Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It is a tragedy when Godly people stand by while the right of free speech is taken away. People died for the right, and new laws represent the deepest hypocrisy. There is a thousand times more hate speech against me and my people than against homosexuals and other sexual minorities. Ironically, much of it is from the very people who push for these laws. Hardly a movie is made without hate speech towards me. Hardly a book is written that is not perjorative towards me and towards my people. Students are barred from testifying of me. Workers are barred from witnessing about me. Politicians who know me are pressured against acknowledging me in the public square. Yet, homosexuality is being force-fed in the media, in the entertainment industry, and everywhere. It is simply Satan at work. 

You know, I was in an Appleby’s Restaurant recently using the men’s room. Blasting over the speaker was a song by a girl graphically describing kissing another girl, complete with her guilt and her coming to catharsis.  Appleby's has a complaint in fewer than 24 hours.
We sometimes get used to outrage and resign ourselves to being marginalized, doing nothing until freedom is lost. Fight for freedom and do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Do the same thing in your churches. Sound doctrine and sound Bible teaching is being displaced by the purely experiential. Stand up for the truth. Insist that your pastor speak the whole counsel of God. Make an appointment to entreat him privately if he doesn't. Do not compromise the core truths of the gospel.  So many are intimidated and let people be led down a slippery slope without any challenge.  Paul directed Timothy in I Timothy 1:3 to COMMAND teachers not to preach false doctrine!  We tend to say Timothy was timid and needed boldness, but how many of us are willing to do that??? Don’t downplay the role of the Holy Spirit in your life and in the life of the church. Pray without ceasing. Weigh all teaching and all experience by the Word of God. 
Know that political and spiritual deception have similar causes – a lack of knowledge and for those with knowledge a failure of act on the knowledge they have. Be strong, courageous, and tireless for the truth. Too many martyrs have died for our political and spiritual freedoms to let narrow-minded sinners or Biblically-challenged spiritual leaders put you on the defensive – afraid to speak, afraid to act, afraid to defend the faith within you. Walk in the freedom for which Christ set you free.


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