Sunday, April 17, 2016


Polls every two minutes. Convoluted nomination rules that bypass voters. Hillary gaining delegates every time she loses. Cruz playing the Christian Card. Many Christians supporting Trump.

Yet Obama goes on with no opposition. Nominates an ultra-liberal man for SCOTUS which he knows the media will call a moderate. He christens a Navy ship with the name of Carl Levin who decimated the Navy. He screams out for transgenders and every other degenerate while desecrating people of true faith.

We better make sure there is a country left by November. the man should be impeached now - at least that would slow him down. People need to be held accountable - that is the problem of our day.  People are doing as they please with impunity.  No one is saying no except perhaps in North Carolina and Tennessee and Mississippi.  Why are Christians still buying Coke and flying Delta?  Why are they still happy with the NCAA.  The immoral people of our time are willing to do ANYTHING to get their way and they know that most people of character are too busy working or spending time with their families to write hundreds of letters to companies complaining about anti-Christian bigotry.

If you want the nation to be recognizable, you need to fight for it, because without a fight, we will be soon be living in a land so polluted, so evil, so hostile to truth, it will make ISIS actually look reasonable.  I KNOW the evil that the enemies of God have in their hearts in this nation. It is not a difference of opinion. It is not another way of looking at things.  It is Satan on the warpath loving every time a Christian says excuse me and spends wasted time doing something of little to no significance.


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