Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I get a kick out hearing Hillary talk about working the night shift  and having all these accomplishments.  She is basically asking for the same things her husband Bill said were necessary before he won.  People ask you to put them in power to solve problems, and then years later when people have the same problems still unsolved, we are supposed to believe them again. Unlike bills named McCain-this, McCain-that  (none of which I liked by the way),  I don't see any ground-breaking legislation in her name, Clinton-this, Clinton-that. In fact, she seemed determined to be as innocuous as possible, positioning herself to be able to run as a centrist in the fall.  Her fabled health care initiative fifteen years ago was a colossal flop even though that was ALL she had to do (except keep the social calendar).  It was ill-thought out, she delegated to incompetent people, and there was never any financial underpinnings to make it possible.  I haven't heard one refinement to it which would make it any more doable now than then.  A president has dozens of demands on his (or her) time and attention, not just one pet issue.  One comes away with the distinct impression she is not up to the job and that she has insufficient experience no matter what the black and white night shift ads may imply.

On the other hand, whether you think he is a political messiah or a windbag of hot air, Barack Obama has united some pretty diverse elements of the Democratic party in record time without appearing to break a sweat.  From the Teamsters to Ministers and from Southern White Men to egghead college professors and from uneducated to highly educated and from people of most ethnicities (with his weakness among Hispanic voters noted), Obama has been a phenomenon.  This IS an accomplishment that Hillary has been singularly been unable to do her whole life. She is a polarizing figure, someone either loved or hated.  Making oneself likable in this day and age is an accomplishment, and one must heap praise on Obama for his adroitness in doing so.

During this campaign, ask the hard questions.  When people say what they have done, check it out.  You can check out Hillary's record, Obama's record, Mc Cain's record. Don't take their word for it.  Unless of course, you love to swallow hot air both red and blue.


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