Friday, September 19, 2008


I was for Palin while she was a blip on the radar screen. I thought she did well on the first interview on Hannity and Colmes Wednesday. but I was a bit disappointed on the second half and sensed Sean was as well. I saw her video at a church she has since left, and she was passionate about the "Master's Commission" though an extremely unexceptional speaker. I believe it was God alone who raised her up and her speaking ability has certainly soared. Now she says the politically correct thing "I don't want to convert anybody". I understand not being a pest or taking advantage of anyone, but her answer was right out of political correctness. "It's OK for you, but..." Obama just preached about getting in people's faces - the left is far more evangelistic than the right. If you don't want others to have what you have, what good can it be? Mordecai advised Esther, "For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" If God has indeed raised up Sarah out of obscurity for his purposes, it will work for her if she remains loyal even though sorely persecuted. You cannot curry favor through compromise.

Secondly, she said she supports the teaching of evolution in schools. She had prior said that creation should be allowed to be discussed. Creationist groups agree that having unbelievers teach creationism would be like Obama presenting GOP talking points, but there should be free discourse, students should be able to ask questions, and evolution should not falsely be taught as proven fact, but simply as a hypothesis. The mantra of macro-evolution, still totally unproven, with necessarily atheistic underpinnings, is the kingpin for the radical gay agenda, abortion and the attack against absolute values in our land including the viability of a strict constructionist manner of viewing the constitution. Further, Christians who resist it have been discriminated against and even refused admission to institutions of "higher learning" because of severe and persistent bigotry in this area. Ceding this ground was a major mistake and is not a good aisle to cross.

I am not saying these things because I believe Joe Biden is better. He is a gaffe machine and a proven selfish man (well under 1% charitable contributions, a paltry sum for one who is eager to lift everyone else's wallet for higher taxes) and one who seems not the slightest in touch. His running mate Obama has begun to reveal his true self of late, which is a frightening counterpoint to his carefully crafted image. McCain has been very passive and seems a bit out of touch himself in the Biden mode. I am encouraged by his more animated response to the economic crisis, but it is clear that prayers are needed so that God will invade his life in a whole new way. When McCain appears without Palin, there are lots of empty seats. There is no doubt the McCain campaign would be totally moribund without Palin, hence the special need for her to stick to the straight and narrow. One doesn't have to give sound bites to the opposition or spill one's guts or give red meat to wolves, but when answering, one must combine wisdom and truth and not deny one's core beliefs and values. We don't trust in party or in people, but in God. Without God, no one is worthy of our vote. It is He alone who can bring reform to our country. I do hope Sarah does not get cold feet next time. It does not become a leader in these treacherous times. It is only with God’s hand on her that she can win and accomplish anything.


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