Wednesday, January 24, 2018


People say the Dreamers are so much better than regular American citizens, with Sainthood pronounced by the Democrats. The Daily Caller recently had an article that statistics in Arizona showed DACA people 18-35 were twice as likely to be criminals as native-born.  Plus the crimes were worse. The data says differently from the Dem lies, which  are endemic but exposed.

Of course the 800,000 to 3.6 million people are talking about depending on whom you believe (does any rational person doubt a LOT of illegals not originally DACA will be made same in blue states - if so, I have a new Bridge in NYC to sell you). When they bring in family, any number swells and other illegal entries will increase again, just as they did after Reagan's most foolish amnesty. We MUST learn from history.
Remember as well, that Dems are STARTING with DACA - they do not want border security as Chuck Schumer had abundantly clear and I believe him, they want an increasing number of illegals here and they want to convert millions to Democrat voters whether they actually become citizens or not. The last thing our country needs are voters who know no English and are used to being pawns and manipulated in elections.
In my judgment, you have to go on a case by case basis and all convicted criminals should be deported. Further, the Dems looking the other way must be countered with prosecution of identity theft and other crimes with real victims dealt with. Finally, there is no way citizenship should ever be granted. That would be patently unfair to legal immigrants and the native population. The maximum should be permanent residency with no right to vote. To do so will require federal prosecution of officials who registered them in the past. All voter rolls, especially in places like California must be cleansed of illegal voters, and national voter ID with severe penalties must be instituted. Otherwise, you will not have a country to save because it will have committed suicide. Democrats hate America the way it is. Believe me, their plans will change it forever in a negative way.


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