Saturday, September 23, 2006


I have heard Pastors say and do political things which give one great pause. Why do Pastors go out on a limb for politicians? Why do they give either active or tacit endorsement to political animals without making any demands on issues of interest to Christians? Why indeed?

I have heard a lot of political discourse. I have seen much in print. Much on the Internet. Much on the airwaves. Yet, one thing remains a constant. Christians by and large do not understand politics and they often make fools of themselves when they step into it.

Billy Graham stepped into it with Richard Nixon. Tony Campolo stepped into it with Bill Clinton. Pat Robertson has made it into an art form to say nutty political comments.

What galls me the most is to see politicians show up at a church during the election season (never just to go worship God). They use the "G-word" in insipid fashion that would not lend credibility to any testimony. They claim to be for what God is for, even if their voting record is the exact opposite. They ask for prayer while actively fighting what God's people are laboring in prayer over.

It is dangerous to endorse anyone, but certainly, the pulpit of God is for the Word of God. If the politician wants to speak the Word of God, we cannot be prejudiced against them because they are a politician, but we must not profane the pulpit by letting partisan unregenerate politicians speak untruths without correction or rebuke. Watchmen on the wall must be watchmen indeed, and not let wolves mislead their flocks with impunity.

I suggest that Pastors could do a better service by arranging a time OUTSIDE the main worship service for both candidates for an informational session where direct questions are asked about issues of interest to Christians. If they won't answer the question or take a position on the criticial issues of the day, they should not have the right to support from church members. Christians are practically the only interest group to endorse or support candidates while asking NOTHING in return. Either ignore the political process, or else force those involved to do something more than pander to your congregation and go away doing business as usual.


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