Saturday, September 20, 2008


Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. has several interesting essays you should check out. I recommend you especially read this one. Log on to In one of his other essays, he details the conformance of the Obama campaign to New Age principles. Eckhard Tolle, Oprah's guru, explicitly denies the deity of Christ and bungles all of his scripture quotes. Oprah uses the word "Christian", as does Obama, and they shared some time at Trinity United Church of Christ, a place where the gospel was rather perverted. The UCC was the first denomination to ordain homosexuals - 30+ years ago! If you look at the lingo Barack uses, it matches Tolle! The global vision with the walls between religions taken down more approximates that prophesied for the Anti-Christ than of the church of Jesus Christ. There is a reason that only Sarah Palin is persecuted for her faith. The devil is not scared of John McCain or Barack Obama. When Hollywood, the media, the press, bloggers, pundits, and entertainers all gang up on her as they have with the most vicious and ferocious attacks that are mean-spirited, filthy, and unhelpful, it is the Christ they see that drives them made. Jesus said that those who hated him will hate us. If we aren't hated, is it because our testimony is either clouded, obscure, or insufficient? I believe if it is, we are like Obama and McCain in not being ridiculed for our religion. Trust me, when I am on hostile left-wing blogs such as the Huffington Post, I get slammed for the sake of Christ. If you don't believe me, just try it. People who never met you, who know nothing about your life and character, will mercilessly ridicule and demean you within seconds of taking a stand for the Lord Jesus.

I hear it said that God wants Obama in the White House because we are entering a season of peace. A season of peace would be great, but the Bible warns us - "they say peace, peace, but there is no peace". As long as their is evil in the world, those forces must be fought and conquered. To dally at the negotiating table with terrorists is to repeat every lesson that should have been learned from history - evil does not negotiate itself away, it must be defeated. Jesus paid a high price to defeat the devil. He did not negotiate with him. It was the same with Israel. When they cozied up to their enemies, they were judged.

So look closely at what Sarah and Oprah REALLY believe. It is a study in contrasts!


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