Thursday, October 20, 2016


Wish I had a chance to debate – Three retorts for you and a one minute closing statement.  Donald did pretty good, but he could have nailed her several times and left some points on the table.  

I know you love to  repeat the big lie, but your party took over both houses of Congress in 2006 and refused to pass a budget or allow reform of the policy forcing banks to give loans to people not qualified to repay them. The real estate crash can be laid at the doorstep of Democrat policies, not Republican. Further, you and your husband have short memories regarding the 1990’s.  Your economic policies from 1993 to 1995 were so bad and HillaryCare was so panned as being unworkable that the Republican Revolution occurred in 1994 taking both houses of Congress.  Your husband was smart enough to go along and we prospered, but you want to put Bill back in charge of the economy which would be a disaster. Newt Gingrich was the one who should have gotten the credit because without his leadership in reversing Bill’s early mess, it would have been a truly disastrous decade.

Hillary, all you talk about is one woman when it involves two people.  Thirty million innocent young women have been killed with your approval in what should be safes space on earth – her mother’s womb.  And an equal number of boys.  At the latest stages of pregnancy, they are dismembered in such a painful and utterly sick manner that it is absolutely inhumane.  Where is justice for these innocents?  The convenience of the mother is no excuse. Doctors say that partial birth abortion is NEVER medically necessary. It is rank abuse of another human being.  You are all for "safe spaces" that would keep enfeebled people from hearing the free speech of religious people who want to live out their faith in academia and in their businesses and in their churches. You are all for appointing so-called justices who impose their own radical ideas on people when the. Democratic process outright rejects those ideas.  You totally ignore that the Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade has totally flipped and is now adamantly pro-life. She also had no standing in the case as she had already given birth which you conveniently ignore. You also ignore that Justice Blackmun said in his opinion that when science improves the decision may need to be revisited. Well, Hillary, fetal science was in the dark ages then and we now know with certainly the pain that is inflicted on the innocent. What your goons did at my rallies was reprehensible, but this is far worse. 

Hillary, wherever these hacked emails came from, they show a very dark, corrupt, criminal campaign and way of operating with plans for more massive voter fraud than ever. All in the very words of your people - it justifies EVERYTHING we have been saying and you cannot deny them.  Firing a couple people is not the answer. The whole thing has to go, and that will only happen if you elect me. We have a great LEFT wing conspiracy here for sure. It is telling that you had no Issue with Barack Obama sending his minions to Israel to undermine one of America’s very best friends, Benyamin Netanyahu, an effort that thankfully failed nor with him working for Trudeau, Jr. in Canada. Look, I was not the one who sold Uranium to Putin.  Anyone who really knows me is absolutely convinced I will always put America’s interests first. You owe so many foreign leaders that no thinking person can have that same assurance about you. I ask you again, are you going to return the money given to you and your sham Foundation from countries that abuse women and homosexuals and behead Christians? If you do not, the people would have to conclude that you do not object to these atrocities which are at total odds with your rhetoric.  You can keep your rhetoric, Hillary because it obviously means nothing.  True justice for all with no dark ops will be a reality in the Trump administration. You talk one thing, but there is substantial pay inequity between men and women in your campaign and when you ran the State Department.  Talk will not cut it anymore. I will make justice real and not a talking point.

A large majority of Americans agree our country has been going in the wrong direction for the last few years.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for further decline. She wants to put her foot on the gas pedal to get us farther down the wrong road. A vote for Hillary is a vote for imperialist justices who give not one hoot about the Constitution, but who wish to impose their radical ideas on you regardless of Congress, regardless or referendums, regardless of YOU.  A vote for me is to begin the cleanup and set a better moral climate that has served us well over our history.   I am not beholden to big donors.  I am not a puppet of George Soros who called himself a god and who has funded much of what now ails us. I am not in debt to Wall Street.  I am not doing this for a raise but because I love this country, I stand for the national anthem, I salute the flag, and I am no hypocrite. People, you only have one choice if you want to turn this nation around. I will not divide based upon race, sex, income, or education. I will serve the day worker as much as I do the job creators. I want all boats to be lifted.  We have already learned that taking from some to give to others never works long term.  I want every able-bodied person to be able to work and succeed as a person and be free to exercise the freedoms that have made our country such an exceptional place to be. I do not promise free this and free that because that is not possible at this point in time. Rather, we will spend our resources more wisely and take steps to become energy independent and an economic “will-be” instead of a “has-been”. We will again be the envy of the world when we live in harmony, in unity, and as a free people.  We all need to grow as a people. I have grown a lot as a person, and I credit my beautiful and very intelligent wife Melania for bringing out the best in me.  People of faith have been enriching my life, and I know that I need God's help in getting this country back on track. If you grant me the opportunity, I will surround myself with the best people and lead you in absolute integrity.  God bless you and God bless America.


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