Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lester Holt and the "Birther" Issue

Lester Holt was fixated on the :birther issue. Why? Trump had already folded his cards on the issue. He is not running against Obama, but against Hillary. Holt was a pathetic political hack who lobbed softballs at Clinton while oppressing Trump. He is by no stretch of the imagination a journalist for sure, but hey, he works for NBC where journalists are just about extinct.

Donald Trump had significant doubts that Obama was born here. While the Hillary camp started it in 2008, when she was trying to surge past Obama, word had it they dropped it because Chelsea's life was threatened by the Chicago gang she was running against. Could be a conspiracy theory or could be true, but for whatever reason Hillary dropped it. Many others on the GOP side picked it up. Donald Trump doubted along with me and millions of others the authenticity of the released birth certificate even after he shamed Obama into releasing something purporting to proof his birth was here. Trump decided it was not worth it anymore. I have my own theories why which I will keep to myself. Most Conservative commentators have LONG folded on the issue. Despite that, the MSM cannot stand for even ONE person of note to maintain there is doubt on the issue. I have not folded and I believe he is not a natural-born citizen more than ever. I believe history will vindicate me when the truth comes out. Why?

1) This was the seminal test of how much we would defend the Constitution. There are two qualifications for president - natural born citizenship and age. The Birth Certificate proves both. He refused to submit his for YEARS and spent millions hiding his past. This is by far NOT the only thing he is hiding. Believe me.

2) The evidence he was NOT born here is substantial. It includes but is not limited to:
a) His paternal grandmother said he was born in Kenya.
b) The African Standard and the Tanzania Times BOTH said he was born in Kenya.  The former was an editorial that questioned why Tanzania could not have a leader from outside the country since the United States had elected a Kenyan as President. The latter was written earlier when he was a senator when it was not an issue as no such requirement is there to be a Senator.
c) Obama's own profile he distributed said he was born in Kenya.
d) Bill Ayers' parents told their mailman Obama was a foreign student.
e) Michelle Obama talked about Barack's native Kenya.
f) There are informational disparities about the hospital he was born in.
g) Both the Certificate of Live Birth and the long form birth certificate were deemed fraudulent by many experts in the field. I personally reviewed the Photoshop issues and deem the documents poorly done and almost certainly counterfeit frauds.

So why would any rational person throw out ALL the evidence and simpy believe people who lie for a living? You tell me!


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