Friday, February 03, 2017


Simple Facts:
(1) Democnrat hired thugs preplanned the riots and they were not spontaneous but highly organized.

George Soros is a major contributor - for these people it is their way or the highway.  Soros is wanted for destabilizing other countries. Why he is not arrested for sedition is beyond me.
(2) Demoncrats bully like no one else on the planet - they bullied numerous people from performing at the inauguration, they bullied the head of Uber from sitting on a Trump board, they bully actors from being hired if they do not carry the water for them, they bully reasonable intellectuals who do not agree with their visions of an alternative reality, refusing them speaking and grant opportunities, they bully scientists who can actually interpret data, they bully blacks who dare think differently from white liberal mantras, they bully business owners who agree with God that homosexuality is an abomination and cannot be celebrated by them, and they forced out the founder of Mozilla Firefox. That is just the tip of the iceberg. They bully their way through the courts through corrupt judges with no respect for our Constitution (many appointed by Clinton and Obama) when they cannot win with the people. 
(3) They are non-stop blasphemers - not just in the movies and on TV, but in most books, in their daily conversation, and in any discussions of faith.
ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS THESE DANGEROUS OSERS needs to know this is standard operating procedure for them and must continue to outright reject them at EVERY turn until the Democrats go the way of the Whigs.


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