Saturday, September 23, 2006


A few days ago, the Pope in a speech quoted a great ancient concering Muslim evil and violence. Now, he has backtracked and offered to meet with Muslims on September 25th. The reaction to what he said proved the obvious - Islam has a history of evil and violence from the VERY beginning. ANY objective reading of history leads one to that conclusion. What nation has ever embraced Islam voluntarily? What religion is responsible for conservatively 75% of the persecution today against other religions? What religion TODAY is the least tolerant of ALL religions?

I am not a Catholic, and do not believe the Pope is either a continuation of church leadership from Peter (itself in dispute) or that he is infallible. The same objective reading of history would dispute any claims of papal authority. A simple comparison of papal pronouncements and the Holy Scriptures would show the Bible as the true authority. We could also point out the degrading behavior of many popes over history with many instances of horrific moral depravity. We could also mention the persecution against true believers in Christ during the Spanish Inquisition, during the Reformation, and during all manner of times in history. Therefore, while the Pope's quoted comments referring to Islam were certainly accurate, I am still waiting for the Pope to apologize for Catholic treatment of Protestant Christians as well.

All this aside, a leader who tells the truth never panders. The Pope is in essence stepping down from any spiritual authority by first apologizing for telling the truth, and then granting equivalency to his enemies. More than anything else, this is proof that only Jesus Christ is the head of his church, and that all men, no matter how well intentioned, no matter how well educated, no matter how many languages they speak, and no matter what their regal surroundings, pale in comparison


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