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And so it begins.

Of the nearly 20 inaugurations I can remember, there has never been one that felt like today. Not even close. Never mind the question of the small size of the crowds, or the boycott by dozens of lawmakers, or even the protest marches slated for tomorrow across the country. Those are plays upon the stage. What is truly unprecedented in my mind is the sheer magnitude of quickening heartbeats in millions of Americans, a majority of our country if the polls are to be believed, that face today buffeted within and without by the simmering ache of dread.

I have never seen my country on an inauguration day so divided, so anxious, so fearful, so uncertain of its course. I have never seen a transition so divisive with cabinet picks so encumbered by serious questions of qualifications and ethics. I have never seen the specter of a foreign foe cast such a dark shadow over the workings of our democracy.

I have never seen an incoming president so preoccupied with responding to the understandable vagaries of dissent and seemingly unwilling to contend with the full weight and responsibilities of the most powerful job in the world.
I have never seen such a tangled web of conflicting interests.

Despite the pageantry of unity on display at the Capitol today, there is a piercing sense that we are entering a chapter in our nation's evolving story unlike one ever yet written. To be sure, there are millions of Donald Trump supporters who are euphoric with their candidate's rise. Other Trump voters have expressed reservations, having preferred his bluster to his rival's perceived shortcomings in the last election, but admitting more and more that they are not sure what kind of man they bestowed the keys to the presidency. The rest of America - the majority of voters - would not be - and indeed is not - hesitant in sharing its conclusions on the character and fitness of Donald Trump for the office he now holds.

The hope one hears from even some of Donald Trump's critics is that this moment might change him. Perhaps, as he stood there on a grey, drab, January day, reciting the solemn oath of office demanded by our Constitution, as he looked out across what Charles Dickens once called the "city of magnificent intentions", he would somehow grasp the importance of what he was undertaking. Perhaps he would understand that he must be the president of all the United States, in action as well as in word. Perhaps, but there has already been so much past that is prologue.

There is usually much fanfare around inaugural addresses. They are also usually forgotten - with some notable exceptions. I think today will be remembered, not so much for the rhetoric or the turns of phrase but for the man who delivered them and the era they usher us forth.

Mr. Trump's delivery was staccato and there was very little eye contact as he seemed to be reading carefully from a teleprompter. His words and tone were angry and defiant. He is still in campaign mode and nary a whiff of a unifying spirit. There was little or nothing of uplift - the rhetoric of Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, or Reagan. We heard a cavalcade of slogans and one liners, of huge promises to "bring back" an America - whatever that really means to many who look at our history and see progress in our current society.

The speech started with a message of an establishment in Washington earning riches on the back of struggling families across the country. It was an odd note, considering the background of many of his cabinet picks. President Trump painted a very dark picture of the current state of our nation, beset by gangs and drugs and violence, regardless of what the data shows. His words swelled with his economic populism and the nationalism of "America first." The applause was sparse, and I imagine many more being turned off, even sickened, rather than inspired by what our new President had to say. President Obama looked on with an opaque poker face. One could only imagine what he was thinking.

It bears remembering that one never can predict the arc of a presidency. It is an office that is far too often shaped by circumstance well beyond its occupant's control. Those challenges, wherever and however they may rise, now will fall on the desk of President Trump. We can only see what will happen. We hope, for the security and sanctity of our Republic, that Mr. Trump will respond to the challenges with circumspection and wisdom. Today's rhetoric was not reassuring.

Our democracy demands debate and dissent - fierce, sustained, and unflinching when necessary. I sense that tide is rising amongst an opposition eager to toss aside passivity for action. We are already seeing a more emboldened Democratic party than I have witnessed in ages. It is being fueled by a fervent energy bubbling from the grassroots up, rather than the top down.

These are the swirling currents about our ship of state. We now have a new and untested captain. His power is immense, but it is not bestowed from a divinity on high. It is derived, as the saying goes, from the consent of the governed. That means President Trump now works for us - all of us. And if he forgets that, it will be our duty to remind him.

My Response:

Sorry my dear friend, but Dan Rather is disgraced as a dishonest newsman from long ago, and his ridiculous sentiments are out of reality and are simple recitations of the lying left's mantras. The left-wing press has attacked Mr. Trump with a vengeance, ignored the abject corruption of Hillary Clinton with her play to play, the hiring of people to pretend they are Trump supporters acting ignorantly, and much, much m ore.  He ignores the collusion of the press with Hillary and against Mr. Trump.  Despite the clear testimony of WikiLeaks, he blames the Russians for which there is absolutely ZERO proof.  He ignores the fact the CIA staff gave Mr. Trump a FIVE MINUTE STANDING OVATION, hardly the reception of one supposedly installed by the Russians.

The lying Rather  ignored dozens of treasonous acts by Mr. Obama including the release of many unrepentant terrorists who will kill yet again and so many lies it is hard to keep track - but over 100 impeachable offenses at last count. . The political deception is mind-boggling, and the narratives advanced by the MSM including those of the pathetic Mr. Rather are proof that he is out of touch with reality. His attacks ignore the losses in the thousands of seats nationally by the Democrats at all levels of government, the total immorality of today's Demoncrat party which want to kill unborn children even moments before birth (and some even after birth), advocacy of squashing religious freedom and seeking to force Christians to support the ideas of Satan himself. 

No, Mr. Trump stands for decency and justice that pervade his positions and his cabinet.   I am proud along with a huge number of ministers of the gospel to have actively supported his candidacy and thank God that the most evil man for the job in my lifetime, a man propped up by an adoring media who shared his wicked goals, a man who set back race relations fifty years is now gone and a new chapter of positive change has begun.  I know many Americans who watch perverted TV, movies, and shows, who blaspheme Christ at every opportunity, who think Allah and God are the same, and who think the right to kill one's unborn children is a "sacred" right" and  who despise the Bible and those who live by it are seething mad - much as the demons were when Christ or his followers confronted evil.  Mr. Trump has confronted evil head on, and all who do that will be fiercely opposed. 

Mr. Rather was most dishonest on 60 Minutes with hit job after hit job and creative editing, and I outright reject his false narratives and PRAY that people will not be deceived by his rubbish but fully understand WHO is behind it - the very enemy of our souls.


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