Monday, April 15, 2013


I remember well the days where the refrain “You can’t legislate morality” was the order of the day. You can’t legislate marriage. You can’t legislate against living together. You can’t legislate against homosexuality. You can’t legislate against abortion. The mantra’s were that no teenager could possibly muster up enough self control to stay a virgin when their hormones were in overdrive (funny, I managed and mine were at warp speed); what happens in a bedroom is nobody’s business (except of course when a baby is born and it becomes the grandparents’ job to raise one or more children all over again or when a girl is thrown into depression over killing the life that once grew within her); what your sexual preference is doesn’t matter (except of course that everyone else is expected to pay for the severe physical penalties that often result from this sinful behavior).

What an about face these days – legislation is the key to everything! The push is to legislate against guns. It seems the old saw “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” is still true. What makes anyone think that by passing laws criminals will become righteous? Chicago has some of the strictest laws anywhere – AND one of the highest murder rates. North Korea has draconian gun laws that go far beyond what any of the most avid gun control lobbyists are advocating about 164th out of 199 nations – and North Korea's intentional homicide rate is over THREE TIMES that of the United States! 15.2 per hundred thousand vs. 4.8 per hundred thousand. Or how about Brazil?  A staggering 21 homicides per hundred thousand people - and it is almost impossible to get a carry permit there - they tax guns, they do it all.  Simply put, people will kill people - and lots of them REGARDLESS of laws against guns,  In fact, a case could be made that gun control has the opposite effect.

Guns routinely save the lives of people – a grandmother of 10 recently protected her home – and someone very close to me is still alive because he was prepared when mayhem was at the door. THe media ROUTINELY blocks out the massive number of cases people were saved by guns.  The simple fact is that some people are truly evil, and laws can do nothing to change that. In China, a man stabbed 22 elementary school children – 2 more than were killed in Newtown with a gun. Are we going to outlaw knives? Would be hard to cut your meat. Today, a bomb killed and injured people at the Boston Marathon. A corollary to the old saw might well be, “If guns are outlawed, outlaws will use knives and bombs instead”.

 The real answer of course if one that these same naïve legislators are trying to marginalize and outlaw – that is for change to come to human beings through the power of Jesus Christ. The violent, the promiscuous, and the perverted can all find peace in Christ and instead of engaging in behavior to destroy others or themselves or both, can be productive members of society. Teaching that man has been created lovingly by a personal God for a purpose would reap huge dividends over the current mantras in almost every school and university that people are random accidents and there is no meaning to life. They are being taught that a human being is a bunch of chemicals and water worth less than two dollars and the worth of a precious baby being taught in the womb by God (read Psalm 51) is worth so little they are not even worth talking about!

Instead of reaping wonderful results, we are reaping the whirlwind. Remember how the Dems said NOBODY but Timothy Geithner could put Humpty back together again? The same man who could not pay his own taxes or run his own life? Remember how Barack Obama was the most intelligent president we EVER had even though he obviously knows nothing about history, religion, economics, or basic math? We are being run into the ground by those who know very little other than clever political tricks to manipulate public opinion, which despite almost absolute control of the universities, the mainstream media, and mainstream churches, they are finding is harder than they realized. What well-informed people know is that confiscating guns IS the real agenda of the Obama administration, and there is ample paperwork leaked to prove it. They are not concerned about citizens hunting, or engaging in self-defense. The REAL issue is that they know that the grievances of people today run VERY HIGH, and the assault of freedom by these people dwarfs the oppression of the British that led to the first American Revolution. They are afraid that when the people have finally had enough, they will seek to do what was authorized in the Declaration of Independence and have a new American Revolution. Leftist governments gain control when they emasculate the population, both by taking away their weapons and by feminizing their values, and then have a brutal military to enforce their ways on people against their will.  MOre and more people will wake up and smell the coffee, but by then it will be too late. Did you know that 78% of Iranians were pro-American?   When they sought to show their feelings in the streets, Mr. Obama did NOTHING.  That shows you what he REALLY thins about freedom.  He hates it. He despises it.  It gets in his way.

It is no accident that many of our finest are deserting the military, from privates to generals. In their place are homosexual activists and people who have no hesitation on killing fellow Americans when told to do so. This is the nightmare scenario being worked on RIGHT NOW. Mr. Obama is functionally a Communist and old-school as opposed to neo-Marxist at that. He was raised, trained, and placed in power to destroy this nation. Every peaceful means to oppose him and impeach him must be taken. I have talked to people from the former Soviet block. As Yogi Berra liked to say, ‘it is deja vue all over again.” They cannot believe how stupid the American people are – they lived through this nightmare and it is so transparent. The bad guys are so confident that their m.o. will work they scarcely hide it. Keep feeding people D.W.T.S. and trash every intelligent person that opposes them, keep the media as personal campaign affiliates, keep giving money and favors to those who will worship their every move, and change everything as soon as possible and change the rules to make it hard to undo anything when the people DO wake up which they inevitably do. Appoint absurd justices who are not about justice but simply advancing a godless, leftwing agenda. Get their opponents fighting each other and intimidating the “reasonable” to compromise while giving nothing in return.

 You see, you cannot legislate morality. But woe to those to legislate immorality. Where do YOU stand?


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