Saturday, November 05, 2016


People who know me know I am into politics and have been writing on political subjects for over 50 years now.  I get a lot of information before the mainstream press has to report it.  We all know how biased they are - if you want a great look at it read Frank Peretti's great book - PROPHET.   Published in 1992, it is true now more than ever.  Amazing foresight. I have read it THREE times.  Cannot say that about any other non-children's book but the Bible itself.

I have conflicting feelings about our nation.  It is under judgment for absurdly ridiculous sins and a culture of rebellion against God.  Blasphemy, illicit sex, and Satanic "entertainment" is the order of the day.  Movies such as "American Honey" almost make one wonder if there are worse beings than Satan himself.  Hollywood is sure giving him a run for his money.  Obama was hand-picked by God as the most evil man he could find to exact judgment on our nation, which I divulged long ago.  He has been a pandemic liar, he has destroyed much of American's confidence and goodness.  He has demoralized and decimated the military.  He has DOUBLED the national debt in nil eight years. He has obstructed the enforcement of our borders and allowed many in with ill intent with close to HALF our federal prisoners now being illegal aliens. He is using the anthropomorphic climate change hoax to cede our national sovereignty and further weaken our economy, absurdly limiting our ability to be energy independent and free of our mideastern shackles. He is a virulent racist - first exposed in his own book with the racist things he said and expanded upon with jumping to judgment on racist, not factual grounds.  He invited to the White House and offered support to a hardcore racist group BLM which was built on a pernicious lie. He celebrates homosexuality and all manner of perversion. He expanded on Bill Clinton's unfortunate legacy of making oral sex wildly popular.  He glorifies the most Satanic religion on earth (Islam), with massive Islamic radical infiltration into our government and demeans the Bible and our faith relentlessly.  He has appointed two failed Secretaries of State, Hillary and John Kerry, making us the laughingstock of the world with ZERO accomplishments.  He has handed  the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism a path to nuclear weapons.  He appointed two grossly political hacks to the Supreme Court who would not know a Constitution if placed to inches in front of their faces, He has never expressed any real love for our nation, and it is obviously every time he has opened his mouth. An utter failure. a man who talks about himself so often when he speaks one thinks he actually believes his own lies.

The fact we have paid heavily already for our sins is obvious.  Freedom is shrinking, evil people are gaining power and being open about their sins. A large majority of Americans is disgusted with where we now are. They differ in terms of whom they hold responsible, but they know something is drastically wrong. 

Hillary Clinton wants to continue Obama's FAILED policies. She wants MORE illegal immigration. She wants to expand our debt.  She cares nothing about our nation, only for herself.  The most corrupt public figure in my lifetime, and that dubious distinction took some real doing.  She is as radical on the crime of partial-bath abortion  and on seal perversion as Obama has been.  Like his background in homosexuality, there is strong evidence she sin the same orientation.  She wants to emasculate men, and has done nothing of consequence to help women and children, making her claims a farce. She has a large ego and wants Christians to abandon their faith in the Bible in favor of her version of hell, She has sworn to appoint hacks to the Supreme Court who will do her bidding and further reduce our shrinking freedoms.  Obviously, no thinking person, especially a Christian. could ever conceive on supporting her (I know many Christians who do but they are generally so ignorant of reality or so easily manipulated they are wrong about many matters of faith that are plain in the scriptures as well).

That leaves Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Donald Trump.   Johnson is a liberal libertarian which is the worst of both.  He is grossly ignorant, wrong on most issues, and not worthy of consideration.  Jill Stein is into the environment and that is actually the LEAST of our issues right now.  So that leaves Trump. Do I vote for him or write myself in or stay home?

Trump is a bit of an enigma.  Wildly successful by the world's standards.  Brash and confident. A quintessential American as the Europeans would see it.  The guy with the camera around his neck acting like he owned Paris.  Seemingly not stable as a family man with three wives and the way in which the first two marriages ended.  A hard guy to collect a bill on if you work for him.  Hey, I have known the tales for years.  While I believe his architect was an idiot for what he did, and I would never do business that way, I have no intention of submitting any proposals to Mr. Trump for my services even if he asked. Actually, someone who DOES look at invoices would be welcome in the Federal Government with all the money they waste.

However, looking deeper, I notice two trends - Hillary is descending deeper into sin while the Donald has made great strides in the opposite direction.  He has surrounded himself with Christian counsel. I take with  dose of salt the claim he is now born again, though Praise God if that is true.  I saw the video if him being prophesied over in the International Church of Las Vegas.  I see a change in his countenance.  He has changed on social and moral issues and I do not believe it is an act as he now speaks with conviction.  All I can say is that he is obviously moving in the right direction and I believe the more astute people in our nation believe that in their heart of hearts.

In talking with my older son yesterday, I noted that I see this election as an opportunity for a "time-out". No president can accomplish all that has been promised.  We have a Congress and Courts in the mix. We have a deeply corrupt press stacked mightily against him. We will have Obama living just a few doors away pretending he is still president. Mr. Trump has a daunting task ahead of him.  May believe that someone has to be as brash and "take no prisoners" in their demeanor given where we are at this point. My son and I agreed that religious freedom and the second amendment would not shrink under Trump. They may not improve much or perhaps not at all, but he does not have an agenda to further erode or destroy our freedoms. The wall may be partial, the flight of jobs may slow some but not much, but you have to stop going the wrong direction before you can turn around and go back to where we went wrong and they proceed in the right direction.  He is asking our nation to turn around -to repent if you will, and what Christian could POSSIBLY be against THAT?

For these reasons, I am enthusiastic in my support of Donald Trump, and pray that he will indeed come to a complete salvation experience with Christ.  I wish him success against those who will try to fight him undermine him, slander him, demean him, and treat him poorly.   Christ was treated that way as well, so if the Donald WILL pray, and my guess is that he will, God will help him buy our country some more time before our ultimate destruction.  Nineveh was indeed destroyed ultimately, and I know from the Bible that is our ultimate fate as well, but I say, not on my watch, not in my time. I want peace, freedom, and justice for my sons and their children and the rest of my family and for the church of Jesus Christ.  We have the opportunity to buy some time by righting some of the wrongs. If we reject that opportunity and participate in the unfruitful works of darkness our judgment will be very harsh. We are not electing a pastor. We are electing a warrior.  We will get that warrior either way -do we want one fighting for good or one fighting for evil?   To me there is no option.


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