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The two subjects people like to avoid are religion and politics. Maybe, rebel against the status quo that I am, that is what I talk about most! What stuns me is that people do not know history and therefore have not learned about it. I am not talking about the four times in the twentieth century that people voted BLINDLY for "change" and got tyranny. I am talking about giving up who you are. The Archbishop of Kansas, Robert Finn, just said on the radio that Catholics who voted for a pro-abortion candidate would lose their salvation. Catholics are big time giving up who they are. I heard a Jew say that most Jews are voting against what is best for their own nation. Just at the time when Benjamin Netanyahu may reverse the damage of the Olmert years, the United States is determined to do the opposite.  Just when Ireland, Germany, France, and Italy have moved away from their failed experiments with socialism, moved away from high unemployment, lagging economies, and dulled incentive, the United States is seriously considering adopting those failed policies DESPITE the economic catastrophe our country has just experienced with Democrats in control of the money in the House and the Senate for the last two years (and it is Congress who is control of the money, NOT the President).  It is madness!

I am talking about going back farther yet! Isaac had two sons, Jacob and Esau. Esau was the oldest and was entitled to the birthright. He got hungry and saw that hunger as more important than his standing as the firstborn.

Christians who are born again have a birthright - they are sons and daughters of the living God. Yet they are despising that birthright for what they view as political salvation. Some white evangelicals are trying to distance themselves from their "unenlightened brethren" by saying that abortion and homosexuality are not going to change, "so let's go for social equality which surely must be in the mind and heart of God". I have given my life for justice, but know that it comes through a deliverance by the Holy Spirit, not by more government edicts and social experiments. They ignore Oprah's New Age endorsement and Obama's flagrant use of New Age terms.  Make no mistake - New Age religion is the religion of Satan. Obviously they are unaware of the sinister contents of the euphemistically named "Freedom of Choice Act" that Obama says would be the first bill he would sign and Obama/Biden's opposition to California's Proposition 8 and America's repeated belief that marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman. I am tired of Jim Wallis and the "Christian Left" taking their talking points from unrepentant sinners who hate Christians with a passion. Frankie Schaeffer, who was involved in the early years of the "Christian Right" is now an Obamaton and mocks those who believe in the inerrancy of the scriptures or those who are Pro-Life. It is appalling. Once a Christian does not mean always a Christian. It is no better in the Black community. I hear black evangelicals setting aside core beliefs for an expected catharsis they anticipate with an Obama win. Some think God told them he has chosen Obama and raised him up, though they refuse to even consider the overwhelming evidence that Obama has a severe animus against Biblical Christianity and is in bed with the worst kind of Jew-haters and Christian-haters. I hear black Pastors beginning to tote Obama's line on the issues. They are talking about homosexuality being a "lifestyle" instead of a sin. They are considering abortion irrelevant. They ignored the deep corruption behind Obama's rise to power. They laugh knowingly with Obama when he calls it "Chicago Politics".  Take Kirbyjohn Caldwell, pastor of Windsor Village, the largest Methodist Church in the nation, and pastor/advisor to President Bush. He came out for Obama and then got marbles in his mouth (remember Joel Osteen's seven denials to Larry King that non-believers in Jesus will go to hell?) about homosexual "marriage".  A web page on a ministry in his own church dedicated to delivering homosexuals disappeared from his church website within a week.  He said to an interviewer that he would have to "get back to them" on whether he was in favor of "gay marriage".  He had to talk to the church first.  HA!   I am a minister of Jesus Christ and I am not worthy of the name if I cannot answer a simple question in a Godly manner.  Leaders don't follow their congregations!  They LEAD them in righteousness.  The great falling away prophesied in Revelation is here. Will TRUE Christians stand for the truth, period!

Beyond trading cherished faith for the lame promises of a child of Satan (all non-Christians are children of the devil according to Jesus Christ) is beyond me. People are actively REPLACING Jesus Christ with Barack Obama. Here is a story from the Student publication, THE SOPHIAN, from the elite Smith College in New England. Read ALL of it and then my closing commentary.

"I Will Follow Him": 
Obama As My Personal Jesus
By: Maggie Mertens (Posted: 9/18/08)

Obama is my homeboy. And I'm not saying that because he's black - I'm saying that in reference to those Urban Outfitters t-shirts from a couple years ago that said, "Jesus is my homeboy." Yes, I just said it. Obama is my Jesus.

While you may be overtly religious and find this to be idol-worshipping, or may be overtly politically correct and just know that everything in that sentence could be found offensive, I'm afraid it's true anyway.

As with many spiritual enlightenments, mine came in the middle of a bleak, hopeless period of my life. The innocent, idealistic world of politics that had shaped my childhood, the one that taught me how the president is a good guy, one who makes you feel safe, gives a speech on TV every once in a while and one you'd feel honored to shake hands with, had been slowly whittled into a deep rooted cynicism to anything politically related.

The crush of the Bush victory over Gore was only the first mar on my previously consummate ideal of the American administration. And the tragedies just kept continuing: Bush's response to the Sept.11 attacks, the invasion of Iraq, the tax cuts for the rich, the downward spiral continued squashing my scant hope that the political world and state of our country could be saved.

Then I found my miracle. Stumbling through my hopeless world, afraid to turn to anyone with my political questions of morality, my concerns about the afterlife of the country I called home, a voice spoke to me.

Barack Obama bore to me his testimony in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention, a testimony that included believing in concepts as simple and wholesome as the Constitution; a belief the current administration had done away with entirely. I was 17 and my antipathy for politicians was already in place before I had even reached the age to legally vote for one. He, though, seemed different. I was intrigued. I would follow him. I believed however, that my discipleship would lead me on a much longer path to political change than was true. He was much too young, not white enough, not rich enough, not jaded - the country certainly wasn't ready for this, maybe in 12 or 16 years he would be able to run in the Democratic primary, I thought.

My interest was piqued, but the dark time lived on until my faith in others was renewed on Jan. 4 in the Iowa state primary. Obama had beat out squeaky clean southern boy John Edwards and former first lady and next in the line of political succession Hillary Clinton. I was in shock. And then I came to Jesus/Obama.

I donated to the campaign. I followed every primary with bated breath, and muttered my prayers to the political gods while proselytizing the miracle of my new prophet. I got a car magnet, I bought a t-shirt; a pin and bumper sticker are on their way to my campus mailbox. Then the media and right wing questioning began: what is he? A rock star, or the next president? Bono or Britney? The naysayers used his popularity among young people against him. Who had ever heard of political posters in college dorm rooms? Bumper stickers on the back of your high school neighbor's Jetta? Guess what those "Jesus is my homeboy" t-shirts were replaced with at Urban Outfitters? A smiling Obama under his own cutesy sayings like "Obama for yo Mama."

I must admit, I questioned this myself. After all, would I have ever bought a t-shirt with Al Gore's face on it? Was this all he was, the newest pop culture fad? I questioned my newfound faith - was it all only a phase, like the time I thought I was Baptist in junior high? But my inner dogmatic struggle only helped cement my beliefs as I followed politics more closely than ever before. Obama's mere presence, knowledge and enthusiasm in the political realm inspired my own desire to understand what exactly had gone wrong, what exactly he could do to remedy the mess we'd made.

Then I began to realize I wasn't the only one trying to buy a WWOD bracelet and spending my weekends scouring The rock star-type love for Obama wasn't just because he was pretty and in the media. Others too, had seen him as a shining light, heard that mythical voice boom out over the mountaintops; people were wearing the t-shirt because they would rather wear something representing a politician than a pop star. People everywhere, young and old, were caring again. So what's the problem here?

I've officially been saved, and soon, whether they like it or not, the rest of the country will be too. I will follow him, all the way to the White House, and I'll be standing there in our nation's capital in January 2009, when Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States of America. In the name of Obama, Amen.


Unfortunately, many people are not so obvious, but they are essentially saying the same thing - they are attributing to Mr. Obama what can only be attributed to Christ. (Refer to our prior post July 7th on "WAITING FOR THE MESSIAH").

One could half understand looking to man when man has the goods.  However, other than his reassuring personality and "words, just words",  Mr. Obama is the OPPOSITE of what is good, honorable, and righteous. He is anti just about everything taught in the Bible.  Where he DOES talk about compassion and justice, he betrays himself by his own long time association with hate, intolerance, working against the Jew and to undermine the Catholic church's position on abortion (George Soros and and extreme personal stinginess (.1% of this considerable income to charitable causes UNTIL he ran for president, and Biden had the gall to still do his miserly $379 per year out of a mega-income).   A partial man or woman will sell his or her soul. We must not repeat the sin of Esau, who DESPISED him birthright.  Just a few closing points.

Dr. Jeremiah Wright called Mr. Obama “The Messiah”. So did Louis Farrakhan. Oprah called him “The One”. A STUNNING number of Christians attribute God’s call and God’s hand on a man who enjoys the messianic illusions and who IN WRITING has been hostile to Biblical Christianity. They believe he will accomplish what only Christ can accomplish. It is a major spiritual deception. People have had his SPIRIT imparted to them – it takes various forms. Sometimes it is a spirit of intolerance, sometimes a spirit of racism, other times a spirit of hate. IN ALL CASES I have observed, and there have been MANY, the person receiving the spirit from him REFUSES to check out ANYTHING he says or does. It is blind adoration and loyalty, and EVERY TIME that has happened in history, the results have been catastrophic. After the Holocaust, the word were “NEVER AGAIN”. Our country if it does not choose wisely will have a practical DICTATORSHIP. Strong words you say. Listen!

1) Obama does not respect the constitution – he believes it must be changed, but not through the Amendment process, but by judges or even by himself - after all it is a "living" document. NO moral absolutes.

2) Obama has majorities in the House and Senate – he will have no opposition.

3) The major media are all in his lockbox. He will have no opposition or accountability to the press.

4) He seeks major restrictions on Second Amendment rights, rendering a second American Revolution that our founding documents DEMAND we do when falling under the hand of tyranny impossible to mount.

5) He seeks unified religion friendly to the dictates of the state. He equates Islam and other religions with Christianity - a total modernist theologically, outside the fold of salvation.

Obama is disturbed by those of use who know that Jesus Christ is the only way to God – those of us, who unlike him, know that belief in the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ and making him our Lord and Savior is all that will keep us from hell. Those who have endorsed him are some of the most anti-Semitic people imaginable – and God does not favor those who are not loyal to his chosen people, the Jews.

Radical views on abortion, homosexuality, taxes (94 votes to raise them and constantly changing numbers show his big tax-cut pledge to be a total fraud), freedom of the press (the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” which is NEVER applied to blatantly biased mainstream media outlets), are all there. But deserting Israel to please his sycophant friends? Just open your eyes. Benjamin Netanyahu, a wonderful friend of Christians and a lover of his chosen people, may well take control of Israel. What a tragedy if someone with an unblemished relationship with our friend Israel such as John McCain is rejected in favor of a candidate endorsed by the Iranian Parliament! It is ridiculous.

Yet, closed-eyes, closed-ears, closed-minded idealists and outright racists (those choosing someone based upon race, not qualifications) have afflicted even some of God’s people. It is a tragedy of epic proportions for people to ignore God in this and call EVIL good. The evidence is OVERWHELMING! The lies are STARTLING! The time is SHORT.

God bless you, and America, bless God.


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