Saturday, January 14, 2017


I am glad all these Hollywood celebrities have refused to perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump.  They are showing the world who they really are and proving right all our concerns about them.

1) These folks have long mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ.
2) These folks promote immorality in their music and in their opinions, and in their own lives.
3) These folks curse Jesus in almost every movie they make,
4) These folks utterly despise true Christians.
5) These folks are rank hypocrites, putting little into helping people - only pontification about per causes.
6)  These people are elitists who despise working men and women and the values they hold.
7)  They view being a virgin before marriage as fate worse than death and a sign of mental instability.
8) They see church as an anachronism and the Bible as a book for fools.

The fact is that these folks are taking a stand for all these things for the whole world to see.,
I have long rejected anything they do - they have nothing to tell me until they stop their war against God.

On the flip side, it is time for the righteous to shine like the sun - to exalt the Lord and all he is; to stand against wickedness; to support our nation; to side with the dispossessed; and to render these folks irrelevant and looking for a job.


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