Saturday, January 05, 2008


Did anyone watch C-Span to see the Iowa Caucuses?  It was discouraging mostly during the platform hearings to hear some of the shallowest and most vacant arguments proffered for positions on zany items. For everything from individuals incorporating themselves to race-based rather than need-based preferences to making counties maintain roads for bicycles to marriages for lesbians, the bad fruit of two generations of people trained rather than educated was painfully obvious. My generation and the generation following were largely indoctrinated in college, and rewarded with grades for toting the party line. The ability to simply think and conceptualize and see opposite sides of the same issue seemed in short supply. The conformity and the new sacred cows make one wonder whether our nation can truly stand as a united country. There is a fault more treacherous than the one called San Andreas, and I fear the destruction of our country when a real shaking comes to expose the deep structural divisions we have.  

It is only through the Lord that our land can be healed.  We must encourage people to begin to seriously consider the claims of God once again and to forsake the philosophies that lead to death, destruction. and anomie. Pray for the political process so that the blinders will come off and that the obvious will become universally embraced. Not all viewpoints are of equal value. Not all positions are worth considering. Only viewpoints and positions that have their roots in eternal truth will bring us to where we need to go. So many have been taught the lie that "truth is what you make it", and unfortunately they believe it.  Perhaps man will stop playing God. I sure hope so.  God himself is much better at it.


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