Thursday, September 25, 2008


John McCain offered to suspend his campaign and go to Washington to help work out the so-called "bailout" plan. Obama chides him for not "multi-tasking".  Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, has declared there would be more earmarks in this bill than any other. Obama is proving his critics right by not caring that HIS party is trying to benefit financially in this process by incorporating billions of pork, thinking that the desperation to do something will let junk in under the radar.  He is proving that he cares little that the taxpayers will be raped by paying for stuff they don't want in the name of "rescuing" the financial market.  It is critical to stand against this political opportunism. Obama is showing he wants to have it both ways and not take the risks that are required of any effective leader. When we consider that the government could make a trillion or two on Paulson's crafty deal, it is critical that this money go back to the taxpayers and not fund ill-conceived programs that will not do what they were sold to do.


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