Saturday, April 25, 2015


From the incessant left-wing Dem emails, you would think the Koch brothers are the biggest donors in the lands. Koch Industries is actually 59th. Act Blue is no. 1, and the vast majority of those above them are Blue, Blue, Blue. They tend to much more lopsided toward Blue than the Red donors are toward red even the NRA. The only ones above them that tilt conservative at all are #17 UPS, #19 U.S. Auto Dealers Association, #22 American Bankers Association, #26 National Beer Wholesalers Assn, #27 Blue Cross Blue Shield, #29 National Association of Home Builders, #35 Deloitte LLP, #40 Altria Group, #45 Price Waterhouse, #52 NRA, #53 Pzfizer, # #55 Union Pacific, 12 in all. Of the remaining 46 above Koch Industries, 24 are considered neutral, and 22 liberal, including 12 of the top 16. The Saul Alinsky method is to lie, lie, lie. We have seen it from the President and the entire Democrat Party - I see the emails, and they are bold-faced anti-God, anti-morality, anti-truth to a degree that would stun you if you did not regularly see them. This is a battle for the ages and I wish the Koch Brothers would spend far more, whether through the company or in the so-called Dark-Money category.
None of these statistics take into account the TRILLIONS spent by Universities, Schools, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and liberal churches on political advocacy for liberal causes non-stop, often masked as news or entertainment, and NONE of that gigantic war chest is talked about in the same breath.

Saul Alinsky wrote a diabolical book entitled "Rules for Radicals".  It was dedicated to Lucifer himself who successfully led "the greatest rebellion of all time".  Both Barack and Hillary have taught these rules and are masters of them. One of the chief strategies is to lie, lie, and lie, and accuse others of what you are doing  A well-known radio talk show host has well said that if you want to know what liberals are doing, just understand what they are accusing YOU of.  You aren't doing it of course, but THEY do it as a matter of course.  Satan is a liar and a bully, and we all know that to get rid of a bully one needs force.  Negotiations never stopped a bully from doing anything. Understand the battle, and NEVER, EVER compromise with these folks.  THey NEVER compromise, so there needs to be a full tilt confrontation if things are to change.

The simple fact is that is every conservative have a huge political contribution, it would not be enough to outweigh the enormous liberal machine. Even if they won, many conservatives are not adept are understanding the battle and fighting it proudly and non-stop.  Ted Cruz may come closest, but even he backs off.  The other side NEVER backs off or backs down - they go full tilt 24/7.   It is only by the power of God that change can happen. It will take repentance and it will take every ounce of strength you have. Start to enlighten your friends and loved ones one at a time. Your future depends on it.


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