Monday, September 13, 2010


I have been amazed about all the people who say Obama is a Christian. I have seen practically endless dogmatic assertions of that by mainstream newspersons, by bloggers, and even by ordinary folks. People in the news media who are continually antagonistic to the gospel, who host documentaries disputing the truths of Christ and the Bible, who dismiss “Christian fundamentalists” as extreme and as dangerous as the Taliban all of a sudden are experts on defining what a Christian is.

True Christians such as myself often run into people who say they are Christians. It is sort of a default answer. George Barna did a poll that indicated about 9 out 10 people who claimed to be a Christian could not define it in any scripturally accurate terms. Born-again Christians routinely probe to find out if a person is truly “saved”, why would Barack Obama be given a pass? Particularly, one might add, when it is considered perfectly acceptable for Muslims to lie about it if it otherwise advances their faith.

So why is Obama called a Christian? Many say because he says he is. However, many think you have to be a Christian to be President of the United States so the rule is to make people think you are one. When you get to the Biblical definitions and requirements, you will find that the vast majority of United States Presidents do not fit the bill. They may go to churches, but as for believing the covenants, the prophets, in the diety of Christ, having repented for their sins, and having declared Jesus Christ as their Lord, many fall out of consideration. Just like most people who take on the moniker.

Many Christians loved Reagan, but his “testimony” was so general, it would have been a good example of the old saw, “if you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” I have to admit I was touched by Jimmy Carter’s touching testimony about being born again and about the Holy Spirit in his seminal interview with Bill Moyers. I know die-hard Republicans who voted for him. We later found out in his book that he could not see Muslims and non-Messianic Jews as lost, contradicting Jesus Christ himself, who taught that NO ONE comes to the Father except through Christ, and that God CANNOT be your Father if you reject the Son. Others talk about George W. Bush’s walk with Billy Graham. Yet, W was a member of Skull and Bones (The Order of Death) along with John Kerry and over 1,000 other members of the “Elite” or Illuminati that includes big time CEO’s captains of industry and media moguls. The pagan proclivities of the elites are well known, and Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton. and W as well as Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger also donned red, black, and silver robes to participate in the Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care Ceremony, where the image of a 40 foot high owl known the Great Owl of Bohemia is set up for worship, and an effigy of a human they call Dull Care is sacrificed to it.

TIME magazine has documented that Barack Obama carries “charms,” including an image of Hanuman (or Bajrang Bali, the monkey god) that is revered highly by the largest pagan religion in the world, Hinduism. We know about Mary Todd Lincoln’s séances in the White House, Nancy Reagan’s practice of astrology in the White House, Hillary's channeling of Eleanor Roosevelt, and not to be outdone, Michelle Obama’s live-in mother, Marian Robinson, practices Santerian rituals (Voodoo) in the White House.

Doesn’t anyone find it strange that Presidents don’t follow the example of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in refusing to worship pagan images? Does anyone think that any Christian, no matter how weak, would be carrying images of foreign gods? Are you credulous enough to believe that a Christian would “slip” and talk about “my Muslim faith”? It defies our own experience. It defies logic. It defies truth.

Further, Mr. Obama told Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Aboul Gheit that he was still a Muslim and favorable to and loyal to the Muslim agenda and that he would deal with Israel after his domestic agenda was in place. True Christians and Jews have long been allies, and Christians believe the promises made to Abraham in Genesis 12 in terms of blessing and not cursing the Jew. Fewer than 10% of Jews think Obama is in their corner vs. an overwhelming percentage for George W. Bush. That does not make W a Christian, but it sure calls into question Obama’s Christianity since he has favored Islam, which hates Jews, at every turn. Obama has sent similar signals when he spoke in Turkey – you can see the video yourself online.

Now it is true that Obama has also said he is a Christian, but when pressed for details, it appears to be the opposite. In Stephen Mansfield’s book, “The Faith of Barack Obama”, not a hit piece, but endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Obama says he found “vindication” for what he already believed when he went to Trinity. He finds the Bible far-fetched” (while exalting the “Holy Quran”), says his experience was not the normal in terms of turning to Christ as a savior. Rather, it reads like someone who really believes nothing but perhaps some symbolisms rather than the heart of the matter. By all Biblical criteria, he is not a Christian in the Biblical sense, and to say otherwise is counterproductive and foolish. Obama had early Muslim training, but his parents had both been atheists. His schooling from the days of Frank Marshall Davis to Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard was decidedly left and decidedly not related to Christianity at all. Few people who have heard Jeremiah Wright, who claims to be an ex-Muslim, but who is awfully friendly toward it, believe he preaches a remotely Christian message. I remember my mother in law confronted him when he spoke at a church in Germantown. She was appalled at his message. Obama spent twenty years at a church (not too frequently either) that damned the nation, ordained homosexuals since the 1970’s and that otherwise did just about everything opposite to the Bible. Wright preaches hate and liberation theology and gave a Muslim, Louis Farrakhan, his highest honor. When you read Farrakhan’s speech below, you are likely reading much of Wright’s own theology and apparently Obama’s theology as well. It is not as rare as one would hope. Obama is not alone in fashioning his private interpretations. So many people of all stations in life belong to the Masons and other groups that deny that Jesus Christ is the ONLY BEGOTTEN son of God. Christian Colleges are being taken over by universalists who believe that all will be saved in the end. It is totally contrary to the Bible and the faith delivered once to the saints. I believe if you listen to Muslim minister Louis Farrakhan, you can see how a person who believes NONE of the essentials of the Christian faith can claim to be one, and those similarly deceived will shout and holler and applaud – this comes from the days of the unholy alliance between Pat Robertson and Sun Myung Moon and the Million Family March:

I am a Christian. Did you hear me? Farrakhan said, I am a Christian. I am a Jew. I am a Muslim. I am Pentecostal. I am of the Church of God in Christ. I am a Jehovah's Witness. I am a Mason. I am a Shriner. I'm all of that and then some, because I refuse to let things limit me as to who I really am, and you should not allow that, either.
When I say I am a Christian, I delight in the cross. It means a lot to me. The cross is not a symbol of wood with a horizontal and a vertical bar; the cross is a symbol of the dual nature of the human being. He has a horizontal nature, which is animalistic. He has an upright nature, which is vertical. The cross represents our struggle to overcome the horizontal and grow into the vertical.
The Star of David is two equilateral triangles, one pointing up, one pointing down. Six sides, six angles. The Bible says, Count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. But the man is God's man, and the beast is also under the same number, because the beast is a man that has fallen down, and the God-man is a man that is looking up and gets instructions from above. And the fallen man is he who gets his guidance from the lower extremities. We follow our sexual appetite. We follow our lust for material things, for power.

The crescent represents equality. The star represents justice. The sun represents freedom. That flag is up above our heads, and the God who created that -- He doesn't let the sun shine on white people and miss black people. Does He? He doesn't let the rain fall on the Native American and not fall on other members of the human family. God is just, and he's no respecter of persons. It doesn't matter what your color is, what your race is, with God it is righteousness that He is after.

So if that is YOUR definition of a Christian, you fit it. If you accept God’s definition of a Christian, but have not accepted the atonement of the shed blood of Christ to cover your sins, you are the furthest thing from one. A Christian has to come Christ's way and be devoted to Christ. Christians are known for their fruit. Christians are righteous. Christians are just. Christians have self-control, Christians have faith, Christians live holy, Christians promote morality, Christians defend the persecuted. Christians reward the productive, Christians are incredibly generous, Christians are charitable, expecting nothing in return, and most important of all, Christians love and adore Christ to the exclusion of all others. Today IS the accepted day of salvation. Hearken to the voice of God today! Join the family of faith!
"For God so loved he world, that he have his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him should be saved."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

GROUND ZERO (expanded version)

Today marks nine years since 9/11. What I see today is a yet uncompleted rebuild. What I see is a lot of self-doubt. What I see is promotion of Islam. Politicians bend over backwards to say we are not at war with Islam. Bush said it. Obama says it. Almost every talk radio host, conservative or liberal, says it. It that statement true? Is the vast majority of Islam a peaceful religion that is being hijacked by some radicals? If we are not at war with Islam, should we be? It seems to me that Islam has declared war on the west. It's goal is without dispute world domination. So-called moderate after so-called moderate, including the primary funder for the acquisition of the site, Hisham Elzanaty, either funds terrorism or receives funds from terrorists, and differ only in means, not the end goal.

There is no dominantly Muslim country in the world that is fair to Christians. Muslims routinely desecrate Bibles, crosses, and people. They want to build am Islamic political beachhead near Ground Zero as a sign of victory and as a jumping off point to further intimidate the west, and historically illiterate people are bending over trying to equate this with building a church that is apolitical and is simply a place to worship God. Some argue that the structure proposed is not a mosque. Actually, despite the original terminology of GROUND ZERO MOSQUE by the Imam, they are right. It is a rabat, or a "connector". These have been built in Islam starting in the days of Mohammed. They were intrinsically tied to ghazvas, or raids. These raids were DESIGNED, in the words of Amir Taheri, "to terrorize the infidels, convince them that their civilization was doomed, and force them to submit to Islamic rule." Taheri also notes that "after each ghazva, the Prophet ordered the creation of a rabat - or a point of contact at the heart of the infidel territory raided. The rabat consisted of an area for prayer, a section for the raiers to eat and rest and failities to train and prepare for future razzias. Later Muslim rulers used the tactic of ghazva to conquer territory in the Persian and Byzantine empires. After each raid. they built a rabat to prepare for the next razzia. It is no coincidence that Islamists routinely use the term ghazva to describe the 9/11 attacks against New York and Washington. The terrorists who carried out the attacks are referred to as ghazis or shahids(martyrs)." So the apologists for the "mosque" ignore that what happened is in mainstream Islam and part of a pattern going back over 1,300 years. Of course, they also ignore the fact that the only church destroyed at Ground Zero, St. Nicholas, has NEVER been rebuilt due to red tape.

When I was younger people said the only way the US would be defeated would be from within. Europe has been collapsing from within for years. Well, the United States now has a Trojan Horse President in full lockstep with Islamic goals, and conflicted idiots apologizing to their sworn enemies. Achmadinijad is mocking the sanctions, which are useless, and the administration is sitting on its hands because in its heart it WANTS Iran to be strong and America weak. There is NO other credible explanation. Someone proposed a few years ago that Mecca and Medina should have been leveled by bombs. This sounds like lunacy to a world bent on and resigned to the notion that evil will remain and where there is no strong demarcation of right and wrong. However, while political considerations seem to preclude making such an bold move possible, unless the one who did it was willing to forego reelection, it is true that since Islam is place-centric and has no living Savior, it would have sent it into demise. The time to have done that would have been right after 9/11 as direct retaliation for ALL the attacks that had happened for years - the first WTC, the USS Cole, Lebanon, etc. It is because of a religion, not a country. It would have been fully justified though more controversial than HIroshima, but it would have changed history and it was arguably the duty of government to have done that. When you have an enemy, you strike to the heart of it, and building sites are at the heart of Islam. It would have saved countless lives and demoralizaed an arrogant and totalitarian political/religious system that has caused untold agony around the world.

Of course that did not happen, and now Islam has marched more through intimidation of the west more quickly than anyone would have dreamed. Is freedom ever worth defending by ANY means necessary? Regardless of your ideas or politics, can anyone anywhere show me how any nation or any people is BETTER because of Islam having been there? Provoking ideas to be sure. What do you think? What is your strategy for freedom to remain? Or do you believe a one world government under Islam is inevitable?


TOLERATION is the word of the day. The President says it. Newscasters say it. Church leaders say it. Problem is, they all seem to say it to Americans, who are probably the most tolerant people already on earth, and not to those to whom INTOLERANCE including harsh brutality is a way of life! It is tiring to be preached to by people who themselves have little tolerance. The President is extremely intolerant of those who disagree with him. Liberal Church leaders are very intolerant of those who believe the authority of the Word of God an the Diety of Christ. Newspapers are totally intolerant of real Christians and real moral positions. They need to preach to themselves! It would also do them well to preach to Islamic countries where there has NEVER been any tolerance worthy of the name.

If people want to condemn burning the Quran, which from what I have read of it is incoherent and not the least comparable to the time-tested and life-tested Bible, they should condemn burning the Bible and condemn the daily assaults against the Bible in college and school classrooms EVERY DAY. The Prez has mocked the Bible while talking about the HOLY Quran. If you read it, you will find it is anything but. However, since the Prez is obviously a functional Muslim at minimum, that figures. Worse, the Quran feeds subversion and inspires evil because it is evil! True Christians know that the angel that came to Mohammed was a Demon, just as the one that went to Joseph Smith. We are talking about the doctrine of Demons that we are supposed to tolerate.

No I have never burned a Quran or any other book for that matter, though I do pray daiiy against the demonic influence of Islam worldwide. Talk to ex-Muslims if you have any doubt about how evil that religion is. Despite lip service to Christ, it is an anti-Christ system of ideas that has caused untold heartache since its founding.

Is toleration a quality God admires? First let us see what the word really means. As with most words, there are shades of meaning. The first is to be willing allow something to happen or exist. The second is to withstand the unpleasant effects of something. When you go to toleration, you get the specific religious connotation. It is the official acceptance by a government of religious beliefs and practices different from those it upholds.

Since the United States government does not uphold any religious beliefs, it really does not apply to us. However, it DOES apply to Muslim Countries, as the concept of fairness is imbedded in that, and there is no fairness in Islam and Islam is as much a political system as it is a religion. It is totalitarian at its heart.

Let's look at Romans 2:3-5 (New International Version)
3So when you, a mere man, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God's judgment? 4Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you toward repentance?

We need to be mighty grateful that God has shown US tolerance. He could have just wiped us out, but he has not. He has taken so much effort to bring us to him. KINDNESS leads to repentance. Many Muslims are coming to Christ - they know we are Christians by our love. We were not given the sword. We are to be people of peace. Paul ad Peter and John confronted those of other faiths and tried to win them, but they NEVER attacked them orm ocked them. That is on a personal level.

When we go to a government level, it is different. Israel was not to tolerate evil and those who served other Gods. Governments do not bear the sword in vain, and their job is to maintain the safety of their citizens. They cannot tolerate or capitulate to evil or to blackmail as the Imam propagated just this week. America will not survive unless we say - control your people - if not they will pay the consequences. We are going to do what is right. God will support the righteous. To surrender to sinners only invites more distress and is historically indefensible. The governments of nations and the churches have a different responsibility from individuals. Individuals cannot tolerate sin and evil in their own lives- governments and churches cannot tolerate wickedness in their midst and must bear the sword as needed to please God.

Habakkuk 1:3 - Why do you make me look at injustice? Why do you tolerate wrong? Destruction and violence are before me; there is strife, and conflict abounds.

Habakkuk 1:13 - Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrong. Why then do you tolerate the treacherous? Why are you silent while the wicked swallow up those more righteous than themselves?

Revelation 2:2 - I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked men, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false.

Revelation 2:6
But you have this in your favor: You hate the practices of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

Our nation has tolerated so much evil, we could collapse as a nation in our lifetime. The church has tolerated so much evil and so much false doctrine that it has gone through precipitous decline an is largely irrelevant. I talk to a lot of people. Many have found it very hard to find a church that actually functions in a New Testament fashion with pure motives and Biblical authority without compromise. hey are VERY FEW and VERY FAR between.

All ideas are not equal. What people believe does matter.

We need to tolerate people as God does until the judgment but be intolerant to any ideas or practices that are alien to the Kingdom of God. God himself will bring intense judgment on all this at the end, but we must keep ourselves pure and keep the church pure. Change in the world comes through victory and conquest - that is the nature of things, for better or worse. That ihow God ULTIMATELY will rule the world. He is negotiating now, but man will largely remain at emnity and war with God, and GOd will wield the big stick. That is how Nazism was put down. That is how slavery was abolished. That is how Saddam was put down. Government moves against evil are supported by God. God is not a Neville Chamberlain. God is not politically correct, and just a "loving" sap, but rather is a loving but jJUST God that wants to see righteousness in the earth and will waste BILLIONS of people in order to bring that about. So tolerate people and seek to win them, but do not cry when the unrepentant are utterly destroyed by the fire out of the mouth of God.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I rarely ever use the words of others on this blog - I believe this is the second time. But before we get to that, a few words are in order. As the peace process is going on in Washington, what is ignored is that per a middle east poll shows that large majority of Palestinians do not believe in the right of Israel o exist as a Jewish state, peace agreement or not. How can talks progress with such a basic issue? ..a cursory examination of after-school children's programs on Israeli and Arab television shows that, in general, Israelis are educating for peace and coexistence, while the Arabs are educating for conflict.

A program titled "Tomorrow's Pioneers" broadcast on a popular Hamas-controlled television station recently made waves after its beloved Mickey Mouse-like host was shown being "martyred" by Israelis. His replacement, a fuzzy bee character, said he desired to massacre the Jews for killing the mouse, and encouraged his young audience to aspire to the same violent hatred.

Meanwhile, the Israeli version of Sesame Street that airs every afternoon on Israeli television features Jewish and Arab characters living side by side in peace and harmony. The underlying theme in Sesame Street and other Israeli children's programs is that while Israel is being forced to fight, it must not hate the Arabs, as it ultimately desires to coexist with them.

In Washington, Mr. Obama is doing the same thing - ignoring the FACT of Islamic terrorism in dealing with Islam. It is a tragicomedy of epic proportions.

US Navy Captain Ouimette is the Executive Officer at Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. Here is a copy of the speech he gave in July. It is an accurate account of why we are in so much trouble today - the result of inaction or inadequate action by President of BOTH parties, and why we need to finally wake up and see reality as it is, PERIOD.


That's what we think we heard on the 11th of September 2001 (When more than 3,000 Americans were killed) and maybe it was, but I think it should have been 'Get Out of Bed!' In fact, the alarm clock has been buzzing since 1979 and we have continued to hit the snooze button and roll over for a few more minutes of peaceful sleep since then.

It was a cool fall day in November 1979 in a country going through a religious and political upheaval when a group of Iranian students attacked and seized the American Embassy in Tehran . This seizure was an outright attack on American soil; it was an attack that held the world's most powerful country hostage and paralyzed a Presidency the attack on this sovereign U. S. Embassy set the stage for events to follow for the next 25 years

.America was still reeling from the aftermath of the Vietnam experience and had a serious threat from the Soviet Union when then, President Carter, had to do something. He chose to conduct a clandestine raid in the desert. The ill-fated mission ended in ruin, but stood as a symbol of America's inability to deal with terrorism.

America 's military had been decimated and down sized since the end of the Vietnam War. A poorly trained, poorly equipped and poorly organized military was called on to execute a complex mission that was doomed from the start.

Shortly after the Tehran experience, Americans began to be kidnapped and killed throughout the Middle East . America could do little to protect her citizens living and working abroad. The attacks against US soil continued.

In April of 1983 a large vehicle packed with high explosives was driven into the US Embassy compound in Beirut When it explodes, it kills 63 people. The alarm went off again and America hit the Snooze Button once more.

Then just six short months later in 1983 a large truck heavily laden down with over 25 00 pounds of TNT smashed through the main gate of the US Marine Corps headquarters in Beirut and 241 US servicemen are killed. America mourns her dead and hit the Snooze Button once more.

.Two months later in December 1983, another truck loaded with explosives is driven into the US Embassy in Kuwait , and America continues her slumber.

The following year, in September 1984, another van was driven into the gate of the US Embassy in Beirut and America slept.

Soon the terrorism spreads to Europe. In April 1985 a bomb explodes in a restaurant frequented by US soldiers in Madrid

Then in August 1985 a Volkswagen loaded with explosives is driven into the main gate of the US Air Force Base at Rheine-Main, 22 are killed and the snooze alarm is buzzing louder and louder as US interests are continually attacked.

Fifty-nine days later in 1985 a cruise ship, the Achille Lauro is hijacked and we watched as an American in a wheelchair is singled out of the passenger list and executed

.The terrorists then shift their tactics to bombing civilian airliners when they bomb TWA Flight 840 in April of 1986that killed 4 and the most tragic bombing, Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie , Scotland in 1988, killing 259.The wake up alarm is getting louder and louder.

The terrorists decide to bring the fight to America . In January 1993, two CIA agents are shot and killed as they enter CIA headquarters in Langley , Virginia

The following month, February 1993 , a group of terrorists are arrested after a rented van packed with explosives is driven into the underground parking garage of the World Trade Center in New York City . Six people are killed and over 1000 are injured. Still this is a crime and not an act of war? The Snooze alarm is depressed again.

Then in November 1995 a car bomb explodes at a US military complex in Riyadh Saudi Arabia killing seven service men and women.

A few months later in June of 1996, another truck bomb explodes only 35 yards from the US military compound in Dhahran , Saudi Arabia . It destroys the Khobar Towers , a US Air Force barracks, killing 19 and injuring over 500. The terrorists are getting braver and smarter as they see that America does not respond decisively.

They move to coordinate their attacks in a simultaneous attack on two US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania . These attacks were planned with precision. They kill 224. America responds with cruise missile attacks and goes back to sleep.

The USS Cole was docked in the port of Aden, Yemen for refueling on 12 October 2000 , when a small craft pulled along side the ship and exploded killing 17 US Navy Sailors. Attacking a US War Ship is an act of war, but we sent the FBI to investigate the crime and went back to sleep.

And of course you know the events of 11 September 2001. Most Americans think this was the first attack against US soil or in America . How wrong they are. America has been under a constant attack since 1979 and we chose to hit the snooze alarm and roll over and go back to sleep.

In the news lately we have seen lots of finger pointing from every high official in government over what they knew and what they didn't know. But if you've read the papers and paid a little attention I think you can see exactly what they knew. You don't have to be in the FBI or CIA or on the National Security Council to see the pattern that has been developing since 1979.

I think we have been in a war for the past 25 years and it will continue until we as a people decide enough is enough. America needs to 'Get out of Bed' and act decisively now. America has been changed forever. We have to be ready to pay the price and make the sacrifice to ensure our way of life continues. We cannot afford to keep hitting the snooze button again and again and roll over and go back to sleep.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto said '... it seems all we have done is awakened a sleeping giant.' This is the message we need to disseminate to terrorists around the world.