Sunday, December 13, 2015


The headlines screamed today about an "Historic Climate Pact" being reached. Where is the hard investigative reporting such we saw in the Watergate era?  You know, trumpeting the fact  that John Kerry himself just said in Paris that if  ALL the industrial nations did all these changes it would make NO difference in the climate? Where is the reporting on the simple fact that the alleged rise in temperature over the last century is not even one measly degree and actually within the margin of error? Where are the exposés on all the failed predictions of the Al Gore types which were ALL based upon flawed computer models? Where are the stories about increasing numbers of credentialed scientists  who are risking a lot including grant money by the eco-fascists by telling the truth about the myths perpetrated by this movement?  And where are the stories that the REAL agenda is all about the transfer of wealth and a more oppressive governmental system run by those with totalitarian spirits?    All these are OLD news to those who see and find, but lost on those who swallow headlines whole without critically thinking about the issues.  

The same could be said about the utter failure to vet Barack Obama when so much deeply troubling information was there that any journalist intern could have found if directed to do so.   The price of ignorance has been high, and this ridiculous pact in Paris should be disavowed and voided by our country. It is an unmitigated disaster.


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