Tuesday, July 03, 2018


A JULY 4TH TIDBIT - few Americans realize that the British started to exercise gun control in the colonies which was seen as an attempt to maintain tyranny. In Europe, gun control was used hundreds of years ago to keep the peasants from revolting and to protect the life of the king. In America there was no proximity to the king, and the dangers from native Americans was quite real, so guns were allowed. However, as Britain ramped up their oppression and their tyranny, they realized their government workers who enforced the will of the crown were vulnerable, and gun laws and confiscation occurred. This was a major reason for the revolt metastasizing against the British. The colonists realized that they would be back in European-style tyranny. That could never be, and the writings of John Locke and others resonated with people and their right to be free. MUch of this was tied to religious freedom, and boy, how little has changed. Tyranny stomps all over individual faith and rights and the colonists did not want to return to that sewer of oppression. The Second Amendment protected the individual right to bear arms, and the typical liberal position that it was only for militias ignores the entire context of American history. The Second Amendment is not only for personal protection, it is for protection against tyrannical government. The American promise is that the people govern and that government is the SERVANT of the people. not their MASTER. This is the uniqueness of America, and therefore those who want us to be under their tyranny and their political correctness must be fiercely opposed. They hate America as founded, but we hate the tyranny they seek to impose. They have zero moral authority to be our masters and have been proven in fact to be incompetent in running anything. The worst states and cities have been run by these folks for a long time. It is all about power. There are currently more of us than there are of them, but if we lose this generation to their insidious indoctrination, rewriting of history, and destruction of our heroes, it will be as though we never existed as a free people.


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