Monday, May 23, 2016


I am so disheartened by so many Christians who are DELIBERATELY IGNORANT.  When confronted by truth that challenges their unfounded assumptions, they practically put their fingers in their ears and walk away or respond irrationally.   I have had TWO of these experiences just this last weekend.

I was in a strong Obama crowd on Saturday - you know - wall display, picture on the refrigerator, etc. - People who are all Christians who go to a church where everything liberal is praised with a total disconnect with abortion, homosexuality, socialism, economic recklessness, etc., all of which are of course condemned by God.

The subject of transgenders came up, and they had no idea it was OBAMA who signed the executive order ordering high school bathrooms and locker rooms open to anyone who declared they felt they were of that gender.   None liked the idea but they STILL held to the idea of poor Obama being picked on and harmed by those irrationally opposed to him.   ZERO acknowledgement the man is evil on this or any other issue issue. Deliberate ignorance.

I was in a Pentecostal church on Sunday which is diverse with many conservatives AND liberals.   I was chatting with a fellow whose wife is a mammoth Obama girl in Jersey and is deep into Demoncrat politics.  He is a bit more balanced, but seems to be slipping into Demoncrat heresy each time we chat.    He was trumpeting how Trump would talk to the North Koreans and we would lose our country.  No, HILLARY is the one who played weak-girl to the Commies in North Korea and it has been Obama who has decimated our military in terms of numbers AND morale with transgenderism being more critical than preparedness.  The otherwise intelligent man seemed 100% clueless about Hillary's mammoth baggage. Deliberate ignorance.

An elder walked up to join in and he pretty much was a ditto mark.  Then he complained how Carter had been vilified and had been such a fine president, born-again and all.  When I told him Carter was a universalist (or one perhaps could make a faint argument for religious pluralist) and had said so in his own book, the man was angry, told me not to break his balloon, and walked away. Deliberate ignorance.

Know the TRUTH, and the truth shall set you free.  Yet so many who name Jesus who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, refuse to acknowledge the truth, refusing to even check my facts which are not offered lightly.   The same is true of spiritual things - how many people press tithing which is totally against the words and spirit of the New Testament (I have a booklet on it if you doubt that is true).  Millions are in guilt and bondage and giving for the wrong reasons and with the wrong motives.

How many use the snippet "by his stripes" claiming healing is GUARANTEED in the atonement when the Bible says no such thing.  They excerpt from two verses, both of which are in the context of spiritual healing.  Despite the fact only a tiny fraction of healings happen, they insist on holding on tho a belief that basically casts doubt on salvation which actually IS guaranteed by the atonement. Lots of people were healed BEFORE the atonement and many have been healed since.  The atonement was for sin, not physical healing.  God has ALWAYS been interested in healing people and he did not need the atonement to do it.

As Christians and simply as people, we must not be bitter clingers to ideas and concepts that do not stand scrutiny.  People used to argue the :apparent age: theory of Genesis or the Gap Theory, both of which are logical absurdities.  Honest people have moved on, but many still put their fingers in their ears and say, "I believe it, do not bother me, shut up!"

The truth is glorious and better than anyone realizes.  Yes the world is more evil than even the most pessimistic would say, but God is BETTER than even the greatest saint would proclaim.


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