Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Some streaming thoughts...

What about Nadya's "right to choose"? The very folks who scream about this so-called right found nowhere in the constitution seem mighty eager to restrict the rights of people to have children. One looney even recommended a two child limit. At least it is not China's one-child policy, but the fact that American leftists are slightly more flexible than China's doesn't reassure me very much. Really and truly, I believe the doctor was not acting responsibly for pushing fertility to an already fertile woman, but it really is not government's business if you want no children or a baker's dozen. The hero of the Super Bowl with his 100 yard touchdown had 14 OLDER brothers and sisters. Now without him. the Cardinals would probably have won, but is that any reason to deprive a person of the right to life? If you ask me, they Meddling in the most personal decisions is not warranted except to PRESERVE LIFE, and that is ironically the ONLY area where these folks want NO meddling! Speaking of the Super Bowl, NBC refused to air the commercial showing Obama as an embryo and then growing into the President. That is HISTORY, yet is controversial. If you ask me, most of the commercials they showed were plain dumb, the worst ever. That 30-second Obama spot was better than ANY of the ones they showed. Watch it on You-Tube.

It seems like 1992 all over again. Remember when Bill Clinton had to keep disqualifying folks because they hadn't paid their taxes? Mostly Nanny's. Obama has reached that unenviable benchmark at lightning speed, and most of this is far worse than not paying taxes on your nannies. It is to be expected. Those who vote for every tax in the world find every excuse not to pay them. They put their money in overseas tax shelters, don't declare consulting income, and in Daschle's case, overstate their contributions. It is like the old saw that Republicans are stingy. Not nearly as stingy as those supposedly fighting poverty - Al Gore gave $274 to charity one year, and except for John Kerry, most were just as miserly. Anyone look at Obama's returns? They only gave 1% or under to Charity until 2005 when it mysteriously went up to 4.7% when he was thinking about being President. From $3,500 to $77,315 per year. Is it compassion or politics? By comparison, the old curmudgeon Dick Cheney and his wife gave away about a quarter million, and many poor to middle class Christians give over 10% of their income to churches and charities. Image is not reality. Now I understand struggling folks getting behind in taxes. Been there, done that. However, if they at least are honest with their returns and work out a repayment agreement, there should be zero criticism. For multi-millionaires skimming, though, there is no excuse. Who wants skimmers and cheaters at the highest levels of government? We already have the lobbyists doing that. There is no room for more.

It was stunning how much John McCain and Barack Obama were trying to top each other on who was the greenest. The problem is, only 5% of carbon dioxide results from man-made activities. Did you know that greenhouses often pump in carbon dioxide to get better growing? The very warm medieval period from about 950 to 1100 (many centuries before the industrial revolution for you history-challenged folks) was wonderful for humankind in terms of plant productivity and exploration and many other things. The Vikings did not have as much sea ice to deal with as there is today. Anarctic ice is huge, the Alps have more snow now than they know what to do with, 2008's temperature drop wiped out a good portion of the 20th century increase that had panicked some folks, and yet Obama is bent on signing ridiculously expensive agreements that handcuff our economy because of a hypothesis that is unproven and likely false. It is all about politics, and not truth. The fight is against the sovereignty of God. Man is not God, and he cannot control the weather. When God wants global warming we will have it. Personally, the drop in temperatures is heartening, because God prophesied the ultimate global warming that he, and not mankind, will bring. The earth and its works WILL be burned up. Whether you drive a hybrid or an old gas hog will not change the timing of God. The same in terms of rebellion against God and politics taking precedence over truth could be said about evolution, still unproven as the world seeks to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth on February 12th - the birth of an unrepentant racist who probably did more than anything to make the world a hateful place. As the evolutions like to say, "The idea of God getting his foot in the door is unthinkable." Well, I'm praying he puts it even more through the doorway and lets the light of his truth blind the fools who deny he exists. More on that in my next post to appear before the "big day" of February 12th.


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