Saturday, August 31, 2013


It seems that those seeking to fundamentally change America have more sacred cows than those who want to tweak it to get rid of the problems while maintaining freedom.

Kennedy is a Sacred cow Camelot despite assassinating an ally and having a revolving door in his white House Bedroom.

Clinton is a Sacred Cow despite gross immorality, rape charges, letting Osama go more than once, exacerbating the issues with Islamic Fundamentalists by surrendering in Somalia, and initially destroying the economy in 1992-1994 before the Republican Revolution of 1994 righted the ship for which he of course took all the credit.

John McCain came under fire for his vote years ago concerning the Martin Luther King holiday.

Now George Washington had his holiday revoked, despite great personal sacrifice and heroism in getting our nation on the right track after four failed years under the Articles of Confederation.  Abraham Lincoln had his holiday revoked despite saving the union and bringing fundamental change by ending slavery.   Presidents’ Day was originally conceived as a holiday to honor the office of the presidency, and its murky meaning depends on who you talk to or what state thy are in.   Christopher Columbus still has a minor holiday though some states do not recognize it nor is it a government holiday in California and Texas, but it is common for people to disrespect his achievements.  In almost every public school in the land, JESUS CHRIST has had his two holidays revoked – Christmas being renamed Winter Holiday and Easter being renamed Spring Break.

When it comes to Martin Luther King (actually Michael King), however, here is the ultimate Sacred Cow.  Like Obama, his records are sealed though beyond any reasonable doubt his holiday should be renamed.   Pastor Archibald Carey, Rosa Parks, Emmet Till and others could all be honored under a Civil Rights Day holiday.

Pastor Carey was the one from whom MLK stole the idea for the iconic :I have a Dream” speech.  Rosa Parks courageously would not give up her seat on the bus, and Emmet Till was a martyr that is emblematic of all those who were killed viciously solely because of the color of their skin.

The Bible says that in the way you judge you shall be judged.  MLK famously said that a person should NOT be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of his character. We now know from his own writings, from the testimony of close associates, from Boston University to Stanford to his own published works five facts that alone and together disqualify the man from a holiday not to mention eternal life in heaven:

1) His name was not his legal name, but simply an attempt by his father to lend gravitas to Michael King.
2) MLK was a serial plagiarist who should have had his “Dr”. removed by Boston University.  They admitted the fraud but said there was no useful purpose in doing so – only a half century of deception – they sure would have done it if it were you or me.  His work was mediocre and he committed educational fraud again and again.
3) MLK was a fraudulent preacher.  His own writing show he stopped believing in almost every key Christian doctrine as a teenager, and like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and many others, he saw the pulpit as his most effective platform.  He contradicted Christ in his teachings.  Like Mother Teresa who had a similar disconnect, his own words are condemning.
4)  MLK was a fraudulent husband – his philandering was frequent, violent, disgusting, and he was one of his time’s greatest misogynists.  Would anyone else who beat and abused women even ONCE et alone frequently every be honored?
5) MLK was used by the Communist Party.  J. Edgar Hoover was right on many counts, and the trail of evidence is extensive.  Why honor someone who fraternized regularly with those seeking the overthrow of the United States? Despite its faults, where else were blacks more honored?

MLK has become an icon whether in the MS, Fox News, talk-show hosts across the spectrum, in many churches.   I find it strange that truth has no value to those who lionize a deeply flawed man and who treat with contempt all who would object to him being the ONLY American to have a national holiday in his honor.  I believe most people are scared to say anything, but the day has largely become a time when people go around to pick up trash or do other things rather than anything meaningful.

I used to be the person of choice to give MLK Day speeches, an I emphasized the message of racial justice and understanding above the man.  However, as these celebrations because to practically deify the man, I refuse to celebrate that which is at odds with God’s Holy Word.   I will instead work EVERY DAY for people to judge others based SOLELY upon their character, an NOT the color of their skin.   No one gets rejected and no one gets a pass.  That is truly what is just and right in God’s eyes.


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