Wednesday, February 20, 2008


With so many people alluding to the alleged Messianic Complex of Barack Obama, I looked up his name and "666".  Sure enough, a ton of people have thought it. One had a math error though. I suppose you can do this with anyone's name (it worked for a relative of mine).

The United States of America Presidential Election (using number values for letters totals 465) Barrack Hussein Obama, 6/4/2008   (November is the sixth lunar month) adds up to 201, and you got it, 666!  Oops!  Only one R in Barack.  Let's try again.  The 11/4/2008 (forget the lunacy) United States Presidential Election Winner, Barack Hussein Obama.   666!  Viola!!!!
The purists prefer Roman Numerals.  After all, the popes used to wear "Vicarivs Filii Dei" on their chiaras until someone added up the Roman numerals and they came to 666.  Someone tried that with Barack Hvssein Obama (no "u" in Latin) and a whole bunch or words including his birthday of 8/4/1961 until they got 666.  But the math was wrong.  Can't you use enough words to make it come out for anyone?  Let's try "Maverick Presidential Election Candidate" (2,910) and subtract "Really Liberal Repvblican Straight-Talk Express 71-year old John Sidney McCain III" (2,244).  You get 666.  Whaddaya know.   Needed that seldom mentioned middle name and the "III" to get there.  Hey, we're on a roll. Let's see.  If you take Doctor James Dobson (that's two D's at 500 each, one M at 1000, and one C at 1oo, or 2100 total.   If you take Focus on the Family, that is one C at 100, one M at 1000, and one i for 1, or 1101.  If you subtract Focus on the Family (1101) from Doctor James Dobson (2100), you get 999.  Now this isn't for your benefit, it is for the person across the table, so the 999 to you will read 666 to them! Ain't it obvious!

Unfortunately, for over one thousand years people have been trying to figure it out. I think we will know when the time comes. Meanwhile, let's not jump to conclusions but enjoy the moment.  I for one think that bringing people together is a great thing.  We just have to sure what to do with them when they get there.  One thing we should NOT be doing is making people out to be the anti-Christ if we differ with their politics.  If you read the Bible, you will know that the Anti-Christ will bring peace of a sort, and he is likely to be some kind of reputed Christian leader - why else would so many be deceived? He will be a miracle worker and  very effective.  Some folks may try to ID a TV evangelist for the job, but I think we may have to wait - the Anti-Christ will actually DO a lot of wonders, not simply talk about it - it will be far beyond the small stuff we see today.  Enjoy the political season  - this other stuff will happen in its own time and hopefully later rather than sooner.


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