and justice, he betrays himself by his own long time association with hate, intolerance, working against the Jew and to undermine the Catholic church's position on abortion (George Soros and and extreme personal stinginess (.1% of this considerable income to charitable causes UNTIL he ran for president, and Biden had the gall to still do his miserly $379 per year out of a mega-income).   A partial man or woman will sell his or her soul. We must not repeat the sin of Esau, who DESPISED him birthright.  Just a few closing points.

Dr. Jeremiah Wright called Mr. Obama “The Messiah”. So did Louis Farrakhan. Oprah called him “The One”. A STUNNING number of Christians attribute God’s call and God’s hand on a man who enjoys the messianic illusions and who IN WRITING has been hostile to Biblical Christianity. They believe he will accomplish what only Christ can accomplish. It is a major spiritual deception. People have had his SPIRIT imparted to them – it takes various forms. Sometimes it is a spirit of intolerance, sometimes a spirit of racism, other times a spirit of hate. IN ALL CASES I have observed, and there have been MANY, the person receiving the spirit from him REFUSES to check out ANYTHING he says or does. It is blind adoration and loyalty, and EVERY TIME that has happened in history, the results have been catastrophic. After the Holocaust, the word were “NEVER AGAIN”. Our country if it does not choose wisely will have a practical DICTATORSHIP. Strong words you say. Listen!

1) Obama does not respect the constitution – he believes it must be changed, but not through the Amendment process, but by judges or even by himself - after all it is a "living" document. NO moral absolutes.

2) Obama has majorities in the House and Senate – he will have no opposition.

3) The major media are all in his lockbox. He will have no opposition or accountability to the press.

4) He seeks major restrictions on Second Amendment rights, rendering a second American Revolution that our founding documents DEMAND we do when falling under the hand of tyranny impossible to mount.

5) He seeks unified religion friendly to the dictates of the state. He equates Islam and other religions with Christianity - a total modernist theologically, outside the fold of salvation.

Obama is disturbed by those of use who know that Jesus Christ is the only way to God – those of us, who unlike him, know that belief in the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ and making him our Lord and Savior is all that will keep us from hell. Those who have endorsed him are some of the most anti-Semitic people imaginable – and God does not favor those who are not loyal to his chosen people, the Jews.

Radical views on abortion, homosexuality, taxes (94 votes to raise them and constantly changing numbers show his big tax-cut pledge to be a total fraud), freedom of the press (the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” which is NEVER applied to blatantly biased mainstream media outlets), are all there. But deserting Israel to please his sycophant friends? Just open your eyes. Benjamin Netanyahu, a wonderful friend of Christians and a lover of his chosen people, may well take control of Israel. What a tragedy if someone with an unblemished relationship with our friend Israel such as John McCain is rejected in favor of a candidate endorsed by the Iranian Parliament! It is ridiculous.

Yet, closed-eyes, closed-ears, closed-minded idealists and outright racists (those choosing someone based upon race, not qualifications) have afflicted even some of God’s people. It is a tragedy of epic proportions for people to ignore God in this and call EVIL good. The evidence is OVERWHELMING! The lies are STARTLING! The time is SHORT.

God bless you, and America, bless God.