Friday, May 06, 2016


I am unaffiliated politically but usually vote Republican - I have a blog entitled and interface a lot on Facebook - I am offering some advice to avoid destruction in this campaign and to build a coalition of GOP, Dems, independents, blacks, whites, Mexicans, and Asians:

1) Do not make so many seemingly random comments especially when they seem to make your thinking seem overly fluid - people hate that.

2) Emphasize FREEDOM.  People feel it is taken away from them - for starters: The left talks about freedom of "worship".  We are guaranteed by ourConstitution freedom of "religion".  A Trump administration will reverse the attacks on people of faith who are penalized for not supporting ideas they find violates their understanding of God.  Likewise, I will steadfastly oppose efforts to become like Europe, with no guns and suffocating political correctness.  this is America and I am running to be your president, not the head of an unworkable global empire.  I will make you PROUD to be an American.

3) I will support a $1 per hour increase in the minimum wage, since not all people paid the minimum are high school age kids but have to maintain themselves on it.  More importantly, I will work to get America moving again so the market will dictate everyone is paid far more than the minimum, much of which happened in the great state of North Dakota.  By getting the Keystone pipeline up and by getting great energy jobs moving we can make this economy sing.

4) I will nominate Gov. Tim Scott to be Vice President.  Our nation has been divided by those for whom that serves their political interest.  I am not a politician - I simply want all Americans of all backgrounds to come together to love each other instead of fighting each other, and Tim can help me to do that as I have in my own business.

5) You can count on me to answer that phone at 3am and protect our servicemen everywhere they are, and I will not put them in harm's way unless there is really strong justification to do so, and when there, I will give them the tools, the freedom to win their battles, and the provisions afterwards to those who need healing of body and soul.  We are done with divisions, and those who prosper by doing so will not have any part in a Trump administration.

6) I proposed doing away with hyphenated Americans.  Either you are an American or you are not, If you have one foot in another country or another culture, it is a impediment to national unity and working to be one nation.  If you would rather wave another flag or support another system of justice that is at odds with our values, you would be happier in the place or system you adore and we would be happier with you there!  We welcome ALL who truly value freedom and opportunity, and we jealously guard that because it is in short supply in most of the world.  We want to be a model for others to follow and not copy what has not worked for others.

Thank you, and God bless you.


At 10:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellents ideas for Trump to consider. Would love for him to do so. I haven't given thought to Gov. Tim Scott but I can see why his being on the ticket would help Trump. I agree that people need a more livable wage and hope that Trump is able to create an economy where people can make a much higher wage. But, from the vantage point of struggling businesses I can't justify forcing payment of any particular amount. This is always a toughy, just so many considerations. However, you seem to have a real handle on what would help Trump get elected.

At 1:08 PM , Blogger John said...

Thanks - he did send an acknowledgment. He seems a bit wobbly and too easily influenced, though. People want someone who will stand up to the intense pressure from the left and the perverted folks. Being accommodating to that will not get the desired result.


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