Monday, April 14, 2008


Barack Obama stirred the pot, but frankly, he simply expressed the sentiments of the liberal elite. Hillary is no different - she is simply more subtle about it.  Both could use a refresher course in civics. 

People do not cling to guns because of a bad economy.  The Second Amendment folks understand that the constitution was written by men who did not see the United States as a PERMANENT institution.  These founders were seasoned folks who had seen good things go bad. Actually, the first government of the United States FAILED.  Study the Articles of Conferation and Perfect Union sometime when you can't sleep. Didn't know about the "perfect union", eh? Those words are usually dropped when talking about it.   Actually, the Articles were far from perfect - the national government had to ask the states for taxes and each state got one vote despite their monetary contributions (follow the money!) When it was clear  the United States government wasn't working, we set out "to form a more perfect union" (betchya remember those words!).  The right to bear arms was given not to hunt ducks or elk, but to have an armed populace so that if the government became tyrannical, it could be overthrown and replaced with a more appropriate one.  Have you ever wondered what the dictatorships in Iran, North Korea, and elsewhere have in common? Have you wondered why the United Nations wants to ban private gun ownership?   It is not as though private ownership of arms is something new.  It was an assumed right throughout the Bible. It was part of the Magna Carta in 1215.  It is part of our constitution, and we need it as a hedge against losing our freedom.  The Founders warned about tyranny and were VERY afraid of a too-powerful central government.  I have no doubt some of them would be advocating a new revolution based upon the suppression of religious rights, the murder of the yet-to-be-born, the celebration of perversion, etc.  I guess if our gutless generation were alive 230 years ago, we would be Tories. 

People who believe in the constitution have done so during inflation, recession, and depression. They have believed in it whether a Democrat, a Republican, a Whig, or a Federalist was in office. They believed in  it whether they idolized Archie Bunker or ate caviar.  They do not "cling" to their guns - they know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and they want to keep ultimate governing power in the hands of the people.

How about religion?  Maybe those in foxholes "cling" to their religion.  Anyone serious about God, though, is with him through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad. Religion is not simply a lifeline when all else fails.  It is the central organizing faith in one's life. Everything is affected by religion - our decisions, our lifestyle, our priorities, our values. People go to church whether there is a Democrat, a Republican, a Whig, or a Federalist in the White House. People pray to God whether we are at war or peace, in good times and bad.  I concede that people are probably more EARNEST in their prayers during times of testing, but to "cling"???  I'll tell you who is clinging.  Barack and Hillary are clinging to their deep and abiding faith in abortion despite every scientific fact that makes abortion criminal at best. Hillary talked about "potential life" while Barack said he didn't know when life began.  I mean, come on!  What good is going to Harvard if you don't know the facts of life?  Barack and Hillary are clinging to dead religion in their own lives. Barack's UCC Church is in the vanguard of post- Christian thought - check out their official blog with "Rev" Currie if you don't believe me. Jeremiah Wright's rantings are totally compatible with the UCC - he was not a one-of-a-kind. In fact, Wright got a standing ovation in Virginia last Sunday.  

It is shocking what Americans are clinging to. It is not the old time religion but rather modern paradigms of hate.  Hillary has taught Sunday School for years in the United Methodist Church. She is clinging to dead religion.  Have you ever gotten the slightest clue she understands Christianity AT ALL???

No, saints aren't "clinging" to guns and religion, but  Presidential Candidates are clinging to marginal religion and political beliefs which are hopelessly out of touch.  They are some really bitter folks who despise so many in our country - they despise those who are serious about Jesus Christ, those who understand basic concepts such as marriage, family, fidelity, abstinence, and giving one's life for his or her country, and those who are serious about being ruled by the constitution instead of imperial judges.   One would hope that these multi-millionaire candidates would be the ones who would come out of their bitterness and learn to love the country that has given them both such wild opportunity.


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