Saturday, October 19, 2013


King George said he would not negotiate. The colonists called off the Tea Party and agreed to pay outrageous taxes and suffer constant humiliation and called Paul Revere "counter-productive" all so they could "talk" with King George. Do you think King George would change his mind on anything??? 

The lapdog Republicans do not have the gonads to bring freedom. We would still be part of the British Empire working hard to benefit those in the London Beltway and swallowing our pride. 

Alas, no, there were no John McCains or Lindsay Grahams in 1776. It was LIVE FREE OR DIE! It was people giving up their personal fortunes for freedom. It is a pity that new have a new King George who makes it up as he goes along - a man who cares nothing about America except to the extent he can raid its wealth and put his size 14 shoes on the necks of the patriots.  except for some Tea Party Patriots, the people who CLAIM to believe in freedom will trade that freedom for a mess of pottage. Look what God did to Esau when he despised his birthright. These folks are despising ours.


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