Saturday, August 31, 2013


Everything I know I earned in Kindergarten… or at least began there.   I learned our motto – “Play with all your might”.   I still try to do everything with all my might. I learned that you do not tell your enemy what you are doing.  After all, the Bible says that if a person knows his house will be robbed, he stands guard to prevent it. You settle things fast because the longer you wait, the harder it gets.  He gets his friends or figures a smart way to corner you. You also never hand the bully a weapon to use against you while telling him you have destroyed most of your own weapons.  Duh!

It seems that they seal the records of the Prez and ignore the unsealed ones of prior Presidents at our peril.  I believe so many of them must have flunked Kindergarten and are trying to hide the fact.

Let’s see…

FDR and Hitler – he ignored Hitler and refused to act until it has greatly escalated. IF FDR would have moved as soon as he KNEW the situation, millions of Jews would have been saved, Hitler’s march into Russia probably would not have happened (Stalin killed twice as many as Hitler), and perhaps the whole Cold War would not have had to happen.

Kennedy  supported a coup in South Vietnam resulting in the murder of Ngo Dinh Diem and the course of the war changed,   Many more Americans and Vietnamese died as a result. Then a Democrat Congress withdrew funding when the war was alost won and forced President Ford to essentially lose the war on purpose.

Jimmy Carter gave Islamic Fundamentalism a foothold in the Middle East by betraying the Shah of Iran and we still have the consequences to this day.

Bill Clinton withdrew from Somalia and according to Osama Bin Laden, gave them courage that the United States was simply a paper Tiger.  Clinton also refused to take Bin Laden when offered him on more than one occasion, probably resulting in the Afghan War and many dead.

Barack Obama withdrew forces from Iraq prematurely after all that sacrifice and moved soldiers into Afghanistan on the shakiest of pretexts.  Neither nation is the better for it.

And now Syria.

Witness Syria.   Not all our might – a preannounced limited strategy.  Let’s see – we tell the Kindergarten bully that we are going to lunch him in the gut but not hard enough to hurt!   Unbelievable!

Then we even tell him it will be on Saturday which gives him a change to get all his friends there.  If the Prez would have talked to Netanyahu instead of playing cards (oops, that was during the Bengazi attack!) he might have learned that it is S.O.P. for Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups to use human shields.  So he says not yet, and not a lot, and guarantees that the United States will be killing civilians and look like idiots.  Surprise is the most basic advantage in war.  This guy routinely gets rid of every advantage including unilateral disarmament while arming our enemies.  Unbelievable!

In terms of Christ, the rebels are enemies of the 2 million Syrian Christians and we are lining up against Christ.  To be sure, Assad is not for Christians, but sometimes BOTH sides are wrong.

Democrats love Head-Start.  The problem is, their presidents have apparently never graduated from Kindergarten.   A crying shame.


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