Sunday, August 25, 2013


The President is scheduled to deliver what may be the most misguided and naïve speech of his career this week, one that is at odds with the whole of western culture and Biblical values.  What is that message?  That economic equality brings racial justice.

I cannot overemphasize the number of counts on which this defies all known logic and truth.  It is merely pure Marxist ideology which he is using as a wedge in our nation and which he is a total hypocrite concerning.

There have been differences of economic standing as long as there have been people on the earth.  There are many reasons for this. 

One fact is that some people live in more fertile areas than others or where there is gold, silver, and diamonds to mine and to sell. There is no way to equalize opportunity worldwide, and there are often non-economic factors that make people prefer to live in areas without those resources that aid in more economic progress.

A second fact is that some cultures value hard work more than others. It takes a lot of hard work to achieve, whether studying in school, running a business, or getting promoted on your job.   Paul said all run, but not all get the prize. The push for outcome-based education has resulted in a severe dumbing down of education where high grades for knowing little or nothing are the order of the day.  Unionization has given the laziest the same as the industrious which only makes the industrious more lazy.  It is human nature.

A third fact is that choices in life affect success.  One of the biggest boosts to economic success is being married.  In the 1950’s, black economic progress skyrocketed.  Back then a majority of all adults, white, black and Hispanic, were married  Now it is 55% of whites, 48% of Hispanics, and only 31% of blacks. The so-called Great Society programs destroyed millions of Black families, and the gang/rap/hip-hop cultures that ridiculed any black man for being academically astute and respectful of women caused drop-out rates to escalate and created misogynous attitudes toward black women. The political marriage of black politicians with homosexual advocates has further made it difficult for black women to marry other blacks. The black homosexual rate is 4.6% as opposed to 3.2% for whites.  Interestingly, in Washington, D.C. it is 10%.  Everything is skewed in that locale!

A fourth fact is that you cannot make people equal by fiat.  Back in the day, people were given new homes who hadn’t taken care of what they had.  I was a community advocate and designed low-income houses.   The government built houses equal to what most people had and many were boarded up within five years.  Some inequality is the result of a lack of personal responsibility, substance abuse or just plain laziness.  

Only Christ can change people who have a difficult time functioning in society.  To tell them it is someone else’s fault in pure folly and shows a total lack of understanding of human nature.  What makes it more egregious is that playing race cards or worn-out class warfare techniques actually makes the situation far worse.  Detroit once had the highest per capita income in the nature.  Fifty years of Democrat blame-game techniques and brain-dead economic policies put it on life support, its economy in the toilet.  Yet the Senate and the President are trying to do the very same thing on a national scale. It is insanity.  The House isn’t much better, and Boehner has to go – the man is a worse compromiser than Henry Clay.

When I was in the Christian Service Brigade in the 1950’s and 1960’s, a Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts, I worked very hard to achieve.  Athletic events, scripture memorization, term papers on Bible doctrines, technical projects, etc. were all part of the mix.  I ended up becoming the second Herald of Christ in the state of New Jersey in 1966, an honor I prize to this day.  Along the way, the leader wanted more diversity in the corporals.  We had a diverse troop, but the vast majority of the minority boys did not put in the slightest effort in terms of the spiritual and educational activities.  They participated only in the physical activities and basically sat through the lessons as the price of admission.  The leader apologetically demoted me and put one of these boys in charge.  It went right to his head, he wasn’t even born again and was not remotely qualified to lead. Rather than stimulate him to put himself wholeheartedly into the program, which might have made the exercise worth it, he lost interest and stopped coming.

For Obama’s rhetoric to work, this is what is needed:

(1) Confiscate all property and money from the rich and middle class (except those exempted by him, of course, including selfish movie stars and selfish politicians like him and Al Gore who NEVER give out of their own pocket, only out of the treasuries of others).  Give it to everybody and when it is wasted in short order blame someone else.

(2) Break up 27% of white marriages and make those men marry black women.  This would actually work better than (1).   The irony is that more and more white men are marrying black women already because they prefer them – I have been so married for almost 39 years. Nonetheless, I would not want to marry just any woman of any variety –is that freedom going to disappear as well? Totalitarian IS totalitarian.

(3) Take everything away from everyone and make everyone paupers.   Like the pigs in ANIMAL HOUSE, the politicians would be exempt.  The Dictatorship f the Proletariat.   Sound familiar?   The end result would be the same as (1) and the miserable end would be same as it was for the USSR, Tanzania. Venezuela, etc.

Satan is behind the pushes for removing all restrictions on abortion and homosexuality. Satan is behind the push to force absurd ideas such as molecules-to-man evolution, man-caused global warming, overpopulation, etc. on everyone, closing off debate because all those debates are won by those advocating God’s ideas.   Satan is also the author of poverty, and such like Obama’s policies resulted in a 40% INCREASE of black unemployment, what he is devilishly advocating now will result in more misery for all those black and white who have labored hard against all odds to achieve something of value in this world.  He is fighting God.  God values achievement.   God rewards those who do a lot with what they have.   God wants people to be generous, but he NEVER advocated forcible redistribution of wealth.  In fact, Peter put in plainly in addressing the Ananias and Sapphira situation.  
Meeting each other's needs as in the Book of Acts is what we need to do, but it is VOLUNTARY and it is not done by statists.  That NEVER has worked in all of history.  Perhaps if the man had studies instead of "taking a blow" he would have known that.   The man needs to be impeached.  There are over impeachable 100 offenses to date, and this latest plan to further divide our nation (he has been the divider-in-chief his whole reign) runs counter to the whole of our history and the very nature of the human condition.   Pray with me that this will happen sooner rather than later, and that those Christians who are blind to Satan’s devices would wake up and see truth staring them in the face.

I have been working for racial justice most of my life.  It ultimately comes through DELIVERANCE by God, as racism is a strong spirit.   It can be facilitated through more interaction, through honest communication, and through joint activities, but for white and black people to stop being racists, it takes a real move of God.   Personal experiences are welcome in the comments section.


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