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On the weekend after Sarah Palin's nomination, a small army of 30 lawyers and researchers descended on Alaska to dig up dirt. Long before, all manner of negative information was promulgated on Barack Obama. Nonetheless, most of the muckraking centers on the one person who seems to be making the biggest splash. What should have merit and what shouldn't?

John McCain, like all the other POW's imprisoned with him, eventually broke.  Does this disqualify him? I would feel better had he not, but it is also true that once he did reveal some information, he  did not break again. I would be the last one to condemn him for that. How many politicians have abandoned their principles because of a drop in the polls or negative feedback? There is a world of difference between 5 1/2 years of torture and political pressure.

John McCain could not deal with the fact that his willowy, model-thin first wife Carol was in a horrific accident. She  lost several inches of height and her body totally changed. John was involved in numerous affairs, including with Cindy McCain, whom he married almost immediately after divorcing Carol. This happened twenty eight years ago. While John has accepted full responsibility, his boorish behavior  is severely at odds with his accounts of the power of prayer while in the "Hanoi Hilton".  While David sinned grievously, his repentance was also deep. I cannot judge another man's repentance, but this event alienated him from the Reagans who deeply cared for his first wife. No candidate is perfect, and this sin is unlikely to be repeated, but it does speak to the fact that John has had serious moral issues in his life.

Sarah Palin seemed to have simply a wonderful teen life until she went to college. Basketball and beauty pageants and the great outdoors. Experimentation with marijuana when was legal in her state and attending six schools in six years reveal a turbulance  at that later time.  She eloped with her high school sweetheart after college and had her first son Track just under eight months later. Whether she committed fornication with Todd or the baby was early is open to conjecture. Nevertheless, she was married long before the baby was born.   A deep current confession of faith should be enough to wipe away any and all sins of the past - that is what God does.   Rumors of adultery have proven so far to be groundless.

The pregnancy of Bristol was a skeleton they brought out of their own closet. While regretable, each person is responsible for their own actions. If Bristol marries as is the Biblical proscription, it is over as far as God is concerned. I personally find the sudden concern about working mothers fro feminists amusing, though I personally believe mothers need to be home with their children. Trig was born after Sarah became governor, and it appears she spend considerable time with him, but this acquiescence of Christians to the feminist agenda does bother me.

There are a host of other rumors which boggle the mind. She is accused of banning books (was interested in limiting children's access to inappropriate books in the library which was a project already in progress). She is accused of wanting to teach creationism in the schools. While creationism is true, not many Christians want pagans teaching it in a a cynical way, and after a brief flirtation with the idea, she decided it would be better simply to allow discussion of alternatives to evolution in the classroom, which would be scientifically preferable. The indoctrination of evolutionists with no proof for their hypothesis is another case of the emporer having no clothes. It happens again and again with the secular media. While a member of Church on the Rock, she is accused of going to Wasilla Bible Church which is one of the sponsors of a conference reaching out to homosexuals who want to change. Aside from the false reference to where she attends church, though her church would doubtless support it, and the fact it is not politically correct, I would gladly support such a conference. It is hard to ever keep up with all the rest, most of which should not even be dignified with a comment. There is a constant rumor mill in operation that is perhaps unprecedented in American politics, such is the polarizing effect of this candidate.

Barack Obama has made much of  his single mother upbringing. The truth be told, much of his upbringing was by his grandmother, a bank vice president. He went to an exclusive private school as well. He was not for the most part deprived of anything but a real father, though his grandfather was by all accounts a positive force in his life.

The skeletons of the degree of Muslim influence in his life are yet to be fully known. I saw Libyan leader Qadafi's outright statement on video that Barack was a Muslim who was saying whatever he had to say to get elected, though Obama denies it (except in the alleged slip of the tongue with George Stephanopoulus where he mentioned "his Muslim faith"). Whether he is or is not doesn't matter to me other than if he lied about it. What IS important is what he IS thinking. Belonging to Jeremiah Wright's church which honored Farrakhan so profusely indicates sympathy with those who side against Israel and against America. That "church" is far out, and is in lockstep with many Islamic goals. Participation in the million man march also indicated sympathy with Muslim goals. Adulation from the Arab world indicates they sure believe he is on their side. Why? Most if not all of my Pakistani friends believe he really is a Muslim (Pakistan is over 95% Muslim and their lives depended on knowing who was and who wasn't), and none of the "informed" statements insisting he is "Christian" will convince them.

Obama's following of the Saul Alinsky playbook has been most effective. Most people do not know one of the three dedications in the "Rules for Radicals" that Alinsky wrote is to Lucifer himnself. Alinsky considered Lucifer the first successful revolutionary who received a kingdom for himself! The Bill Ayrs association which was never denounced is halfway out of the closet.

Obama's righteous decent persona is belied by a host of skeletons of corruption in his closet. Tony Rezko and Emil Jones are not the only ones. His participation in "pay to play" especially with slumlords is well documented but not widely disseminated. It was not a matter or one or two isolated instances. It was a pattern over the years. Power before principle will not sit well when these skeletons in the closet get new life.

Obama's extreme beliefs are still not widely known. His position on abortion is more scary than that of ANY other U.S. Senator. His funding sources including George Soros are antithetical to the values of most Americans. One cannot blame him for the left wing blogs and their gross distortions and outright slander any more than one can blame McCain for the right windg blogs and their distortions, but a host of people are doing some very dirty work on his behalf, and his periodic chiding seems to be a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Joe is tied into big money, particularly the credit care industry. Decisions made in the Senate which may have been unduly influenced by these close ties (his son is also a lobbyist for them) have yet to be vetted. Predatory lending practices and a tightening of bankruptcy laws have been the goals of these lobbyists, and they have been mostly successful in this oppression of the poor.

Joe is called a "lunch-bucket" Democrat (ever notice how dozens of journalists all use the same word on the same day? They are in the tank following the faxed or emailed talking points to the letter). He claims to be blue collar. He was anything but. Just read his REAL story.

Joe is considered an "expert" on foreign policy by his party faithful. He has been wrong again and again. He went against the whole western world in the first Gulf War, voting against it. He also voted against the surge. All the skeletons of his words at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have yet to emerge.

Joe's racist skeletons were never in the closet. His demeaning of Obama before he was chosen and his demeaning of those from India are in the public domain. Perhaps there is more where those came from. His plagiarism in law school and in his failed 1988 campaign indicate poor character over an extended period of time.

Joe's years commuting from Washington as a single father were exalted at the convention. In view of the Palin fuss, one wonders how his kids did during that period.

Everyone has at least one skeleton. The big question is - which ones still have legs, and which should be buried once and for all?  It is simple. Skeletons which are still alive in the minds and hearts of the persons involved are to be feared. Those which are old history never to return should be dispensed with.


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