Saturday, January 06, 2007


Whenever there is a new congress, there is supposed to be optimism. A fresh start. No more undue pressure from lobbyists. No more corruption.

No surprise, it is politics as usual. Except the Democrats are more united than the Republicans, and The Prez is backtracking for unexplainable reasons. I say, pull out the veto pen and use it. He was elected after all. We need to finish Iraq with honor and not pull another humiliating exit such as Vietnam in 1975 which a Dem congress pushed down Gerald Ford's throat. I don't see that honor in the new congress. The John Murtha's of the world don't get it and have no credibility with any thinking person.

Republicans like to be gentlemen and get outmaneuvered every time by others who simply want to win. I for one would like to see Americans write their new congressmen and Senators and tell them what they expect. If we sit back, the decline of our nation which has been occurring over the Republican watch will accelerate under the Democratic one. The failed ideas and lack of any objective moral compass is disastrous for any nation, and it does not take long to screw things up royally. Voters believed the MSM and vain promises without substance, and now we have to pay the price. An uninformed electorate is really our nation's worst enemy.


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