Sunday, November 16, 2008


There are always catalysts for change. Change just doesn't happen. The old ways in Washington are entrenched and do not evolve to higher levels by themselves. People who are sinners just don't become righteous all of a sudden. Recent events have been a long time in the making. In the 1700's, Yale lost any semblance of Christ-centered education. Princeton was founded and was first called a "Bible School"!!! Harvard turned Unitarian in the early 1800's. The atheistic philosophy of Darwinism and other "ism's" soon took hold of many universities. "Modernists" started taking over seminaries, and sad to say, many formerly sound Bible Colleges and Seminaries now do not hold to the word of God. The catalysts for most of this degeneration were a shakable faith in God and an unshakable faith in the fallible ideas of men.

Students have been brainwashed to uncritically accept molecules-to-man evolution despite mountains of evidence against it. Likewise, they have been indoctrinated in "man-made global warming" despite significant evidence it is simply part of a larger cycle. Danish Physicist Henrik Svensmark's theory of Cosmoclimatology is an interesting alternative, but more research is needed. The end point is the fact that God has told us that the seasons will remain until the end, and that HE is Lord of the Universe. Nothing happens that escapes his notice. When the final "Global Warming" occurs, and the earth and its works are destroyed by fire, it will not be by human agency, but by God himself. Man is thoroughly in love with the idea of his own importance and has sought to attribute everything to himself and nothing to his creator.

The fact is that students and adults, whether in universities, museums, TV programs, news articles, magazines, etc. are constantly given explanations in an authoritative way that do not require GOD. They give away the fact that they are emperors with "new clothes" because they refuse to debate the merits of their arguments. They pronounce that it is fact and beyond debate!

Such as been the case in this last campaign. We were told over and over again that Obama's character was beyond repute, that
all the problems of the world were caused by eight years of George W. Bush, that Democrats have the answers to all the world's problems and that Europeans do everything better than we do. The endless (and mindless) propaganda made its mark. For a generation we were told that right isn't always right and truth is what we make it. It was pounded into ours heads that there are no moral absolutes and that if it feels good, do it. The accumulation of generations of ultra-liberals teaching our children from Headstart to College, the trips abroad to Post-Christian nations where everything goes, reinforced by music that is all too often degenerate to its core and entertainment that believes that nasty is nice and normal married sex is extinct, combined with mainstream media that blatantly lies and tells only one side of a story, often a side they make up, with no investigative reporting or criticism of ANY kind of their anointed favorites, leads to predictable results. Add to that voters who don't know English or any of the issues, voters who are convicted felons, and voters who are here in the United Stated illegally, and sad to say true-blue American voters who know absolutely nothing about our government and how it works. Is it any wonder that we now have a president-elect who so is supposed to defend the constitution while refusing to even provide proof of birth that is a prerequisite for the job? Is it any wonder we have people putting into office the very ones who presided over the meltdown of our financial system? Democrats controlled Congress for the last two years, and their policies which went against all manner of warnings were big factors in what happened. They have proven themselves hopelessly inept, yet they are given MORE power. Deception and a failure to hold to principles combined with severely challenged critical thinking skills have brought us change we can't believe it. People voted with blind faith and ignored every red light, and there were probably one hundred of them, giving us radicals dedicated to destroying almost everything that is still worthwhile about our country.

Well, what are the catalysts to change for the better? Here is my list:
(1) A deep revival in the hearts of the people of America to love good and hate evil.
(2) Studying the issues to show themselves as workmen that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing truth.
(3) An ability to be unflinchingly loyal to God's standards of holiness and morality.
(4) An ability to reject evil brought by those who may support righteousness in other areas.
(5) A quantum shift in education to teach people how to think, not what to think.
(6) A revolution in the churches so that the entitlement mentality in the church will be replaced with love of neighbor and looking out for the good of the other person.
(7) A realistic view of evil in the world that there is evil which must be defeated and the understanding that the government does not bear the sword in vain.

Change for the better does not come through corrupt and vain men who do not respect their own country or its constitution. Rather, it comes when people are repentant of their sins and look to God to change the human heart. It comes when people trust God and not tyrants and who allow God to speak to them so they are not deceived. It is always quicker and easier to go down than up, but if you want change you CAN believe in, it will take mountains of work and oceans of tears shed in prayer. Our nation can be saved, but it will not be saved by any political party or movement - it will be saved by God. We should start by repenting of our sins and for allowing tyrants and unrighteous people to get our sympathy, our support, and our votes. We cannot be partial, we cannot be wed to any party or movement, we cannot be resistant to God. We must be open to him and to let that which is corrupt be burned up and destroyed to make room for something better.


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