Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Funny how so many in the media are so sympathetic to every cockamamy perceived offense to Muslims, usually having a piggy bank or OTHER people eating Pork, but totally deaf and blind to the daily profanity against Jesus Christ in almost every single movie, many TV shows and most comedy performances. Hateful, deeply offensive, and gratuitous things they accept wholeheartedly and even promote. I have NEVER heard on ANY mainstream media outlet even ONE "blasphemy" against Mohammad, who was a pedophile, warlord, certainly not a deity, and the father of so many of the world's problems through demonically inspired incoherent book the President calls "Holy". No, it is simple bigotry, a disbelief in diversity, and a hatred of Jesus Christ. Our Lord told us to expect this, and the hate they daily direct at him is also directed at us. Just do not make bigger fools of yourselves by tying yourselves up in knots over the slightest things crybaby Muslims day complain about.


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