Friday, September 30, 2022


 God close Moses and Aaron to lead the Israelites into Canaan. Despite Manna from heaven, the cloud by day and the fire by night, the people constantly complained.  Korah said they knew how to do things better and who on earth did Moses and Aaron think they were!  This was despite amazing results and God;s clea hand on these two men.

Korah was a Levite and wealthy and powerful. Yet God opened up the earth to swallow him up and those who were rebelling with him.

We suffered through a corrupt election with massive fraud.  We ended up with a demented liar in the White House, a man Robert Gates says did not make one right decision his entire career.  Remember when Biden wanted to divide Iraq into four parts?  He has zero reasoning or critical thinking ability, and simple;uy loves for a living. Beyond that he received millions from Communist China and they got a bargain.  Did you know the CCP has police in the United States monitoring Chinese who have come here? A gross violation of law and putting our Chinese friends in mortal danger. His clueless sidekick Kamala recently went to Korea and expressed solidarity with North Korea, one of the two worst places on earth with massive human rights violations and essential slavery. Hmmm... was she picking up some ideas there?

Trump was elected by a wide margin in 2016, yet pagan Democrats claimed he was evil insensitive and everything else they could throw against the wall.  They claimed he was incompetent and how much better they would be.

Through fraud we ended up with Biden - from the first HOUR in the White House, he has been a rotten child on a non-stop tantrum, reversing. every good law and not making even ONE wise decision.  His reckless stupidity destroyed Afghanistan, wasting the service and heavy sacrifices of our soldiers.  He actually INVITED Putin to invade Ukraine "in a limited way".   The FOOL has said in his heart there is no God, and Biden did not even mentioned God even one time in his "PRAYER BREAKFAST" speech. Contrast that with Trump who gave credit to God for successes and gave an inspiring Easter message.

The Democrats are rejected by God because they have rejected him. It is sad to see RINO's trying to act like Democrats and some Christians actually voting for multiple abominations against God.  They are fortunate the ground has not yet opened up and swallowed them alive.  What is in their future is even worse than that.  Read the scriptures and be warned.  Heart from evil and separate yourself from every sinful group or movement and be holy unto the Lord.

Friday, July 29, 2022


There are three things that are always true about liberals. 

1) They have no fixed moral compass. They change with the wind and accept no fixed moral authority, whether the Bible, the Constitution, or the way government was set up to operate. Their ends may be achieved by any means, and those means no matter how corrupt are justified by the ends they achieve by them. There is a Supreme Court Review Act introduced in the Senate. This would allow Congress to override the Supreme Court whenever they disagree with it.  SO much for the separation of powers and Marbury v. Madison. Of course, liberals NEVER proposed this when Roe v. Wade was decided because it would have been overridden in Congress.  The same with the tragic Obergefell v. Hodges decision which forced ALL states against the Constitution to allow sham "marriages" between sexual perverts when marriage is a state, not a federal issue.  This decision which by the way had voted from two justices who had already performed these sham "marriages" but of course liberals never recuse themselves while demanding it from Republicans for any and all reasons. This decision would have been overridden as well by Congress.  The ONLY reason they introduced this NOW is because the deeply flawed Roe v. Wade decision was reversed (as have quite a few long-standing but flawed SCOTUS decisions such as the Dred Scott v. Sandford decision in 1857 and it took a Civil War with hundreds of thousands dead to render that one void.  Separate by equal was okay but by the SCOTUS in 1896 via Plessy v. Ferguson, and it took 58 years until 1954 for Brown v. Board of Education to reverse that tragedy of "separate but equal".  It took a shorter 49 years and indisputable advances in fetal science to render absurd a Roe decision that ever should have been made in the first place and which Henry Blackmun actually wrote in his opinion SHOULD be revisited as advances were made.  Roe was decided in the Dark Ages of Fetal Science.  Science is knowledge, but what a selective "consensus" votes on, those votes often misrepresented and gotten by making research grants contingent on supporting liberal dogma instead of truly independent inquiry.

2) They cannot stand to be challenged because they consistently lose EVERY fair debate. Since they cannot win, they declare their every whim as :settled" science or law and openly censor and persecute all who disagree with them.  A academically middling Liberty University Debate Team defeated Yale University. Christian always have to defend themselves - liberals never do. They do not have to know one iota on how to defend transgenderism, sexual perversion, the tragic consequence of drug legalizations, abortion, global warming, evolution, and so much more because all they have to say they believe in all that and they are accepted. For example, most evolutionists have zero knowledge of what Biblical creationists really believe - it is truly stunning, but Christians on the other hand have to study in depth both sides and develop logically and scientifically bullet-proof arguments.  Most secular arguments on this and other issues fail basic logic and argument principles 100% of the time, but all who disagree are excluded or marginalized.  An unexamined life is not worth living, and Christians follow the Biblical mandate to often examine ourselves. That concept is unknown in the world.

3) They are ultimate hypocrites. They accuse everyone of doing what they themselves are doing. Happens all the time.  They take about "The End of Democracy" when the people they are accusing are actually trying to preserve it through election integrity and truth while they are working non-stop to cement pure tyranny into place. The president is talking about a national emergency on Monkeypox when it is hardly a threat to the overwhelming majority of people. It has targeted almost exclusively men with gay fetishes in Europe and elsewhere. Did you see that on ABC? Hardly. They talk "disinformation" which actually means anything they do not agree with or that challenges their wild ideas. The Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and other mainstream media are non-stop outlets of propaganda, bitterly partisan thumb on the scale reporting and outright lies - that is what disinformation is.  They claim to be pro-science, but the burning electric bus in Connecticut shows large electric vehicles need much more study. Also, the total issues of electrifying cars has a mammoth affect on the already strained grid, increases slave-like conditions in lithium mines in Africa and other countries, and guess what powers electricity?  How about the condemnation of the concealed carry hero in Indiana who shot dead a man intent on murdering many within seconds of it starting? People think the left hates guns. Nothing could be further from he truth. They use them endlessly in graphically violent movies. They have destroyed over one hundred million people in communist countries. They are letting murderers and other gun felons out of jail who will repeat their crimes. They love it when there are mass murders - they see it as helping their cause to get rid of guns in the hands of the people. The ONLY people they do NOT want to have guns are God-fearing, law-abiding people who use them only to defend themselves or when necessary to overthrow tyranny.  How about the recently exposed collusion of the CDC and Facebook in working to censor the concerns of thinking Americans in order to push their total control agenda during the pandemic? How many women who still menstruate would have taken the jab if they knew there was a higher than 40% chance their bleeding would increase? How many pregnant women would have taken the jab if they knew the huge negative impact on birth defects?  We found out they were doing trials on children before the efficacy was even established. How about the revelation a week ago, that those with the jabs and boosters are contagious twice as log and take twice as long to recover as the unvaxxed?  I caught Covid from a Vaxxed/boosted person who got it far worse than me with a longer recovery.  Liberals are the most anti-scientific people there are.  Just basic knowledge of anatomy would tell you their entire abortion and LGBTQP agendas violate the very nature of the human body and essential truth about them. They wrote checks with abandon overdrawing their own accounts years ago. Now they are violating every law of economics.  40% of the currency in circulation was printed in that last 12 months by Biden! They are proposing a massive spending bill to fight inflation!  Duh - where did inflation come from?  One of the very first things I learned was to never make wide ranging decisions based upon unproven hypotheses.  The Dems violate that every day and Biden seemingly 100% of the time.

Thursday, June 09, 2022


Join me as I preach the Fathers' Day message at 10:00am on June 19, 2022, at the Shalom Assembly of God in Willow Grove, PA.   The address is 1862 Kimball Avenue, just south of Welsh Road.  If you are not within easy driving distance, you can watch on Facebook instead starting at about 10:30 (they do not stream the worship portion of the service) - just go to and hit the Facebook tab.  It will be available afterwards as well.

Saturday, March 12, 2022



From what I read recently, only 1/4 of registered voters in the U.S. are Republican. This is why they are working so hard to disenfranchise citizens who are more likely to vote Democratic. They don’t really have any kind of positive platform and are terrorizing and turning a lot of people off by criminalizing people for exercising their rights in several areas like reproductive choices, caring for their transgender children, allowing teachers to be open and accepting in classroom discussions about race issues and the fact that about one out of every ten people are gay, which would include some of their students, parents and other friends and family. Good teachers are not going to tolerate the latter and will change careers or move to another state.


You need to read more. 29.2% of voters are registered Republican, 39.6% of voters are registered Democrat, and 31.2% of voters are independent. I am an Independent, though I cannot believe any rational person could compare the Republican platform and the Democrat platform and not utterly reject the Democrat one. It is anti-science to the extreme, anti-child, supporting the child abuse of transgenderism (yes, it IS child abuse and has terrifying results - I know very well an expert in child abuse in one of our largest cities who could get into specifics), and all manner of perversions. If you view moral Republican positions as not positive, I cannot help you. As to the statement of the explosion of homosexuality, it is because of the proselytizing of vulnerable young people by perverted people, not birth, which it NEVER was scientifically. 65% of male homosexuals were statutorily RAPED by other men. 

They champion the dismemberment of innocent children - 20 times as many abortions as deaths during the Ukraine war and they want to increase that death toll and export the death culture worldwide even more, and still stick to the lie that a child is part of the mother’s body. Any scientist can tell you it is the child who decides when to be born, not the mother, and he or she is a distinct human being with his or her own feelings, pains, and mind. Democrat California wants to force doctors who actually honor their Hippocratic Oath to participate in the assisted suicide madness. It goes on with the junk science on the climate. I learned early on never to make wide-ranging decisions based upon unproven hypotheses, but the Dems do that for a living, and how rational is it to send tankers to countries with looser environmental standards than we have to bring oil here, using lots of it just in transport? We were energy independent under the greatest president of this century, but fools have trashed that and pursued the same foolish, unproven policies as Germany did with the same predictable results. 

The big lie on race continues. You cannot find one racist comment from Trump, but many from Biden. Critical Race Theory is blatantly racist, and Democrat teachers have been a disgrace with their hate and partiality and outright insults to the abilities of black children.  Conservatives want ALL children to succeed, and not fake success by cooking the books but by teaching them to succeed just s Asians and others have.  My wife is black and she inherited children promoted without knowing anything.  When they completed their year with her, they were 100% at national average of better in achievement.  Bill Gates says Math is Racist.  High-achieving students in Africa, South America, and Asia do not think so.  A deep-blue lawyer friend of mine who sounds like you came into my office wearing a racist Obama mask and thought it was funny. The Democrat Party was started to perpetuate slavery. Segregation, and racism, and it still does. It still persecutes every black person who does not suck up to them. It still pushes segregation at Harvard and other venues.  Disgusting!

No, Monica, the Dems have nothing to bring to the table, and their leaders have destroyed city after city, state after state, and now country after country with horrific policies. Their dominance in the educational sphere has produced children unable to think critically and who are rewarded for parroting their nonsense. 

Solomon said in the book of Proverbs that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but Democrats booed God at their Convention in 2008 in Philadelphia. They are a singularly totally immoral, God-mocking party and the choice of atheists, God said that the fool has said in his heart there is no God and Democrat policies have indeed been the policies of fools.


Tuesday, February 08, 2022



No. They need to trash the entire thing. It is an instruction manual on fraud and represents a blatant power move based upon unproven and often false suppositions ad which shows they have learned nothing from Poland and other places that tried these things. All but one country in Europe bans mail-in voting with few exceptions and is stricter than any GOP bill on Voter Integrity. The facts are simple - 76% of the nation opposes the President’s blatant racism and sexism on the SCOTUS yet the Dems believe they can win without changing any of their bankrupt positions. The only way they can is to nationalize the massive fraud they committed in 2020m in the swing states and that is precisely what this monstrous bill is all about. Not all of us are sheep. We can see the obvious. 45% of Dems have no problem with concentration camps for those who maintain sovereignty over their own bodies and refuse medical treatment for the Chinese virus that is simply not right for everyone. No surprise then that Madam Pelosi, despite the Chinese having over 1 million Uighurs and others in 260 concentration camps, destroying Christian churches, and persecuting Falun Gong, is telling Americans at the Olympics that they must not say a word about China’s massive human rights problem (but of course she has zero problem when they trash their own country). I have found that most of my Democrat friends are clueless on issues, never read the unbelievable Democrat platform that appears to be written by spoiled juvenile leftists, ignore their rebellion against God, all moral and decent positions including life itself, and are ruled by emotions and never facts. When they respond to my posts, they never use logic because they cannot and instead issue ad hominem attacks. That is the Dem party today and all people of knowledge and principle, men and women, black, Hispanic and white, are departing from that party.

Saturday, January 29, 2022


 A letter send to Motor Trend magazine, which has gone orgasmic on electric and self-driving vehicles.

It seems MT needs to think more and parrot less about electric vehicles and self-driving cars. Consider just a few factors –

- Lithium requires the mining of 500 tons just to produce one ton of Lithium. While there are hundreds of millions of tons of it worldwide, a lot of it is in socialist or communist nations – not too smart to become overly dependent on unreliable sources like we did in the past with oil as opposed to the vast reserves of fossil fuels in our own country. Explore, develop, innovate - but at a measured pace not a frantic rush.
- China controls over 2/3 of the battery process. Enough said.
- Battery disposal is a nightmare. There are laws against plastic bags whose environmental impact would be dwarfed by far fewer than many millions of batteries.
- There is no proof changing all cars to electricity will actually help the planet – man overestimates his ability to help or harm the planet. Electricity other than hydroelectric and nuclear uses fossil fuels anyway. We all have carbon in our bodies – it is curious that so many who are championing radical environmentalism are also for depopulating the earth. Sounds like Stalin, Hitler, Mao and others to me.
- The power grid is already in trouble and less reliable in some areas than it should be. Power outages are common. That means you would be stranded either at home or hundreds of miles away. Perhaps fleets of work trucks with frunks are great candidates, but not vehicles of people whose schedules are fluid and change quickly.
- People are moving more and more to apartments where charging is not available nor easy to provide.

- I cannot get Microsoft or Apple to get spellcheck to work reliably. The number of decisions and judgment calls in driving are far more complex and puts the ability to avoid accidents strictly in the hands of others. Many sound evasive maneuvers are counter-intuitive. Road conditions change constantly. People trump machines.
- Automobile electric systems have been hacked and surely kidnappings with no recourse will happen with such attractive and defenseless targets. The same with trucks with expensive cargoes – they can be driven by faceless criminals to remote places to steal the cargo. Women would be at huge risk. Criminals adopt quicker than manufacturers.
- It puts your travel decisions totally in control of private or government bureaucracies. If they ban church, they can shut you down. If they do not like your politics, they can keep you from driving to the polls. If they do not want you to drive to Texas - need I say more?
- There is a reason why leftists hate the car. Cars = freedom. If you can control where people go and when, there is no freedom. Therefore, the move to CONTROL the car.
- The power grid is already in trouble and less reliable in some areas than it should be. Power outages are common. That means you would be stranded either at some or hundreds of miles away. It takes far too many decisions out of the drivers’ hands.
- It takes the JOY out of driving. MT likes to talk about FUN TO DRIVE. Are you really giving that up so easily to jump on the 1984-inspired PC bandwagon?

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


 Joe Biden, with a L-O-N-G history of racist and racially insensitive remarks, is part and parcel of the Democrats history of strident racism from the very beginning of the party, which was formed to perpetuate slavery.  The KKK was the militant arm of the Democrat party. Democrats tied to reverse the remarkable progress of ex-slaves after the civil war - there were many Black colleges, blacks in Congress and there was a remarkably quick ascendency from the effects of slavery under the GOP. They desegregated jobs in the Federal Government. Democrat Woodrow Wilson championed the disgusting racism of BORTH OF A NATION and resegregated the Federal Government.  Democrats let Hitler run wild for far too long with FDR at the helm. Democrat governors fought desegregation at every turn, and Republican President Eisenhower had to turn troops into the fray to guarantee civil rights.  Democrats at Harvard are so discriminatory against Asians and for underperforming other minorities it is going to the Supreme Court.

Racist and Sexist Joe said he would have a black woman as his VP and chose a pathetic sleep-her-way-to power terrible candidate who was rejected by her own party before her campaign could even get started.  She has proven to be totally inept, useless, and of such poor character her staff has left in droves.

Yet the racist left has been pressuring Stephen Breyer to resign - how unseemly is THAT? They want to get rid of the old white man who has voted for every liberal cause in the world because Racist, Sexist Joe has promised to have ONLY a black woman on the SCOTUS.  NONE Of those on the list are REMOTELY the best for the job, especially Kamala who has ZERO judicial or any other temperament.

We need the best, not just liberal hacks whose minds are made up before they hear ANY evidence or ANY arguments.  That is the left - tyranny, not rationality, liberty, or freedom. jJust pushing their failed agenda in every forum possible, and making a mockery f the purpose of the SCOTUS.

Racist, sexist Joe should be prosecuted for racist, sexist actions which are against the law and which are more discriminatory than any group he rails against. The time has come to call out people for what they are, to impeach them, deplatform them, and assure they will never again destroy this country with divisive, illegal, racist, and sexist actions.  Joe Biden - guilty as charged!