Wednesday, July 04, 2018


DEMONCRATS are already planning to sabotage the Supreme Court. In an LA Times article, they want to increase the court size to 15 if they can control the White House and Congress in 2020. They say this will limit the impact of any one president. While they had no problem with FDR appointing 8 justices who were out of touch with the nation and who changed the culture to an alarming degree, they do not want Donald Trump to have even three who more accurately reflect the values of the American people. The truth is that to the left, the SCOTUS is THEIR legislature - by putting in political hacks like Obama did with Kagan and Sotomayor who could not argue their way out of a cat litter box, they change by fiat what never would get passed by Congress - witness the disgraceful homosexual "marriage" ruling changing laws nationwide. The left is NOT about democracy, but autocracy and tyranny. We must be sure their wickedness is shouted from the rooftops and that they are never put in power again. The same goes for Rinos as well, who while not quite as bad, are unworthy of office - Collins, McCain, Murkowski at the minimum, and IU would add Graham and McConnel to that list.


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