Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I listened to the news conference today with the President's doctor. The same one that examined Obama when he was President. He gave him an excellent bill of health and though he had no reason to other than the President requested it, he did the Montreal cognitive test which Trump aced at 30 out of 30. Yet, a fake news babe asked it there any signs of early dementia!!! The dementia is in the press:    
1) They said no one would benefit from the tac cut and it looks like at least a million people have gotten raises and/or bonuses already. Do they change their tune? Nope. That is mentally ill.
2) They claim Trump is corrupt while ignoring the biggest scandals in US History committed by DEMOCRATS - the email scandal with foreign powers getting classified information, Fusion GPS, Uranium One and of course Fast and Furious, the IRS mess with Lois Lerner, Benghazi, and so forth. DO they turn there attention to those? NEVER! They pretend they do not exist. That is mentally ill.  
3) They want open borders. The idiot new Governor Murphy in NJ wants to commit the same suicide as California that now has more poverty than any other state. Immigrants are pooping in the streets and urinating publicly in places such as San Francisco - people who cannot live in America, but here to fulfill Democrat electoral dreams, as any thinking American who knows English has long thrown the Dems in the trash bin of history. To continue to push for failed policies is mentally ill and part of the definition of insanity.
We should make all news media people submit to a cognitive assessment because it is clear that thinking is a lost art in their arena.


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