Sunday, December 29, 2013

Can 2014 be any worse?

2013 saw Barack Obama display even more of his paganism with aggressive moves to elevate sexual perverts to sainthood.  His blatant lies on healthcare were exposed to many people who hardly seemed to care.  His allies in the Senate ended 200 years of Filibusters for judgeships.  Not ONE of his appointments had merit. They are all deeply flawed people who love his agenda and who will far into the future seek to neutralize the will of the people by overturning any and all laws they do not like, but NEVER based upon the Constitution or any authority they have,

We just saw a law in Utah overturned by an activist judge  It is about time this be put to an end,  The judicial branch is not sacrosanct.  Judges who write law should be removed, PERIOD.   Our nation was not founded to be ruled by these frauds, but by the PEOPLE,  In almost NO CASE do these judges support the people. Rather, they champion radical causes with no legal rationale.   Yet, the populace seems resigned to it.  I am not  Are you?


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