Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Rush Limbaugh wa talking about a poll from Survey Monkey that 82% of "conservative" Millennials wanted someone to challenge President Trump in 2020.  Here is a letter I wrote to him.

Millennials have been raised by wolves so it is no wonder the so many hate the sheep.

They have been told since kindergarten that:
1) There is no absolute truth
2) Teen sex is fine.
3) Being  gay is cool.
4) Live together first (fornication is not in their vocabulary)
5) Cursing and filthy language is routine.
6) Drinking and drugs are recreational and no big deal.
7) All religions are equally irrelevant and atheism is preferable.

Almost every book and movie they they consume  blasphemes God, contains 
smut, and glorifies liberal memes.

Their fake news sources are leftist and openly anti-American. Therefore
they think Colin Kaepernick is cool.

They have no clue about history - they see the founding fathers are wicked
and the wicked Democrats are righteous.

Prez Trump remind them of a stern father.  Issues are black and white to him.
He believes in marriage.  He never drank or smoked. While his mouth can
be a problem, he generally supports issues important to Christians and others
with a moral compass. He is pro-American and outright rejects the memes 
they have been indoctrinated in.

No mystery at all.


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