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The United States has a motto, "One Nation Under God". It is a nice motto, but it really hasn't been true for some time. We really aren't one nati0n and we are hardly UNDER God. It doesn't take Mexicans burning American flags or a Hindu praying to one or another of his gods in the Senate to know this.

In poll after poll we come up as two nations with some sub-nations under each. One nation is the so-called traditional America, the one where people believe in hard work, in standing behind treaties, in helping the oppressed become free, in the rule of law, in a strict reading of the constitution, and a limited role of government. Many of these believe in the authority of the word of God, and treat the pronouncements of fallible men with a dose of skepticism, understanding the the knowledge of men is vastly incomplete.

The second nation is one in which people believe in doing the least possible work to maintain their job, usually in a position that doesn't really produce anything of value. They believe that self-interest trumps commitments made to friends - whether spouses or preborn infants in their bellies or nations, and that laws are made to be broken. Laws are symbols of beliefs rather than serious stabilizers of society. Laws therefore should be flexible, and not subject to a constitution written by white racist WASP homophobes. Government is seen as the savior of mankind, and the force that will curb business (all of which is evil despite that without it no one would have anything) and errant belief systems. Many in this second nation have no concept of any authority of the word of God, and treat the changing pronouncements of fallible men as vastly superior to ANYTHING God could come up with. They despise and hate those with notions of God and seek to saturate the culture with profanity against this God they love to hate. They believe truth is what THEY make it and that the masses are totally ignorant and without a clue. This proletariat must be spoonfed and led along in total dependence on the largesse of government and open-minded people if they are to survive.

These two nations are at each others throats. One pledges allegiance, the other burns flags. One hates the Clintons, the other hates the Bushes. And on it goes.

We are also disunited as ethnic groups. Those from other countries who have joined us are not content to listen to Irsh music on a Sunday or belong to a German club as did earlier immigrants. Rather, they maintain their languages, their cultures, and their values as all being superior to those of the communities they are joining, and maintain an aloofness and a separateness which makes mutual understanding, communication, and cooperation painful if not impossible.

One would have thought we would have learned from the Balkanization of Europe in the past or from the weak city-states of Greece that led to the Roman empire's dominance. A strong nation MUST share common cultural norms, language, and vision in order to survive. When corruption. personal debauchery, treachery, and heathenism take center stage, as they have in the United States of America, a nation is on borrowed time.

America is divided for many reasons; one, because it bought the multi-cultural rubbish that there is no right or wrong and that everything is of equal merit. Fifty Cent is equal to Beethoven. Cruel dictatorships where there is rampant female circumcision should be in the UN to determine human rights. Men who have sex with men in defiance of anything natural are just as good as those who can actually look at a man and a woman and figure out what is supposed to happen. No one can judge anything because there is no moral authority.

Second, America is intrinsically evil because of what it has. There is unbelief that God could have blessed our nation - it must have gotten what it has solely through oppressing the rest of the world. Ignored is the fact that economic blessings in other nations have very often come through America.

So American is actually many nations under one roof - nations with little in common and sparse opportunities to get together on what they DO hold in common.

Worse, America in not under God. Though we were placed there by our founders, many have chafed under that. As early as the first two presidents in the late 1700's, the atheistic inflences of the enlightenment and French secularism marred our nation. Though "providence" and "God" received many mentions, Jesus Christ as the "only begotten son of God" was less frequently mentioned. As Deism, Darwinism, and other belief systems increased their influence, America's Premier Universities became centers of secularism and of hostility toward the Lord many years ago. Harvard became officially Deist well over 150 years ago.

Money became the god of some, science and technology the god of others, and the vile entertainment industry and the popular culture the practical god of the rest. Still, there was the backdrop of "In God We Trust" and persistent (if formalistic and/or sarcastic) nods to God. Now, with scoundrels in the House and Senate who belong to that second nation noted above, it was decided to deal quickly with the remaining symbolism. Harry Reid had a Hindu pray in the Senate. What has Hinduism done for ANYBODY? It has kept India in repulsive social bondage, brought about hate and darkness of all kinds, and certainly has protected neither India or the United States. Our God is a jealous God, but the second nation has no concept whatsoever of a vibrant. personal God. To them all gods are a waste of time. They are working to rapidly disable any remaining engines of Christianity in this culture, remove any religious rights from ignorant backwards people who can't see how wonderful Harry Reid and his cronies are, glorify impotent religions which are no threat against business as usual and then steamroll our country over the cliff into complete destruction.

GOD does not share his glory or his throne with ANY other "god" or anyone or anything else. Harry Reid obviously has no understanding of the Bible or he would know that idolatry destroys nations. He obviously is ignorant of history (and just about everything else from what I can see), but has had much of his way because of spineless and corrupted Republicans such as Arlen Specter and the like who have no clue. Some have more interest in seeing Madames than serving God, witness the Lousiana Republican. History will judge this era of stupidity in America very harshly, just as they have the Germany of the 1930's. People will wonder aloud how a nation could clamor to lose a war they were finally winning, how a nation singularly blessed by God could put the so-called gods of an impoverished nation center stage - a nation where women will kill their preborn infant if it is a girl instead of a boy; a nation whose caste system makes American racism seem insignificant; a nation from where so much spiritual darkness has emanated and polluted the spiritual landscape.

Well, like it or not, those in charge are celebrating that we are many nations instead of one nation, and to paraphrase the travel movie, "If it's Tuesday, our god must be ram." I mentioned near the beginning that there were subnations as well. Many Christians listen to commentators who make some of these same points. Unfortunately, many of these same commentators have no clue about Christianity EITHER. Libertarians believe that we must leave perversion alone - after all, no one cares what happens in the bedroom. Give me just ONE example of a person whose private morals doesn't affect their public decision making. They also believe in no regulation of business. We are obviously overregulated in some areas, underregulated in others. How many people believe the credit card companies are underregulated???

A popular host frequented by Christians believes Mormonism is just fine. Formalistic Christianity is just fine. Evolution is just fine. Just like those before 9/11, they fail to connect the dots. All of these detract from ONE NATION UNDER GOD. The same is true of the second nation. Many in that second nation belong to churches. Some are pentecostal and sing and shout, and believe God is on their side. The sad reality is that if it were not for the CHRISTIANS in the second nation, that second nation would not be in power today, and I wouldn't have to be writing this blog! Christians have been used and pandered to by both the left and the right, and it is a tragedy. The grossly naivé attitudes and trusting nature of believers has greatly contributed to our demise, and that is most unfortunate.

The hope I have is that many times Israel did the same thing. God brought them out of Egypt, but they melted down the gold GOD gave them to worship the golden calf. They did enter the promised land a generation later, but look how much they lost. America needs to forsake not only Hinduism and its variants such as TM, but also the New Age, Buddhism, Islam, formal Christianity, materialism, heathenism and every false way. We need to declare once again that God is the Lord. We must do as the Bible says and repent and call on the name of the Lord. Christians must talk to each other and expose the lies on all sides and see the word of the Lord which stands forever. Some Christians are isolating themselves from those of other cultures who seem to be aloof and centered in their own worlds. I say it is time to do the opposite. Work with those who feel they have to maintain what they had in their old country - let them see the glory of God in you. Enjoy all they bring to the table, but emphasize the unity of the Body of Christ and the need for every barrier to be brought down. It is the time for fences to be removed and for true unity to be accomplished. Only GOD can do it!

A nation divided cannot stand. Since we CANNOT go over to the side of self-interest and pandering, that other side must come to us. If they don't, and we remain in the minority, you will know why America is not mentioned in prophecy. If they do, it is only by the grace and mercy of God, and through the salvation of Jesus Christ. Our nation has much to answer for. "From whom much is given, much is required." Let us hope and pray and work toward the end that our nation will repent and that God will throw our national sins in the sea of his forgetfulness and that we will more than ever before be a nation that pleases him. I don't want to go back to the way it was with te founding fathers. That was not nearly enough. We need a whole new commitment for a whole new day, and only the Lord himself is able to accomplish it.


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