Monday, July 04, 2016


This ia a word from the Lord quite some time ago now.  It is one of those words you would wish you heard wrong about.  However, it is clarion clear that this is true and has been proven time and again.  

Obama has just begun.  Your nation will be laid very low. The people have to want righteousness. Most do not. They love their sin, they excuse their sin, and they more and more are publicly despising me. The rebellion is sickening and it is a stench rising up to heaven. As long as they persist in evil, I will let Obama continue and let the people believe the absurd things he says.  Preach repentance – it is the only way this assault from hell will stop.  Obama is FAR worse than anyone thinks.  The perverse things he has done to try to get his evil way have escaped the masses. His spirit is evil and has multiplied itself in many people.  One would have to search very hard through history to find any leader as demonic as this one.  He is horrifically evil and unworthy of any office, yet the evil done in the country is so great that I had to search far and wide to find someone evil enough to be appropriate judgment.  He is the dregs and totally submitted to the Satanic agenda - lock, stock, and barrel.  Make no mistake, the man is evil to the very core of his being.


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