Sunday, August 28, 2016


I wrote this to a condescending man from Africa commenting how when he was in Louisiana, an "ignorant" Cab Driver (an African who had an English accent) told him why he was for Trump. The man could not refute ANY of his arguments, but like the rest of the pathetic left, just called him names. Is that not enough reason not to vote for the woman who is just like them? Demeaning. Ignorant. Nasty. Hateful.
Well, my friend, your African papers said he was born there and I believe they are more honest than the American ones. In fact, I read an editorial in a Tanzanian paper asking why they could not have a president born in another African country since America elected Obama who was from Africa. Face it, he has STILL not produced a non-fraudulent B.C. - the last one was a joke to techies like myself who know and do Photoshop. On to the other things, Obama has been divisive, always siding with the guilty, and NOT ONCE expressing any love for his adopted country. 
He stated racist things in his own book and since has had violent BLM people in the White House. He has severe racial issues - racism is not exclusive to whites and many now believe more BLACKS are racist than whites percentage wise. Self-segregation is now common on college campuses. They were building an all-black dorm in Connecticut.  Blatant, huh? Obama has been blatantly anti-Christian and empowers imperialistic Islam and has let in many terrorists without any vetting or thought for our nation’s security. 
Healthcare is imploding, with Aetna pulling out, which is by his design, as he want the single-payer model Canada uses. He, like Hillary, is a pandemic liar and does it as a matter of course. He does not regard our Constitution and regularly issues unconstitutional orders at his whim because the spineless Congress does not oppose him. People who oppose Obama and Hilary disappear - three gay male "friends" within one month at his Trinity UCC, dozens who knew the Clintons including FOUR exposing her more recent scandals, Anyone with half a brain would NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton, They are willing to take a chance with Trump, because the platform his is running on is sound, and he will surround himself with competent people, not sycophants like the pathetic Loretta Lynch. 
He will not politicize the Supreme Court as Hillary has sworn to do and we have two Obamaite Justices from our current president who could not argue their way out of traffic court. I have found Hillary supporters to be hopelessly ignorant of History, government, the economy, and foreign affairs. Face it, she screwed up North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. NO ONE with her abysmal record should be considered for ANY position let alone PRESIDENT! 
ALL the smart people I know are for Trump as there are only two viable options at the moment, My IQ is probably higher than his, but his for sure dwarfs Hillary’s, and all the dismissive talk from empty suits and a bigoted media cannot explain why anyone would support this most pathetic woman and the immoral, derelict platform of a leftist, racist, and hateful Democrat Party.


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