Friday, March 16, 2018


We witnessed a student walk-out with kids egged on by radicalized teachers who apparently know no more about the Constitution than their students do. The Second Amendment was put in place to guard against tyranny, and the new American left is unwittingly engraving on the minds of the populace that this Second Amendment is indeed important - more important than ever.  You see, clear-minded people are seeing tyranny and caprice with the left, and KNOW that guns are the only thing that will enable them to escape the totalitarian agenda the left has bought into and sold their souls over.

It is obvious to any objective person that the reason Nikolas Cruz was able to buy a gun was the Obaama-era PROMISE program.  As usual, liberals are always clueless about the logical results of their illogical ideas. Obama wanted to artificially reduce the number of minority students going to prison. Rather than actually work to change the plague of fatherlessness, the rap culture, and other key ingredients in their milieu, he simply told schools to racially profile students and not to expel black or Hispanic ones.    Cruz had 39 encounters with the law but was let go 39 times. Therefore, there was nothing a background check would disclose.  A total failure of liberal ideas.

The natural response of dunderheads is to ignore reality - the reality than hundreds of millions of guns are in our country and only a miniscule number are used in mass-killings.   Rather than address the problem at its source, they want to punish law-abiding gun owners.

In Lacey Township, NJ, two AP honors students were given 5-day suspensions for posting a picture of themselves as a shooting range engaging in legal activity.  Braindead school administrators think they can do as they please (as they have been for years perverting history, sullying young minds with filthy books and concepts and teaching lasciviousness) - they do not respect our Constitution, only their own whims, which is the strongest argument for an enforced Constitution.

Do not be deceived. Young people are not anti-gun - they watch endless movies and TV shows with wanton murder,   They play violent video games.  No, they simply like the political soapbox.  The real problem is that in addition to lives lost by people being defenseless is an attitude which will result in young people not being willing to dight and die for their country.  Their teachers thing there should be no consequences for evil behavior.   Most everyone else does.

A Muslim teen in Florida viciously stabbed three people after reading the Quran and watching Jihadist videos.  What do teachers do?  Ban the Bible and encourage student to read the Quran.
What better indicator of insanity?


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