Monday, October 05, 2015


I have been very critical of John Boehner and his enablement of the destructive Obama agenda.  Now my eyes have seen the light. He is simply representing the American people who are laying down all over the place instead of fighting Satan.  The SCOTUS ruled in 2013 in striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that marriage was a state decision.  In 1986 they ruled that anti-Sodomy laws were Constitutional.  We have five justices who have broken their oaths and who openly do not regard our Constitution as the final authority.  In fact two "justices", Ginsberg and Kagan, were not impartial at all, but were performing these sham "marriages" and working on the political end.  

Only Alabama seems to be fighting this illegal power grab by demented left-wing tyrants.  Why aren't ALL the states where these sham "marriages"  have been voted down?   Why was Kim Davis the only one in jail?  Why were there not 1,000?   10,000?    Have most Americans all of a sudden decided that marriage is not what it has been through all of history?   Even where homosexuality gripped nations who were soon destroyed, there was never the "sanctification" of it as marriage.   It is a recent phenomenon that has been pushed by Satan himself.  

Homosexuality is a filthy and disgusting mess, both physically and spiritually. It has been considered a disorder, and so it is.  It has been repeatedly proven that there is no gene for it - it is a choice.   I realize that a MAJORITY of male homosexuals and at minimum a significant number of lesbians were abused by perverts.  That may have been beyond their control.  What they did AFTER that is.  

The perverted community wars against helping people escape this seal hell. They have no compunctions against those who help people get INTO it.   That is the nature of Satan, and that is totally consistent with the whole m.o. of Satan.

This laying down is not limited to homosexuality or to the world at large.    God's people have been laying down in droves, and it seems the church in Europe, Australia, Canada, and America is at its weakest in decades.

Why are people in the pew tolerating ministers who preach another gospel and who do NOT regard the Bible as the final authority? Why are they believing that  our wonderful triune God is the same as a cruel despotic unknowable Allah?  Obviously because they do not talk to him or really know him. Why do pew-sitters think all will be saved when Jesus spent almost his entire ministry saying the opposite?Partially because that is what the world says and Christians have largely lost the will to fight.  Secondarily, because they have fallen far back themselves and no longer really believe God.  Will GOd find faith on the earth?   I sure hope so, but it is not encouraging when Americans are lining the pockets of these messengers of Satan to the brim.

So I confess I was wrong.  John Boehner is acting in concert with most American sheeple.    I wish I had been right.  So does God.


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