Tuesday, September 16, 2008


As you know, we try to call it like it is on this blog. The deception is flowing like a river. No one has the power to bring real change except Christ, and neither the Dems or the GOP truly understands our pains. The ad hominem assaults on people is embarrassing. Personal attacks have been most severe on Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, though the age-related attacks on John McCain come in a close third. The main difference is that the Main Stream Media are deeply involved with the attacks on Sarah Palin - EIGHT pages in the Sunday NY Times devoted to the politics of personal destruction. CNN's "Sarah Palin Revealed" spent time on a partisan attack but ignored almost all of the well-documented baggage of Obama, tackling only the Tony Rezko scandal, and then not pressing as hard as the facts would dictate. Some of the parody/racist/ad hominem attacks on Barack Obama are likewise despicable, and are from the kook fringes, but the Main Street Media would have you believe that we are a nation of racists. The fact is that a whole lot of Americans would LOVE to elect a qualified bi-racial man who understands both sides to bring people together once and for all. If Barack Obama were an unequivocal Christian from a church not rooted in liberation theology who is pro-life and with traditional moral values, he would have won in a landslide. As it is, I hear even those supporting him despite core disagreements rationalizing that we have have several pro-life presidents with no change and the president can't do anything about gay "marriage" anyway. Those who were inclined to support him but who cannot ignore the fact Rev. Wright preached a racist sermon the first time Mr. Obama visited his church, who cannot ignore his radical support for what amounts to infanticide, who cannot ignore his gay-friendly agenda, and who have seen in the current economic crisis what happens when democrats are in control of billions of dollars and don't see the same folks in congress further emboldened with a very liberal Democratic president doing any better with the rest of the government and economy.

I'm still waiting for CNN (not holding my breath, obviously) to engage in some truly ground-breaking journalism after fretting so in "Sarah Palin Exposed" about Sarah's little tempests in a teapot. The slant in the media is something I learned as a kid watching them make up their own story on something I witnessed with my own eyes, but the stakes are higher now and it is truly embarrassing to all those interested in true journalism. It is amazing that any GOP people ever win with most of the media campaigning against them at every opportunity.

While those for the GOP generally have looked to sources other than the MSM to get solid information, I have people I value in my life who are in the tank for Obama, and they are basing their choice on extremely incomplete information, as they reject the alternative media and think the NY Times and CNN are paragons of truth and virtue. It seems we hear primarily about only a few stories that don't have strong legs - TrooperGate, Lipstick on Pigs - you've heard it all. Issues we really WOULD want to see explored ON BOTH SIDES are getting short shrift, and that helps no one. Since the NY Times devoted 8 pages Sunday to rehashing all the Democrat talking points about Sarah Palin, here is what I'd like to see the NY Times or some other widely read or seen venue devote another 8 pages or a couple of hours or so to some RELEVANT questions and analysis for the candidates for President and Vice President:

DEMOCRATIC TICKET (Barack Obama and Joe Biden)
1) The top execs who screwed up Fannie Mae (even more than Daniel H. Mudd with his hoped-for $9.3 million and Richard Syron with his hoped for $14.3 million, all for being failures) are former CEO's Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, and both are economic advisors to Barack Obama - does this mean the GOP is right that Obama's proposed economic policies and massive healthcare initiative will likewise prove to be major disasters?
2) Did Barack Obama really tell Iraqi foreign minister Hoshyar Zebari to hold off on any deal on troop reductions until after the election, costing American and Iraqi lives in exchange for a better legacy for himself?
3) Did Obama do frequent and costly favors for the Chicago Machine (Daley, Stoger, Jones, et al) in exchange for their help on his quest for higher office as was charged with careful documentation in the mega-seller "The Case Against Barack Obama"?
4) Obama's complaints on "dishonest" ads while his are mean themselves - yikes - a vet loses the ability to easily use a keyboard and that is means he out of touch. In fact, how about all the age discrimination violations that are an epidemic?
5) Explain why the "Bush Doctrine", a term coined by Charles Krauthammer wasn't understood by Charles Gibson or Sarah Palin? To put Sarah's comments in perspective, check out "Think on These Things", a pro-Obama blog which records both Obama's and Biden's comments on the "Bush Doctrine" and the "Obama Doctrine" he wants to use instead, which show an alarmingly unrealistic view of the world by BOTH Obama AND Biden.
6) Why is it that people in Delaware seem to not understand what Joe Biden has accomplished in 36 years in office? Why is it that the nation rejected his candidacy soundly not once but twice?
7) How does Joe Biden's very close ties to the credit card and banking industries that have hurt the middle class enable him to actually help the middle class?
8) Why does Joe Biden's vote against the first Gulf War, which was approved by the United Nations, and both Obama's and Biden's votes against the surge, which has greatly reduced the violence in Iraq, not considered when evaluating their judgment in making decisions which affect our survival in a dangerous world?
9) Why is the record that shows that Obama and Biden BOTH voted for the "Bridge to Nowhere" ignored? Further, since Obama only opposed 10% of earmarks and Biden an incredible 0% of earmarks, why is that OK and Palin's approximately 50% reduction in earmarks a major issue?
10) Why is the fact that since 1945, REGARDLESS of who is President, the stock market has averaged a 7% rise per year when Democrats control Congress and twice that, or 14%, when Republicans control Congress? What are you proposing that would cause over 60 years of history not to repeat itself?

REPUBLICAN TICKET (John McCain and Sarah Palin)
1) What kinds of judges has John McCain supported and what was his rationale?
2) What has McCain learned about the collapse of his first marriage? How does the dishonor shown toward Carole McCain jibe with his self-image as a highly honorable and moral person?
3) How has John McCain's legendary temper affected his tenure in the Senate? What safequards are there with the proverbial red button to ANY president should they go off their rocker?
4) How does John McCain keep current without intensive use of the Internet due to his disability? Does Cindy help him with this or is it relegated to staff? What the qualifications of the staff to decide what he sees and doesn't see or is it no different from the way any President is handled?
5) What are the logistics in the Palin household with a husband who is extremely active in geographically diverse locations in terms of running the day to day family affairs? I realize feminists aren't supposed to care, but family values people do. Is Todd Palin willing to take primary responsibility for the children when duty calls? (It should also be noted that the National Observatory - The VP's mansion - is FAR CLOSER to the White House than her office is from home now.)
6) What is Sarah Palin's worldview and how does it affect the way she governs?
7) Do McCain and Palin intend to have an active VP from day one in areas other than energy?
8) What are Palin's environmental views? Does she favor industry-led initiatives or government regulations?
9) Does John McCain intend to be a one-term President or go for two? How does he feel about the endless comments and digs about his age? Is his amazingly active and healthy 96 year old mother typical for his family?
10) John McCain has a history of being very critical of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, with many of his predictions coming to pass. Since a person in his campaign has taken over Fannie Mae, how independent will that agency be and will McCain be able to exercise the reforms he has proposed?

If you have any questions you want answered, why not add them as a comment on this blog for all to see?


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