Sunday, May 25, 2014


It was most frustrating to see Tom Corbett lay over and play dead when a Judge named Jones inserted pure opinion and agenda into overturning the will of the people in Pennsylvania concerning marriage being between one man and one woman.  His scorn and utter contempt for the people basically said that their ideas would be relegated to the "ash heap of history".  Never mind that the Constitution never intended for judge-shopping and activist judges to overturn any law they felt like for any reason or no reason.  His action in itself was unconstitutional!    What is more stunning is that I did not hear an outcry on this - we are not talking only about homosexual "marriage" here (the quotes are because by definition it is impossible for two homosexual to be married - the same rules apply to electricity, computers, and plumbing, not just people), we are also talking about polygamy, child sex, and bestiality.    From God's word, we know who will be relegated to the ash heap of history.   Just ask the folks from Sodom and Gomorrah.

That Judge Jones was appointed by George W. Bush.  The GOP always bends over backwards to be "fair" and "reasonable".  NO matter how tough they talk, they compromise to the detriment of the country.  Ronald Reagan appointed a couple boneheaded Justices to the Supreme Court and supported amnesty for illegal alien criminals, just as John Boehner is trying to do.   They NEVER learn.

The GOP cannot seem to resist "crossing the aisle" no matter how flimsy the reason.  It is not just the pathetic John McCain - it is a whole flock of them.   Enough about politics.   Let's get to the meat of the matter.

The evangelical church has out-McCain'd McCain.  From "centering prayer" to theistic evolution to purpose-driven everything to Islamo-friendly compromises to performance worship, they have forsaken the clear mandates of scripture and just like the GOP have gotten absolutely NOTHING for it!  Like the Christian black voters who routinely vote Demoncrat without extracting ANY concessions on moral issues, these evangelicals trip over themselves to compromise.   Wycliffe Bible Translators decided to produce a translation without Jesus being the son God because that was not Islamo-friendly.
Philadelphia Biblical University ran headlong to become Cairn University because they said it was hard for graduates to work in other countries with the Bible on their degree!  From Chrislam to Messianic Islam to all manner of variations you would think Islam is Lord rather than Jesus.   The preaching of the cross is by definition an offense, and my Pakistani brethren who have dealt with Islam their entire lives 
consider it an HONOR to die for Jesus.  

It is not just Islam - Westminster Theological Seminary has a page on their website dealing with creation.  They talk in circles and basically trash those who actually believe in the common sense literal reading of the Bible where that is indicted by the text. As  Ah, inerrancy.  I believe in it. Do you?    WTS was almost lost to Peter Enns' nonsense.  The God of Evolution blog attacks Christians who refuse to compromise with the satanic evolutionary version of naturalistic religion, essential for the atheistic world view.   What to commenters say?  How can you believe in evolution and that Christ walked on the water?   They mock him just like the Demoncrats mock the compromiser GOP folks.  The Patheos blog undermining of the Bible and the explosion of homosexual Pentecostal Churches shows where compromise leads.

The GOP needs to refocus on the MORAL issues - those are the basis of all good law and governance.  Mr. Obama has low moral ideas that permeate absolutely EVERYTHING he does.  We need people whose Godly morality permeates EVERYTHING they do.

The church has to understand that the Devil NEVER compromises.  He NEVER gives you anything of value for your disloyalty to Christ!  We must stand firm for the word of God and his testimony.  We must understand that those who hate Christ will hate us and not complain.  We need to fully comprehend that the NARROW GATE is where we must gather.  The world at the WIDE GATE are going to certain destruction.   Avoid the WIDE gate, gather at the NARROW GATE and shed all the baggage needed to squeeze through.  CHrist awaits you on the other side.


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