Monday, March 07, 2016


The thing about deception is that the people who are deceived believe they are right and the rest of the world is wrong.  They have NO IDEA that they are as wrong as can be.  Let’s take just three examples:

ISLAM – American and European liberals scream about Islamaphobia without ever considering that a phobia is an irrational fear.  Sexy Swedes are having to give up mixed swimming because of assaults from Muslim men.  German teenagers are being raped in the streets. New immigrants are demanding that nation change to mirror the backward cultures they were raised in.  It is hardly irrational to have fear when men who were brought up to believe women are responsible if they get raped come like gangbusters into your country to cause mayhem.  In fact it is totally IRRATIONAL to welcome them and think they can coexist peacefully with you.  The fruit of this deception is chaos.  I believe GOd allowed this as judgment because of severe anti-Christian bigotry in northern Europe.  In Sweden, Norway, and Germany, Christian children were taken from their parents who wanted to raise them to fear God and not be conformed to a hostile secular culture.  They now seem unable to avoid their suicidal behavior.

POLITICS – two people from the same family and the same church believe they both hear from God.  One says that God said Obama is the new Solomon who will usher in peace and justice while the other says Obama was the most evil man God could find to judge America.  Well, Obama has been at war with Christians, with anyone wanting to actually follow the Constitution, and with his own country – opening borders, spending like someone who just won a lottery, and appointing political hacks to key justice positions.  In addition there are quite a few mysteriously dead bodies that are typical of the Chicago Way.  It seems one of those two is totally deceived and the fruit of this deception is chaos.
America is indeed under judgement - a filthy entertainment industry, a corrupt political system with both parties guilty, a brutal corporate attitude toward faithful workers, the genocide of 60 million innocent pre born children, the corruption of children in schools in colleges, the celebration of sexual perversions of all kinds and much more are a stench to heaven.  Yet the church is largely chugging along powerless to change much of anything.

RELIGION – the church is in a love fest with everything Jesus condemned.  Jesus was not sensitive to people who continue in sin. He forgave them but demanded they sin no more.  The church is soft in Islam, a political religion that seeks to dominate and kill all who get in its way.  The church is soft of sexual perversion, in many cases looking the other way when Jesus said even the effeminate let alone practicing homosexuals CANNOT enter the kingdom of heaven.  John Kasich who claims to be an evangelical Christian went to a homosexual wedding.  Going is CELEBRATING and LEGITIMIZING, something no Christian can do not please God.  He is far from alone.Much so-called worship is choreographed for the pleasure of the participants, not God. It is all about us and OUR feelings not worshipping him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. The fruit of this deception is a WEAK, INEFFECTUAL CHURCH, about as efficacious as the GOP establishment was against Barack Obama’s unconstitutional whims.  REPENTANCE on a grand scale is needed, and people like Joseph Prince who say it is unnecessary after you do it once need to be fiercely resisted and never supported.

We need to judge ourselves so we will not be found in any deception, and we must warn those we know are deceived.  That is a hard task because they bristle and will call you names and come after you like the devil himself.  Be assured in the truth that God has revealed, and pray or those now in deception that they will repent and not end up eternally on the wrong side of God.


At 10:25 PM , Blogger John said...

IN terms of the church, listen to our drama THE COUNTERFEITERS. It will be featured March 12-18th as our drama for the week at our ministry website, At other times, you can listen to it in our drama archives. You better be aware of what the demons are learning at Demon Bible Institute, because they are being very successful.


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